Mighty Magiswords Hoppus the Hunted Part 1 – Kai Hilton

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Thank you very much! sorry these guys mighty magic swords pardon me for
interrupting the volatile persons I know we’re agitated left i getcha taters for
everything I was trying to say have you seen this what am i doing it’s an honor
to be crushed by you ma’am what brings you here sweet pea I was wondering if I
could have a bowl of your delicious broccoli soup oh absolutely mister thank you for your kindness ma’am
the flavors and textures of this super magically life-affirming those broccoli
Phillies are a handful I think this farmer has earned himself as husband Norman pleased to meet you
hmm interesting ha ha it’s ok I wash my hands before I
came in no it’s not that I just thought it’s interesting that a mighty warrior
like KaBlam occur would marry a meek little farmer that’s all I’m sorry mr.
Lucas mr. hoppy what brings you to our humble farm why he’s one of amber and
Pro has his little friends hmm interesting beg your pardon oh I just
mean it’s interesting that my children would be friends with such a rude rabbit
now I know where your kids get their manners says the bunny taking advantage
of my hospitality the rabbit highly trained in magic sword combat of course
those things my wife and kids are obsessed with better than some two-bit
veggie raker you take that back make me dress T that’s it bunny boy you
me let’s settle this with me that’s right I challenge you daddy
he’s highly skilled in magic on combat thank you dear that’s a good point you
me Saturday at high noon loser leaves the farm and never comes
back bye bye hmm just be sure to bring a magic sword and not a gardening trowel
unless of course you want me to bury you oh no pops pops you okay there buddy
dad I I jumped I challenged to freakishly strong

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