Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Asa Butterfield Movie HD

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Asa Butterfield Movie HD

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Follow me There’s something I need to show you but you have to promise not to run away. (singing) There’s a new world coming Would you mind tying that rope around my waist? And it’s just around the bend Promise to hold on tight (singing) There’s a new world coming Wait, what’s happening? (singing) This one’s coming to an end Come meet the others Jake, right on time. Miss Peregrine. delighted to meet you He’s invisible. Of course We’re what’s known in common pollens as peculiar. It’s a recessive gene, carried down through families. (crunching sounds) Air. That’s my peculiarity. Because our abilities don’t fit in the outside world We live in places like this to keep us safe we create a time loop A loop preserves the last 24 hours Reset the loop and you can stay here forever. I knew you were one of us when you were born. It’s time for you to learn what you can do. I’m just ordinary. No. You’re not. You were born to protect us. From what? They call them Hollows. For centuries they have hunted us for our powers I assure you . . . We are coming (singing) There’s a new world coming (singing) and it’s just around the bend (singing) There’s a new world coming You have the chance to do something that changes everything. (whispering) Promise me one thing Jake . . . That you will look after them all. I promise. (singing) There’s a new world coming My Dad said that everything had already been discovered. Not everything, Jake. (Sounds of clanging and banging)


  1. Tim Burton: *Gives Emma Olive’s powers and literally deletes Olive herself*

    Emma and Olive: Are we a joke to you?

  2. Just watched it. It felt like a book turned into a movie. The story line was rushed and there wasn't enough character development for you to actually care about them.

  3. *miss Periguin*: welcome to this home of peculiar children…..
    *kid one*: I can float in the air with my air powers
    *kid two*: I can set things on fire with my hands
    *kid three*: I can move things with my mind
    *kid four*: im invisible
    Miss periguin and kids : so what can you do ?
    *me*: okay, okay, stand back everyone, this could be dangerous….
    flips bottle and it lands
    * Miss periguin and kids*: weoooaahhhhh gasp . Welcome to the home, pick your own room, be my friend, you own the house and the time lapse thing, your incredible

    (But srsly there are ppl at my school who think that’s how the world works)

  4. am I the only one who has not read the book? Normally I read the book but some how I only heard of the movie.

  5. I really wish they made this a triology, like the books as the story line for the books is sooooo much better!

    …still a good film tho

  6. this was the first time I have ever read the book before the film…
    now I understand why they say the book is better than the film

  7. I remember leaving the cinema in the middle of the film cause i was scared,I ended up having no sleep for three days cause I think that eyeball eating guy would come

  8. They would not do everything from the book 1) a lawsuit could happen for copying 2) it would be boring to know exaxtly whats gonna happen what the points they switched up to make it more fun and surprising

  9. God I remember watching this with my dad and we both freaked out over those things eating children’s eyes 😂😂

  10. near the end when the big slender monster showed up I realized I watched this movie a whilew back. That monster gave me nightmares for 2 weeks /:

  11. Miss Perigrine was amazing! She was literally the best match! The rest not so much. And how they ruined poor Emma and Olive. Why 🙁

  12. i watched this like 3 years ago, since then ive seen all kinds of horror movies, some rated R, but i swear, i still cant bring myself to rewatch this, it scared me to bad😂

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