Monster Model Review #179 The Living Dead Museum & Gift Shop

Monster Model Review #179 The Living Dead Museum & Gift Shop

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this episode of Monster Model Review we have the second of my to travel logs this time we had Evans City Pennsylvania the home of the Living Dead Museum & Gift Shop What makes this small city so undeadly special well this is the town George Romero shot key scenes of the classic Night of the Living Dead and the home of the three-day event in October the Living Dead weekend. The Living Dead Weekend includes movie screen, celebrity appearances, film location tours, vendors community events and much much more. Check out the website at www.livingdead for more information. The Living Dead Museum & Gift Shop is a collection of all things Zombie and before zombies were mainstream to today there is something for all undead lovers in this museum. The museum includes the Night of the Living Dead gallery at the living dead with pictures from the production of Night of the Living Dead, a screening room of the living dead and a zombie timeline where you’ll find something from all your favorite zombies in media. Throughout the museum are life-size characters from our favorite undead films as well as Michael Jackson from Thriller Return of the Living Dead, Romero’s The Crazies, Bud from Day of the Dead and much more. also on display are screen-used props production designs and actual articles from some of the special effects used in some of the films. the Celebrity Mall of Fame of the Living Dead was a family favorite as well as the gift shop of the Living Dead Thanks to the owner Kevin for opening a weird hour for us it was a great first stop on our travels it would certainly recommend it to any undead fans. Check the Living Dead website out at For more information on the museum as well as the Living Dead Weekend for more models how to’s an artist, check out Monster Model Review at I’ve been your host Rob Mattison and thanks for watching —

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