MONSTERS of monster hunter. Halloween Special

MONSTERS of monster hunter. Halloween Special

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*Leeroy starts doing something smart* Not fake quest Start *bang bang bang bang* Trick or treat Shake it off! Treat or trick Let me give you my juices Young bird wyverns, don’t drink alcohol *GARTank gets mugged* Electric Doggo of sick flips grants you his Fulgurbugs Cyber bullying is real This is how ebola started. Don’t share bodily fluids with anyone. alcohol kills I can’t steal wyvern eggs without one of the three sleeping on the floor tripping me but these bastards steal their vodka too? swiggity swooty me want booty This will give you HIV in real life Pun HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH OR WAS IT?


  1. I miss the good old days of MH3U, where plates were literally the most hard to get materials and the introduction of under water battles and G rank. Oh yeah, and the chat sounds, and don't forget you can use voice chat.

  2. Lmao it's been 4 years and I never understood Rathalos Plate until today ??

    Then again, that was around the same time I just started Hunting and it was thanks to some of these videos that helped me realize there's so much more that goes on in a hunt. ?

  3. Everybody in the comment is talking about the monsters and not noticing that Biggins' costume is a representation of chicka from fnaf
    Because of the "let's carve!" Instead of "let's eat"

  4. I just realize you predicted the future! Wyvernsville looks like Ancestral Steppe

  5. I'm so dumb, I just found out the final part was a joke on Rathalos plates, and I've watched this so many times..

  6. I remember watching this before I had played any of the games, cause get it looked cool. And so I didn't get half the jokes, but now I can't stop laughing.

  7. Why are those rapors. Such d***s also I thought that little thing was supposed to be your friend

  8. I think just about every one whose played any monster hunter game loses their mind at the plates bit. XD I think I laughed for nearly a minute…. (MH fan since PS2)

  9. We need a Video of in the day of the lives of Rathian And Rathalos. (Like to agree) this really is not for likes but for nchproductions to see this recommendation

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