MOOCraft Adventures Episode 8 – Hunted

MOOCraft Adventures Episode 8 – Hunted

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Hey monstor There’s nothing in there at the moment We really need to fix up that shrine thing, that Herobrine shrine Aaand do one here very very nice view of… a pillar I’ve got some spare pressure plates actually, yeah thats better Is that an arrow?! Is someone trying to shoo… I can hear arrows Oh my god ITS RAINING FIRE! Hehehe, good thing they don’t set blocks alight All right, we’re going to need to store this up with… stuff or… stuff, ok basically… cocoa beans… …wheat, which i will get from the wheat farm He’s flying! Kill him! Stupid gamemode anyway What was I looking at Oh My God! i need to get my chest get the cocoa beans and all the materials and run err not in that one not in that one not in that one not in that one, Oh my god, don’t kill me please, eggs there was wheat in there aswell uh… Wheat… Cooked porkchop uh… Get out! Get out! Get out! Gonna set it to sun cause I don’t like the rain right get into jamies house I’m guessing this is revenge for not letting him be in the video So… sugarcane is my next priority There’s some already grown Oh my god! No! No! Thats cheating! Your not meant to move! Alright…get back here Put it in the chest I should also make a door, that would be nice, wouldn’t it? A nice door Some wheat, i’ll put more wheat up there aswell All right, more eggs I don’t even know where he’s aiming from now He’s back up there So i… really… You know, this is why i should have made a roof Right check this chest I swear i had cocoa beans, did i just miss it when i went… There was actually bread in there uh… cocoa beans uh… no where are these cocoa beans? I could have sworn i saw them earlier I’ll take a look in in the main storage room See if i left them in there main thing i need is cookies uh… melons they look similar to cocoa beans but they’re not cocoa beans Ah… stupid saving world lag na… i have no idea where they are or they could be in here the next twenty minutes will be me
searching through chests nope it won’t… ok I’ll take them roses aswell, they’re nice (mumbled noises) … flowers… Flowers are always nice, Hello Dave- id No i can’t call him David cause Thats not symetrical, er thats better Can’t call him David because i already have a pickaxe called Dave i’m scared because i don’t know where he
is Mr Creeper, do you know where he is? (Mr Creeper) – No ssssss um or theres jamie ETF sooo… uh… no he found me Oh god he’s coming in get the enderpearls ready ow what the fuck How did he get up there so quickly? this is why I shouldn’t be allowed to use enderpearls Wheres… where did he go? where did he go to actually seriously, he was here then… poof… gone I’m gonna have to rewatch that because i didn’t see him disappear I saw and heard him pick up the stuff Thats a little bit weird I swear I saw him down here did he like fly away? Hello? Is he watching me? uh… thats a peice of sand, thats not him Is he inside my house? I’m gonna look around for him maybe he’s at the bakery i see that uh… uh… golden skeleton no no, get away Were you the one from across the river? Was that him? No. There’s monstor maybe he’s nearby huh, thats really strange i got more eggs anyway, that was good Noooo! Why did i not see you? Come on… over here that’s a good boy Go on, go near Jamies tree farm (I have no idea what i said there? sounded like bonjour?) You can hug the trees there Yeah go on, come on Come on… good creeper… good creeper now run i see that enderpearl… what the… Fu ck hahahaha I didn’t see him throw it… Come on! Fucks sake Went over this direction somewhere he can’t enderpearl too rapidly or he’ll just like die. Don’t let that creeper blow up uh… He got blown up by the creeper, I got kileld by his arrow YEEES! MA STUFF! no fuck off that’s cheating, you used slash back allll right I’m… Safe? Am i? no i’m not… ok erm i have a book That could be useful, i could, i could Ahhh! I got an idea! TAKE THE ROSES! PLEASE! Take them! Just don’t hurt me He didn’t accept them! D: please My last rose! please don’t kill me! I can’t even sprint, stop it! I really need to start sprinting like better after getting punched, i hate how it just cancels it completely. Hmmm… Where can I go that Chris can’t go? There’s nowhere, there’s nowhere in the city that chris can’t get to Oh fuck this is bullshit you can’t punch that fast! I declare Hax! I say he’s hacking! I got my rose back. 😀 One more hit and i’m dead basically that’s the whole thing of it Yes! Right now can heal Don’t you dare punch me monstor or i will murder you! Yes! All the way to the top… I’m safe. No i’m not, no i’m not! Jump down. NOOOO! thaaat… I expected that it wouldn’t be such a high full and i didn’t expect to have so little health. All right anyway, i’m gonna get my stuff back next time hope you’ve enjoyed the video I will see you in the next episode. I don’t know how many this continuous recording has gone through Buuuut, it’s probably liek episode 9 maybe (WRONG ITS 8), I don’t know anyway i will see you next time goodbye zombies


  1. lol at my ninja skills between 6:30 – 6:50 and 7:05 😀

    oh and when I was hiding I was shifting in jamies house in the water room at 8:45, monstor was trying to kill me lol

  2. Chris was just having fun and messing about, and I am not lieing when i say that my legit base (The one in the video) is 100 percent legit (except the bedrock which is stuff we confiscated from someone and had to store it somewhere for a bit). I have never used my powers for an advantage when in legit mode. I only use the commands other players have access to. When people have problems they need sorted out, I put all my items in a chest, and reset my xp before i go help them.

  3. You can /heal? also i tp to people bases when they ask for help, they all trust me that i wont raid them, they even say hi. This guy obviously doesnt know you very well sam.

    To the guy who think the admins spawn in items, i wanted to spawn dirt at the city to patch up creeper holes a month ago, sam /kill'ed me before i even went into my inventory lol THATS how much he doesnt want us to spawn anything in, not even dirt.

    I feel sad for your bad experiences on other servers and their admins.

  4. LOL that guy is from shitspiracy! go to his youtube and you'll see he has been advertising the conspiracy ip everywhere like noobs do when they are desperate for members on their server. xD

  5. Jake, don't go onto my YouTube videos and hating just because your server is not doing as well as it used to be. It's not my fault so don't try to blame me.

  6. Because of all the advertising you do, I mean seriously I would understand if it was your server you advertised, but spending you time advertising for someone elses server? get a life.

    Oh and I don't think you even play on our server, so all your saying is a load of bullshit.

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