Most Dangerous Nerf Mod Ever! (Fixing Nerf Rival)

Most Dangerous Nerf Mod Ever! (Fixing Nerf Rival)

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First things first Carter how is the arm the arm is a lot better in three two one what what’s going on shares welcome to the vlog. Yes this is a supercharged Nerf Rival that went completely wrong the end cap ended up blasting off and over 950 pounds of pressure straight force into Carter’s arm coughing him to go to the ER (hospital) oh my gosh it’s so hurts so bad that was crazy but I think Carter is recovered from it well not completely but a little bit better now and so yeah today we’re just going to jump back into this we’re going to reglue this we’re gonna read you know fix everything that we need to fix so hopefully that doesn’t happen again cuz once we get this supercharged Nerf Rival gun ready we have all these sick attachment and have a portable co2 tank to hook it up to so we can run around the yard and fire these nerf rival balls. Look how big these Nerf Rival balls are huge oh you do not want to get hit by this. But I’m ready to rebuild this thing so we can really get it firing but before we build that I gotta go to the post office I gotta send out these YouTube play button keychains aka the swag pack something made you shout out to its anthony its coffee richard buckner Ronnie Gregory and the Dead hombros. Congrats everybody for getting first comment on one of my videos your swag pack is on its way ooh but I shows I gotta get to the post office before it closes I’ve about a half an hour left by the way if you guys ever want to send cool stuff link is in description below for our mailing address. Otter come on there you are you want to come let’s go oh hang on hang on hang let’s go ooh we got some cool packages okay let’s see what this first one is looks like it’s gonna be like a poster hmm I think oh I know what this is guys this is a poster from my store I’m gonna see how well it looks cuz I’ve never actually got it oh yeah share the love poster and check this thing out those are for sale now on we also got another huge package and I have no idea what’s in this one what is in here I have no idea what this is bubble wrap oh this is cool okay hold on first let me read this dear Stephen Sharer I love your vids and I have been watching for about two months I hope you love my PVC Nerf gun. Oh look at this a PVC nerf gun what this is so cool oh my goodness I can’t believe you made this oh man we’re gonna have a lot of fun with this ooh looks like you might have sent something else he says second thing is slime gonna need some scissors to cut it open oh okay here it is the Gatorade slime what is Gatorade slime? Oh my gosh it smells like grape guys, this slime literally smells like great oh that is so cool thank you so much John David. These things are awesome can we got some awesome candy from Nick from Michigan we also got some cool stuff from coal and from Carver Shh but yeah thank you guys so much for sending all this awesome stuff I’ll do some more openings in the next vlogs coming up remember if you guys ever want to send stuff mailing address is in the description below. So Carter just called his own his way home I gotta pick him up from the train station but before I jump me to go on a run real quick back from the run okay let’s see if it’s time to pick up quarter or not okay Carter says he is just now getting on the metro so of about like 30 minutes so in the meantime time to take on it for a walk how do you want to go for a walk yeah okay oh yeah you were sprinting he’s so excited otter loves going on walks so much okay I don’t know where Carter is so in the meantime while we’re waiting let’s take this Nerf gun at John Davidson us and let’s shoot some nerf darts with it let’s grab some darts. Let’s see how well this thing shoots I’m assuming the Nerf dart goes in the top here and this looks like a hole that you can just blow in so let’s see ready in 321 oh my gosh that works so well look how far it went whoa all the way over here whoa and I barely put any effort into that okay this time I’m going all the way against the wall and I’m gonna shoot it all the way to the window I I can almost guarantee you I’ll make it here we go ready 3 2 1 oh yes look how far win this is sick oh my goodness ready ready ready where did it go somewhere over here where is it where is it where is it. AHA there it is oh we made it all the way to the window this PVC Nerf guns awesome and you can take it apart so if you want to do like a short range shot you just love the nerve start in oh yeah I say we try supercharging this nerf dart in check air compressor ready oh yeah let’s fire this thing in 321 oh yeah dad hit the window with so much power check this out ready nerf dart in the top loaded air compressor valve locked on firing in 321 oh well this PVC nerf gun whoa is a lot of fun thanks so much for setting this John David Booth cart is still not here so you know what I’m gonna take the supercharged Nerf Rival now I’m gonna repair it myself let’s take this thing to the grub so what happened we were originally building this we put plenty of PVC primer and cement on as you can see but what happened was it takes about 24 hours for it to dry and we gave in about 15 minutes for it to dry so what happened was when we started putting air into this chamber it was holding at first but then this you know there was so much pressure in there that eventually just the glue wasn’t dry enough so just kept pushing slowly pushing out the seams and it just broke burst shot in the Carters arm and the cap went flying off resulting in an injury so this time i got the primer and the cement i’m going to paint a lot on just like we did last time but i’m gonna let it dry and cure for a full 24 hours before we go putting any pressure on oh ok nevermind card just text me i’m gonna go pick them up real quick and you guys can see how his arm is doing and then we’ll finish gluing this Nerf Rival back together. Ah there is yay finally whoo hey Cara this is and we are back and ready to go but first things first. Carter how is the arm the arm is a lot better it’s been a few days since the hospital so it’s gotten time to heal I’m out of the sling I’m able to move it all the way it is still super sore though so you know I can’t really do much with it but I’m not in the sling anymore which is a great sign so healing process is definitely taking place let’s see the arm though let’s see it let’s show them the reveal what does it look like let’s see what it looks like so I still have the scab. Nasty scab that’s where i got like cut and I was bleeding a little bit oh and it’s all like yellow where the bruising is who oh yeah my arm is like totally bruised that’s the haematobium do you guys see that yellow gross color it’s like bruised from here all the way down into the elbow this basically everywhere I got hit it was like this so all that muscle is bruised it’s like really deep bruise it’s very sore and tender and extremely sore in the elbow joint itself. Yikes so that’s what we’re working with here but it’s getting better so thank you for all your comments and all your wishes for me to get better because every time I read one of those makes me just so happy and I think it makes my arm heal even faster oh I forgot Carter this is your first time seeing it because last time I went straight to the hospital and then from the hospital I had a early train back to Philly so I haven’t even been home and I have not seen Nerf gun so this is the exploded Nerf rival that we attempted to build. Haha so let’s try to build it again the bill it the right way I definitely learned my lesson about allowing enough time for this stuff to dry because if you don’t it can definitely explode so let’s glue this thing back together but this time we will give it plenty and I mean plenty of time to cure keep in my PPC glue smells really bad oh so again we are going to start all over again and apply the purple primer apply a lot this time yep we’re going to make sure we do enough of everything in case we didn’t put it up the last time put purple primer on this side now we’re going to add the clear cement this is the stuff that glues it all together and we need to make sure we put plenty of this stuff because i want this cap to be glued on really really well that do not want it to explode on me again and the last step is to put it together stick it on oh then give it a quarter turn let’s hope once this goes on it never and I mean never comes off really hope this doesn’t come up or pull okay we got this all glued we just need to wait for it to dry before we can finally test it and hopefully a test a lot better this time so why would wait for this to dry let’s bring out his bigger brother oh yeah. This is something we haven’t used in a very very long time but it is perfect for nighttime guys welcome the Nerf Cannon oh yeah this thing is to you to shout out right now if you guys have seen the old videos where we use this guy one well there it goes way up there oh cool all right Carter let’s load it up and let’s shoot some fireballs. This is a huge mega Nerf cannon oh yeah and it’s powered by 120 thousand volt taser and guess what it shoots fireballs oh yeah let’s load it up and let’s get him shooting we got the cannon all ready to go we got our fireball projectile complete. So let’s load the cannon up and shoot some fireballs using our ramrod we’re gonna Ram it all the way down the barrel okay we are ready to go let’s go launch this thing we are locked and loaded let’s shoot this fireball straight into the sky all right near fireball and three two one uh what oops oh it is on fire though but that didn’t shoot out very well uh Carter I say we got to do that stop it up one more time we got the nerve fireball cannon all ready to go we’re about to launch a fireball in three two one what oh my goodness whoa look at that thing fall oh it’s like a shooting star if there no one it’s in the woods attack you like that we shot into was like this it caught on fire oh you hit the tree holy crap I good the ones you’re on fire oh my gosh so the woods are on fire right now oh my gosh my mom’s freaking out she’s coming down the hill which is like it so we need to monitor this to make sure it doesn’t catch on fire. This time almost even our neighbors outside I think he’s oh my gosh guys neighbors outside okay we’re going inside we’re going inside okay so we’re going inside okay we’re gonna end the vlog here guys so um stay tuned for the next vlog where we prep this nerf supercharged Nerf Rival get it all ready to shoot some awesome nerf rival bullets darts whatever you call them and yeah until next time you know what to do stay awesome and share the love hope we don’t get in trouble, peace!


  1. Stephen if you send me the new swag pack I will like all your videos I live in Dubai and I feel sorry for Carter because he got hurt

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  6. Comment down below and I hit the like button can I get a swag bag and I hit the subscribe and I hit the bell now can I get a swag
    Comment down below and I hit the like button can I get a swag pack and I hit the subscribe and I hit the bell now can I get a swag pack

  7. i fill so bad for carter i hope you fill beter๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ’Š

  8. I hope you feel better Carter you're really nice I like your videos I watch them everyday:-( I really wish you were okay I wish you lived in Florida. My address is 6 6 0 9 Flagler Drive I wish you could pick me up and my friend I could show you her house

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