Most Dangerous Spinning Top / Beyblade / Spinner Toy Ever!

Most Dangerous Spinning Top / Beyblade / Spinner Toy Ever!

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Welcome to beyond the Press Channel : Hello I watched an interesting video from channel called giaco whatever or giberish I dont know how you spell that and he has video where he had a like, a spinner spinner top toy spinner it had some razor blades he like cut some stuff he did and i thought it was a really great video so i decided to make my own version so I made this so this is also spinner top, spinner and this is a bit heavier this weighs about 2 kilograms and it doesnt have aything sharp but it has this like.. blunt mayhem bunt here that are going to beat shit out of everything and i thought that the spinning bit has to be quite hard so i put this bearing ball here then i have this nut here that i can use to spin this up by using electric drill and we are using my drill that spins 4500 RPM so its quite fast and the idea is to just.. spin that in our arena *unintelligible* *watermelon noise* yeah so i think we are going to start now lets see! and at this moment just before starting I want to say that this is one of the most dangerous things that we have done dont ever do anything like this yeah that was quite easy about 1/5th of the apple is gone lets see that SLOOOWWW MOTIONN


  1. Do you want to watch more spinning top mayhem? Spinning top vs. Beyblade toy

  2. This is the beyblade I would use against my little brother to get a mega burst finish and shatter each part of his beyblade

    edit: mega burst finish is not a thing

  3. Usually when this kind of channels use slow motion it has shit fps.
    So good job dude.
    Makes the video more enjoyable, so keep up the good work!

  4. Make a arena cone so the spinning top stays in the middle and all things you put will roll down to the center and keep hitting the top but not too steep, maybe about 5 degrees

  5. All you must do is pour the ballistics gel into a rubber glove like a marigold or something a solid block like that isn't a good comparison, i dunno stick pencils in for bones or something!?

  6. Phosphorus or magnesium and an ignition source . . . Mayhem. Use ventilation adequate of course. Stay alive and wonderful! Love your show

  7. Aaah, now I finally understand, we are going beyond the press, doing experiments other than with the press, right? 😆

  8. Please do this where we can clearly see the horizontal angle and push the things up against the side with a ruler or something

  9. I watch this channel because all the brainless imaginings of my childhood come true here. AND I WAS RIGHT AT THE TIME! IT WOULD HAVE BEEN COOL!

  10. It would be cool for a spinning top like this one on its side with blades.
    The pushing through hot dogs or bratwurst through a tube to make pizza toppings like pepperoni.
    Love your videos guys. be safe!!!

  11. I love the quirkiness of your wife! she is amazing!! Keep up the great work! well done on both of you! Love from SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA.

  12. What if you replace those bolts with slightly twisted blades, so it acts like a propeller and partially lifts itself up? Not all the way, of course, but enough to take off a kilo or so? I bet it would slice the crap out of a watermelon.

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