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I’m gonna go with Ines, my girlfriend Hi! And my sister, she is in the toilet Hello! I went to google and I just wrote down
“what to do in Ras Al Khaimah” So guys, what happen is This video was recorded a couple weeks ago
when my sister was here on vacation. But now I’m editing the video
so I can publish next Thursday Which for you guys, it just got uploaded And I just googled one of the places
that I have been because I was just there, I took some videos
and I came back and I didn’t know what it was So… Just check what I’ve found guys “Al Qa…” Oh it shows up just right here! “Al Qasismi Palace” And this is what we find
hunted Ras Al Khaimah village I literally had no clue about this
and now I’m editing the video and I just discovered that this is
one of the most haunted places in UAE So, just keep watching guys Lets get there guys! We just arrived at the first place
and we are now Al Jazeera Al Hamra Fort and I guess this is the fort right here and there we have the heritage old village But this fort I thing they are reconstructing it
because It doesn’t look very touristic But we gonna walk here for a bit
see what they have in here and then we’ll jump to the next place. Looks like this city was at war
it’s completely destroyed Or maybe it was just the years passing by There is nothing written about this place That’s the only thing that it says
Al Jazeera Hamria and Heritage Old Village So now… We gonna jump to the next place on the map So… Lets go guys So we got to the second point guys
as I told you before, it’s really a point I just got google maps, I put the points on it
and I just got here It’s called Al Qasimi Palace and
It looks like its abandoned for long time But you know what
I have seen pictures of it inside And… I think we can go inside, I’m not sure But I’m gonna do my best
and this is the palace This palace is closed to the public
but I went to the door and there was a guy coming by and he allowed us to go inside
just for a couple of minutes Let’s check this out! We just got out of this palace guys and… It was amazing inside, it was very dirty
because its old nobody has been here for the past twenty years The owner already changed house And the owner changed house the security told me
because he couldn’t sleep there. Guess what? It was haunted! Just keep watching guys! So now it’s time to jump to the next place Lets get there And as you can see We have the mountains here behind me It’s the first time I see mountains here in the UAE Guys! The view is just… Beautiful! Amazing guys, this place… Is really really nice I might find some goats in here Look at this! Look at this! For you guys to get here It’s quite rought coming by car The terrain, it’s not like… very normal. Its very rough with a lot of rocks But is… The view from here It’s very very worth it They’re all tired because this is very high
and we had to walk all the way up So, lets go down! We gonna head to the next place
and that would be up in the mountains So… Lets go guys! We were on our way to the mountains and
just in the middle we stopped because we saw a huge whole and Look at this guys! This, was a very very good surprise But we have to keep going
Lets go guys Ras Al Khaimah has a lot of stuff to see but
nothing is very close by You really have to drive a lot
to see all these places Don’t forget to put a like on it!
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See you 😀


  1. You are the most dumbest person in the planet I am from the uae and i live in that location In ras al Khama and that place is not haunted it is said to be but is not 👍

  2. That’s my grandfathers house , it was built 35+ years ago. They never actually moved in even though it was completely furnished.. my grandfather traveled to India and Iran to buy those rare pieces , carpets and antiques .. and the blood in the basement was because they thought it was somehow cursed and they brought a guy to “put out the curse” so he painted the basement with blood .. they never moved in and they never lived there .

  3. I was there, didn't see anything strange. Just the beautiful structure and how run down it is. A real shame. The caretaker was super nice though and he let us film and take pics 😀

  4. I visited jazeera al hamra its old houses and haunted village as well the small houses u went inside u were not allowed to even if its a open place in those small house at 6 pm magrib azan happens by the ghosts (jin) in night time u can't step there once our car just stopped working there at night and somehow we had al quran and managed to get out

  5. Hey There.
    I've been in Ras al Khaimah for 24 years. There are a lot of nice places you may visit.
    Next time join me,I will show you more.

  6. Jazeerah al hamra wasn't scary for me but 2 strange thing happened with us, there is one old school which is locked since years but In one of the class light was on 2nd strange thing was when we left from there we went to marjan island there I went to use washroom I saw marks in my left hand. Black marks was in those part of my hand which will not even get hit it was same like as if someone suck it. But those marks was there for 3 weeks then disappeard

  7. This palace is owned by one member of the loyal family Al qassimi, its near my home, when I was kid they told me to never get near this palace and I heard so many stories about this house and why the owner never lived in it.

  8. الجزيره الحمرا القديمه براس الخيمه وقصر الشيخ عبدالعزيز مسكون

  9. Oh my goodness! I so love the place. It's the very first time I saw it on cam. Can I have one of the painting 🤩 I hope UAE government will renovate but preserve its original looks and make it one of their valuable place to visit. It is so beautiful.

  10. No way..where's that haunted??there's nothing…only you said that haunted even in your video..nothing changed but only places you been there is different..

  11. This beautiful Ras Al Khaimah, where mountains, seas and sand dunes … here nature with simplicity embrace … for lovers of calm and relaxation … This palace is deserted for many years and no one dared to inhabit it is said to be the sanctuary of the Jinn … because of the statues in which and photos

  12. Al jazirah al hamra used to be a emariti village around 30 years ago my moms brothers and family were born there they place is known to be full of ghosts at night the place is also still used for old style tv shows and is also some places in the old village are set for rent and others are destroyed for many purposes

  13. I am from ras al khaimah and go there even after evening time but found nothing no ghost nothing it's 5 min apart from my house…

  14. I don't think you would see any ghost.
    But if you were planning to then at less you could have went on the night not on day time as most stories fall in night time.


  16. This place is around military installations. Recommend you do not do any photography here. There are no sign boards to warn you.

  17. This palace every day ordered in front of him I wished to enter him but accompanied by 20 people

  18. al hamra village knowns as the village of djinn…..its 10 km from my home…me and my frnd always go thier on thursday night with some beer and we sit inside very inside in any old house ..but never feel abt anything there…..abt al qassimi…….are u really want to go their alone at night….?

  19. I always get that weird feeling when there’s a big big palace near me.
    Especially when it’s abandoned. :/

  20. Lier .. Uae doesn’t have a haunted house all the old house are destroyed and there is no ghosts in the uae SO SHUT THE FUCK UP

  21. No it’s not because it’s for a ‏شيخ but he never moved there so don’t lie and it’s never my house 😮

  22. A British rationalist spent a night at each and every haunted building in the UK. He also tried to summon spirits using his Ouija board while he was there. And what happened? Nothing!

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