Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated Series | Tree eater Ghost | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated Series | Tree eater Ghost | Wow Kidz

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Stop staring and subscribe Chingum Sir what happened? What did you do Patlu? I did that to make you conscious Chingum Sir. Who puts water of ice to make someone conscious? Sorry Chingum Sir. But what happened to you Chingum Sir? Motu I was informed that the trees of the jungle where being smuggled. I had gone to see it. But when I went there, I saw that there were tree-eating ghosts. Such big big ghosts. Above that they ate the whole tree while saying
‘aou maou khaou’. I saw it with my eyes. Chingum Sir you eat tea and snacks without any worries. I will go to the jungle and check. Someone is probably scaring you on purpose. My lackeys. Motu is coming this time. Get ready. Ghost! I won’t be scared. I won’t be scared. Ghosts don’t exist. Ghosts don’t exist. Ghosts exist. Ghosts exist. Ghosts exist. Did you see the brilliance of my evil mind? I told you that I won’t let anyone come. Now we will smuggle in peace. Motu my brother, my friend, what happened? I had told you. What is happening? Why are they fainting? Chingum Sir get up. Get up Motu. Or else should I put cold water again? Ghosts exist. Patlu. My brother, my friend. Ghosts don’t exist. They are all fake talks. Somebody is scaring us on purpose. There is definitely a reason behind this. Let’s go. Let’s go and see. Stop. Hit the brakes. There. Big brother, right there. Near that tree. I saw the ghost. It was so big. He was eating the trees. But I cannot see any ghosts there. But the voices are coming. It looks like the voices are coming from behind. In my 20 years of experience, I have never seen such a big… I said… Big brother. Me too! Everyone fainted. Everyone fainted. What should I do now?! Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up! Get up or else I’ll make you all take a bath in cold water. Understood? Everyone get up. And nobody shall dare to faint again. Remember that there is no thing such as ghosts. But Patlu everyone has seen it with their own eyes. Yes man. My brother, my friend. Even I did not believe it before. But now we have all seen it with our eyes. Sometimes the things we see with our eyes are also lies. My brother, my friend. Now tell us what do you want to do? I feel like someone is trying to scare us on purpose. We must go again and check properly. Okay Patlu. You go and check again. Go. I won’t go but we all will go. Again?! Yes. We all will go. And this time we will take Dr. Jhatka’s flying car and go. Flying. And we will… spy from above. No. 1 No. 2 Enemies of brains. Bell without chimes. Get another image. You repeatedly put this image. Think a bit about the entertainment also. Okay Boss. Here you go. Did you see? What do you all have to say now? Speak. So this was all John’s drama. He scared us all. I won’t let him off. The name is Chingum. And it is impossible to escape the claws of Chingum. I say impossible! Why are you being scared now? I am not scared. I am angry. John I won’t let you off. John! Stop. Stop. Not now. Not now. If you do this then everyone will run. Whatever you do, do it after thinking carefully. I cannot think on an empty stomach Patlu. You only think of something. Idea. Take this Motu. Eat samosas and begin. Where is the ghost? Come in front of me. I want to fight the ghost today. Where is the ghost? Come! Come in front of me. Come! These people throw me in front in ever problem. I repeatedly told them that there is a ghost. But nobody listened to me. They sent me again to check again. What should I do now? What if the ghost eats me instead of the trees? Go. Go. Go man. Go from here. I am feeling scared. I am feeling scared. Go now. Go away. Run away Ghost brother. Run away. Help. Help. Help! Somebody help me. Enough. Enough. Enough! I know you know everything. You know everything. This ghost is fake. And you are intentionally beating me up in the name of the ghost. Run. John. This special punch for you. Motu. Why hasn’t John come back yet? How are you John? No. I am not fine! Chingum Sir. Save me from the ghosts. Put me in the jail. Save me! Like Share Subscribe

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