Movie News!!! Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Co-Director ‘Bored’ With Marvel Movies

Movie News!!! Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Co-Director ‘Bored’ With Marvel Movies

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former Marvel filmmaker Brian Taylor who
co-directed Ghost Rider spirit of vengeance is not impressed with Marvel
Studios films admitting that he is bored by their movies over the span of 10
years the Marvel Cinematic Universe has produced over 15 films and Counting
maintaining an impressive streak of coming up with hit after hit after hit
in 2018 they have another three projects on the docket including their
culminating blockbuster Avengers infinity war set for a May release which
as early as now is already drawing so much attention but the franchise is not
without fault there is the recurring villain problem as well as the too
formulaic three-part narrative while some are usually more forgiving about
these considering the fun factor their projects always have others are more
critical of it including the Ghost Rider spirit of vengeance co-director speaking
with comic book Taylor got candid about his thoughts on
the current landscape of the superhero movie genre and he is not too thrilled
about it the director particularly cited the
Marvel Studios movies as tedious and monotonous a criticism that is not new
with regard to MCU films despite his criticisms of the MCU
he maintains that he is still interested in comic-book properties being a reader
while growing up he shared that if there is another opportunity to work on a
big-screen adaptation that tickles his fancy he will be open to doing it while
he did not specifically reveal any IP on his wish list he has a penchant for
r-rated flicks such as Fox’s hits detrol and Logan Taylor is only the latest
filmmaker in the last several months to chastise the Marvel Studios machine
filmmakers John Landis and David Fincher criticized the movie company on separate
occasions and for different reasons more recently Jodie Foster also offered
her not so positive insight regarding the popularity of superhero movies in
general to which guardians of the galaxy director James Gunn respectfully

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  1. They should bring ghost in avengers infinity war and he could burn thanos to a crisp do you guys think that could work

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