Mr Bean the Animated Series – Home Movie

Mr Bean the Animated Series – Home Movie

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This isn’t scary at all. That film was rubbish! What…?! I wonder… Thank you, thank you very much. I’d like to thank Teddy. Thank you very much. I could do that Very good. What are you up to? Yes, very good! There it is! Action! Actiooon! Hmm. This is b-rilliant! Brilliant! Oh, hello! We’re going to make a movie. You and me! A movie? Yes, come on! Right! Here is my pitch, or the story Me You Oh well wait! I’ll just put that in there… No! Haunted house! And we see… Yes? The monster! What? You mean Teddy? No! No, no, no, no! Mrs Wicked! Oh hohohoho , yes! Yes? We’re making a film. And we want you to be the star! Me? Yes, yes. I’ll do it! Right! Let’s make movieee! Now…goes there… Let me see No, no Oh,… I’ll just top the fan And… Excellent! Sorry. Action! Look! Cut! Right! It’s hot. OK, so you see the monster Yes You go AHHHHH! OK? OK! Action! Eyhaaa! No, no, no, no, no! AHhHHHHH! Now, action. Hihihi! Ready… action! That’s better! Mrs. Wicked! That’s great! Excellent! Very popular! This better be good! What? Here we go! Look! Oh yeah, this is gonna be rubbish! What happened to the lights? AAAAAH! Shhhh. Sorry! Follow me! Lets get out of here. Quick! It’s here! I’ll just find the light switch What’s that? AHH! AAAAAH! What?! Oh, very good dear, very good. Yes, great! Thank you! And now for the best bit Come on, quick. Get in the car! Oooh! AAAAAh! Thank you Thank you Thank you. Oh you’re too kind! And my co-stars! Thank you! And who is the monster at the end? Teddy!


  1. Maaf ya kalau aku nggak bisa bahasa Inggris aku bilang seru banget dan aku suka videonya kapan-kapan bikin lagi ya film mister bin kartun nya bilang buat anak kecil nya juga enak jadi semua anak kecil bisa nonton deh

  2. Mr Bean vete hacer bailar bailar con sufrir te puede contagiar en donde siempre está los que los verás con su actitud todo puede cambiar y corre bien sí que vi no tiene que cambiar y no llorar

  3. Awesome Mr. Bean you're the best. I love watching you . You should make another movie …….. WITH ME IN IT!!!! Lol

  4. I thought Bean was especially scared of horror movies. At least he was in that one live-action episode where he spilled all his popcorn.

  5. I always loved mr bean whether it's the cartoon or real but his real acting is soo natural . Love you mr bean !! ??????

  6. I love the fact that after knowing the truth Mrs. Wicket accepted her play on the film. And we all love Bean and?!

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