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Hi my name is Pip Coomes and this is my
debut novel The Hunted it is the first book in The Phoenix Series and this is
what I’m going to be talking about today before we get going apologies for the
background but it got quite cold and I didn’t want to be cold anymore so we’re
sitting by the fire having this conversation as I’ve said The Hunted is
actually the first book of an intended six-part series called The Phoenix
Series and in this first book you will meet the two primary characters William
Phoenix and Penelope Elderson. William Phoenix is actually a young American who has been raised by a single mother in London and he discovers that the world
in which he is living in is not the world in which he was born into so he
was born on an island called Lanhivellier and that is a place full of lots
of magic and incredible creatures and it’s quite separate but also near to the
mainland of Europe early in the book you will actually learn a little bit about
Williams background and his family history and the way he was raised and
then you will follow him as he goes to the Orphealii Academy of Magic on Lanhivellier and he meets a large group of people who are also witches and wizards
and one of the people that he meets with and connects with most is the other
character Penelope Elderson. Penelope is a twin and she also attends the Academy
with her brother Nathaniel and a lot of the witches and wizards who are actually
coming to the Academy to be educated in the ways of magic and to be taught to
control their magic actually have a range of different backgrounds and
different understandings about the magical community some are coming like
William with very little background knowledge of what they’re walking into
and some have actually grown up in this community on this island and and
interacted often with each other and with many of the animals and creatures
that are part of this world now I don’t want to I don’t want to go into too much
detail but one of the things they learn while they’re in the Academy is about
the prophecy of the Orphealia and that prophecy marks William as a target but
William doesn’t arrive at the Academy and know that he’s a target it takes
him some time to figure that out Penelope is actually one of the people
who works out the truth of who William is quite early and she
to decide whether it’s in his best interests to tell him before he’s
actually ready or whether she keeps that secret to herself and it’s already been
such an overwhelming process for William learning about this entire community
that he’s part of that was hidden from him and there’s so much magic that they
are yet to understand including the implications of the prophecy and for
William once he finds out the truth it is really like a slap in the face
because he realizes how much of his his life has been based on deception and
lies and this is something that William is actually going to struggle to come to
terms with because the lives of others are dependent on him surviving this
clash that goes on and he essentially has to learn to live as the eternally
hunted now in the hunt of you will also find quite a bit of world-building I
introduced you to Lanhivellier itself the magical communities some of the
boundaries of magic the theory on the soul which is really important for this
novel and we also just discover some really incredible talents that people
have so many witches and wizards have gifts that they are born to that are
natural to them that are not gifts that they learn in the academy for example
some have the ability to call lightning some might be tempests, some have the gift of fire and some of shifters so there’s quite a bit of magic in here there’s
quite a bit of world building and the aim of this book was really to give you
a firm grounding in the world that William and Penelope exist in and to
help you get to know the characters and to help you understand the pretty
intense struggles and conflicts that they’re going to have to get through and
resolve in order to have a chance at surviving hopefully if you read the
hunted you will actually really enjoy the characters there is a range of
different characters in the book you don’t meet them all in the first book
there are already a large number of characters in the book on
of them going to an academy a place where lots of people are but hopefully
you will find a diverse range of characters I totally like the time the
term diversity in writing because I just kind of think that it should reflect
that the world we’re in you will find characters of different shapes colors
sizes religious backgrounds physical abilities all sorts of things in the
Phoenix Series you just won’t make them all at once but hopefully you can fall
in love with the characters and you can really see that a lot of effort has gone
into creating the world that they live in and to hopefully developing a plot in
which you will enjoy it is a this well The Hunted is categorized as a young
adult fantasy fiction book the more the books progressed through the series they
will become new adult books the characters are sort of in the age range
of 17 to 19 across the board and so as the story progresses they will age and
experience things that new adults do so hopefully you will enjoy this if you
read it and you will consider leaving a review on Apple books the Book
Depository Amazon wherever it is that you come in contact with the book the
second book in the series has just come back from the editor so I’m making some
changes and doing some editing work on that and then I will be giving it to my
beauty readers and if you would like to be a better reader in the future please
get in contact with me I’m absolutely interested in hearing from you and
hopefully soon I will let you know what the title of that book is going to be
and reveal the cover but I am hopeful that I can release the second book in
the series in August so hopefully you will enjoy this and you enjoy the videos
that I am releasing on this YouTube channel if there is any content you
would specifically like to see then please let me know below in the comments
and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel you can also find me on
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