MY FRIEND DAHMER Trailer (2017) Serial Killer Movie

MY FRIEND DAHMER Trailer (2017) Serial Killer Movie

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Take a deep breath. And another deep breath. Out of the way, dumbass. -You’re not taking them away from me. -What are you talking about? You don’t know anything about the kids because you’re not at home anymore. And one more time. You seem healthy to me. What about what’s on a patient’s mind? Jeff’s a little off, you know. (Jeff): Bleh! I think he’s kind of hilarious. (Jeff making weird noises) *laughter* I like bones. It interests me of what’s inside. I see things in you that I don’t like about myself. I want you to have friends in ways that I never could. I’m just like anybody else. *Jeff yelling* It’s not a sideshow attraction. Are you ok? Here, I am! Get out of your shell, and you need to be more normal. *Jeff screaming* I now present to you, Jeffrey Dahmer, in his command performance. *Applause* .


  1. Sad that he was outcast and he was alone and made fun of and mocked, laughed at and he was known as the strange kid.
    Every school across the USA had one kid that was made fun of and mocked the strange kid in school that sat by himself or herself and was at the lowest of the low. The Cheerleaders Football Players were the ones that got everything. They had the ringleader in every other groups. The real sad thing is …. everyone knew who the unpopular kid was and how much they were hated. They even knew where they lived too. Jeffery Dahmer was dead inside and he only pretended to be alive just to coexist with his classmates. When he graduated he was all alone and his parents left him. Loneliness kills and Jeffery had demons and I wish he could have been saved but one took an interest in him. Even the teachers they all knew. They made Jeffery Dahmer into a monster when you play games with people's heads and emotions this is the outcome. Nobody cares about crazy or someone who is an outcast by society b/c they are threat. I was like this in High School the strange kid and being hated and mocked I felt I deserved it. I am still hated and laughed at.

  2. I’m honestly kinda terrified… he plays him too well and next Zac Efron is going to be Ted Bundy…. sooo notorious killer is next on the list and what stars will play them? I’m curious but also kinda scared

  3. Sometimes the society makes killer beginning from family, school and friends. There are agents in the absence of religion. Killer victim of society.

  4. Ross Lynch did an amazing job in this movie, but I don’t like one major thing about the movie. It makes Dahmer seem like he is a victim. He was not a victim. He was a cruel, evil scumbag who was showing psychopathic signs ever since he was a toddler. Fucking creep.

  5. Guy brutally murders and kills people in the most gruesome sick disgusting way… hey let's make a movie about him and make money, people find it entertaining.
    The human race really does disgust me sometimes this guy should be completely forgotten never mentioned again… especially for entertainment purposes. Thumbs way way down.


  6. His personality just looks alike mine i dont get outta my shell too and i dont have any friends does that lead me to a serial killer?

  7. The most deadliest serial killers is by whitey,…the white devil right?…Wrong.


    It’s not even close, and it seems to only be getting worse, were as white serial killers has been steadily going down.

    Hispanic is much more than whites also, but no where nears as much as blacks.

    Stats in links bellow.

    He claims he’s America’s deadliest serial killer with 90 victims. Police believe him.

    If whites make up a small percentage per Capita, then why has Hollywood and the media sold the lie about big bad, whitey serial killer ?

  8. Seems……creepy to me that Ross Lynch is the same guy that played from a Rocker from a weird 2010s Sitcom on Disney to a movie about one of the most prolific serial killers in american history.

  9. Here's what gets me. Ross Lynch looks great in this but EVERYONE is on Zac efron's case because he's playing Ted Bundy. Um….They're both disney stars and playing serial killers. Where's the damn difference? Why can't they both be called great actors? And everyone's all mad because they make ted look like a great guy but um hi yeah HE CONNED WOMEN WITH HIS GOOD LOOKS AND CHARM. HE HAD A BABY WITH A WOMAN ON DEATH FREAKING ROW. WHAT DO YOU CALL THAT??? gosh seriously. People are friggin stupid.

  10. Omg I watched this because I thought it was like a normal movie but then I saw he was like eating people and stuff and yea watching people and I was like omg WHATTTTT it was crazy.

  11. This is a great movie very very very good. If u have not watched it and u are not sure do it just do it u won't be let down

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