My Old House – The Haunting Hour Full Episode #69 – The Haunting Hour

My Old House – The Haunting Hour Full Episode #69 – The Haunting Hour

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I don’t want to say goodbye Have you seen Alice’s baby box What in the yellow box where I kept her baby teeth in her first lock of hair no I swear it It’s like this house. Just swallows things. I am so ready to move Me too, but I don’t think alice is feeling the same way I know but Still just don’t you think I’m never gonna leave you What are you doing? You haven’t packed anything I asked you to put your books and stuffy’s in the boxes here these days Alice are you listening to me? What I Asked you to help pack up your room the movers are here. We have to be out I’m not going We’re just going a couple of miles away. It’s a nice neighborhood. Good school. You’ll make friends. I don’t care about that I want my house Well, we can’t afford this house any longer. This move makes sense for us as a family It’ll be sad what’ll be sad The house the house will be said Alice sit down Honey a house is wood and bricks and pipes you can’t feel people feel And I can imagine that you feel sad Because things are changing and sometimes change is hard and you can seem scary but if we don’t change we can’t grow I Don’t want to go I know Everything will be okay Well, that’s it, thanks guys we’ll meet you over there Hey, honey, it’s time for us to go Let’s all say goodbye to the house, that’s a great idea come on come on House thank you for being a home all these years I Thought you said how does don’t feel? Well they don’t? Then why are you saying goodbye it’s a ceremony, sweetie. It’s for us. Not for us. I don’t love the house we love you If you loved me you wouldn’t make me move. Uh-huh, that’s not true. Yes it is Are we going or not Hi, sweetie, you’re doing okay, huh no Well I think we can make this room look just as cute as your old one Maybe this weekend you and I could pick out some paint colors, would you like that no? Well the meantime why don’t we start arranging your new room? I hate it here. I? Know that’s the way you feel right now. Don’t know anything Okay Well um I think that this Would look very nice, right? here What are you doing I’m trying to make this feel like home for you quit it Sweetie pie let’s just give it a chance okay Let’s not Alice I don’t want anything on the walls this isn’t my house, would you stop it? Hey, you’re acting ridiculous. You are leave me alone Get out Just came to say good night First day of the new school tomorrow It’ll be fine you’ll see what you get there Remember when I took this picture Hey, you know what um tomorrow I could take a new one of you in front of this house you won’t Okay We don’t have to Well you sleep tight I know I will I’m exhausted I miss you so much Alice wait I Was driving you to school today. I wouldn’t walk Are you sure yeah? It’s only two blocks away, I know, but I want to give you a ride first day And I know I want to walk. I mean I know where it is Please you sure yes Okay, well you remember you go down to the end of the block make a left I know then it’s on the right-hand side of the street. I know and you got to go around the outside to Get to the entrance. It’s probably gonna be obvious yes Okay, I love you. Love you, too Please let me it’s Alice don’t you want me back? Have you see me you are happy I’m happy to see you too. I Don’t know where she is Louis the school called just now Well, she never showed up at her first class Well, did you watch her go into the school? What? No no I I’m not blaming you okay? Okay, I’ll wait for you This won’t be as company as my old bed, but at least I’m home They said you were just a pile of bricks and pipes and junk, but I knew you were alive look He’s my first tooth oh And a lock of my hair Did you do this for me, okay? It’s that once for yes Do pigs fly No of course they don’t Use ass name to me Melo’s oh and a hanger toast mine Mmm. This is so good. This is my favorite. You know that about me I Love you house, and you love me Wait I need to hide my stuff Alice how’s you in here? Thank you How are you here I? Really, thought you might have come back here Wherever she is we’ll find her of course. Well I Remember her running down the stairs, and we’re gonna train her She’s gonna be fine, I mean, maybe we shouldn’t have moved Look what let’s just go back to the house, maybe she’s home already That’s not gonna be an issue because we’re gonna find her okay? I Know you’re such a good house The Christmas tree was right here I Had I didn’t used to run down those stairs and over here This is where I used to make daddy get down in his hands and knees and pretend. He was a horse here I live rodents back New house You’ve kept us warm in and out of the wind and rain Thank you for that But now it’s time to say goodbye No Yes, yes, it’s time I miss my mom and dad they need me a lot and because I didn’t know that before I’m going to go in a house I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings Look I’m sure the people that are gonna come and live here are gonna Be very nice, and we’ll love you. Just as much as I did as I do so friends aren’t we Well bye It’s not funny stop it let me out I love my new room. That’s great hon, and I am so in love with this fireplace Hey look at this What is it? It’s a tooth. Hey mom dad There’s a face in my room the heating vent and the light sconces. Yeah. Yeah, I noticed that too No, that’s not what I mean You


  1. Nice…. nice. Loved it, but I hate her rude-ass attitude. And this ending was really bad. She should've heeded her parents.

  2. I remember when I first move to Canada to study in a boarding school, I decided to start reading novels to help improve my reading and vocabulary skills. R L Stein Fear Street was the first books I chose because I love horror stories. Can't believe I found his tv shows on Youtube! After 20 years and I still love his work! 😄😄

  3. After this episode:
    Alice was never seen again by anyone.
    Some rumours quickly spread about her soul haunting the house's halls
    The new family that moved where disturb when they found body parts of "a child" lying around (like fingers , more teeths, eyeballs bones etc)
    They also said that they keep hearing voices coming from the vents)
    After a week they moved away after they got tired and disturbed by all the things that happend.
    Some people said that however enters the now abandoned house will never return….
    People are also saying that , still to this day, Alice's parents are looking for there missing daughter…

  4. why do they allow her to treat them that way… funny thing is, she wants the old house more than she wants to be with her parents..

  5. I remembered when my family moved to our new house I was so sad, because I felt like I left my happy childhood memories which me and my brother and sisters were still together.. but seriously I never tried talking to a wall.. its just so crazy..

  6. Ok this is just wrong. I sometimes hate how my parents disagree with some of my demands, but I can't do this to them, I can't even put something before them.

  7. "If you would love me you wouldent make me move"
    If mY pArEnTs WoUlD lOvE mE, tHeY wOuLd GiVe Me 1mio.$ PeR mOnTh!!!

    The problem is.. they dont have the money to do that

  8. 她根本是個白癡沒去上學結果她明明可以平安離開那間房子,結果她為什麼要躲避父母結果讓自己房子吃掉。

  9. ɪᴛs ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴛᴀʟᴋɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ᴀ ʙʀɪᴋ ᴡᴀʟʟ (∩_∩)

  10. 11:15

    When a staircase is facing the front door directly, the feng shui energy rushes up quickly to either the lower or the higher floor, thus leaving the main entry, as well as the whole main floor without good feng shui energy nourishment.

  11. Do you know guys if you do a story or movie its talk about annything in you life so this video is talk about annything

  12. I don’t now y she is so attachEd to the home I love moving houses I done it 7 times
    It’s true

  13. A sudden change in her behaviour… avoiding her father telling him that she will go to school on her own… parents were missing signs…n they get worried…😒
    Never seen a child being more crazy about a house…. that's just crazy…

  14. Just shout at your daughter to discipline her she just like the house more than her parents what if you just make her live there by herself

  15. Okay don't think I'm weird but I'm also attached to my house more than I should (because I have no friends). But damn after watching this… I'm gonna start making friends😂


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