NAILS Official Trailer (2017) Horror Movie

NAILS Official Trailer (2017) Horror Movie

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So how’s she doing today? We may need to adjust her medication probably just an anxiety attack I hear you’re having some issues You want to talk about it? He was brought in as a patient some of the staff gave him a nickname Nails Nobody believes me Dana is in trouble Nails is gonna kill us all


  1. "Hey Carl, wanna make a movie?"
    "Sure, Dave. But how much money do we have?"
    (Pulls out whatever's in his pocket)
    "Looks like three dollars, forty-seven cents, a half-chewed sunflower seed, a toenail clipping, and a piece of string."
    "Wow! That's like a 500% increase from our last budget!"
    "Yeah, and I have a great idea. We won't need to spend anything if we just get a hospital room and fake spooky ghost noises and have that as the foundation for our movie."
    "But won't that cost a lot of money?"
    "Well, you see, I thought of that already. We're just going to break both of your legs and use your room. You have insurance right?"
    "Yeah, of course I OH GAWD!!"

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly how this movie was made.

  2. This movie was bad. The story is feels like it was filled with space filler because they never were able to get past the idea of "Spooky hospital". Random scenes were included to be creepy but they did not make any sense to the story, the CGI could have been worse, and it somehow is the best part of the movie. The main characters acting at least is decent, but the medical accuracy is so far from off I think they did not even consult someone who has been inside a hospital.

  3. Halfway decent movie. Probably would have done a little better on a bigger budget and some better writing. The last 6 minutes just ruined it for me though..4.5/10

  4. it didn't make any sense as to why the ghost was evil and telling her "you will die!!" and all that when he thought he was saving the girls and doing a noble thing….stupid typical "hospital horror" do not recommend

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