1. this guy is so the best survival I ever seen in naked and affraid ! totaly an 8.2 in my heart ! <3 He took down a fucking banana tree ! For god sake ! When every body wasn't thinking it was possible, he believed !

  2. Omg 21 day without no food,only heart of palm wow you guys are good..the guys is so funny every words he speak sound funny

  3. It’s really sad to see the jaguar they put in to lure everyone that they’ve spotted a jaguar right there where they are. Unfortunately the jaguar they film is from a zoo, it’s obvious when you see how they look… Very sad… I’m extremely happy for the ones they haven’t caught yet and I pray they’ll always be free, save our planet 🌎

  4. I really liked these two people! Very nice and kind, positive and no drama at all. Enjoyed this show a lot! Nice! 👍🏼

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