NECROMURDER: A Black Metal Story (2019) FULL MOVIE Dir. Pablo C. Vergara

NECROMURDER: A Black Metal Story (2019) FULL MOVIE Dir. Pablo C. Vergara

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up? I’ll tell you what’s up How
about the latest news regarding the
band Death of Desire. Now rumors
are circulating that the tension
Between Sigurd Ericssen Aka. Morbid
Blackstar, and Torbjorn Wongraven
Aka. Azmodeus Azmodeus has risen to the
point that the band is about to
implode. DJ Jet Metal Messiah:
Hey everybody you’re tuned into The
Metal Magdalene with Jet with Metal
Messiah Radio and today we have the
latest news on the band Death of
Desire. Now rumors has it that their
attractive bass player Myst has recently quit the band. So, allegations made by Myst indicated
that she… I had it with their fucking bullshit. This two idiots act like fucking jerks! Specially Torbjorn. I just couldn’t take it anymore! Black metal is an extreme sub genre of Heavy Metal music. Heavy Metal music was originated in the early nineties and spearheaded by Norwegian Bands. The Black Metal style developed into a distinct genre.
Norwegian-inspired Black Metal scenes emerged throughout
Europe and North America. Initially was a synonym for ’Satanic Metal’. Black Metal is internationally separated from popular culture and strives
to remain underground. It is inaccessible to the mainstream and for those who are not committed. Murders, church burnings and violent crimes were committed by the founders of this movement. Today, Black Metal is Norway’s
principal cultural export. Go my son… Take your rage… Use it… Be the Beast. Take what belongs to you… Burn…! Let them burn! This vulgar swine… I can’t stand
their stench! Darkness!! I am Morbid Blackstar… Rivers of blood… Of life… Demons love me, this I know For the Darkness tells me so… Torbjorn… Based on true events Look at them, they know nothing. All their mistresses and their lies. Money in their bank account.
Like no soul, just trapped in time… Like in the machine and they just
don’t mind they are just living to die. Those would make great lyrics. Oh yeah, they would never understand us. They are so generic and you’re poetess. You know what pisses me off?
Those fucking morons calling us goths. We are not Emo. We are fucking Black Metal! Lets go, we’re going to be late for the studio. Can’t wait for it to be over.
It’s easier said than done, you know? If I wasn’t under contract with that fucker… Just focus man. Okay? Let’s just forget about it, let’s just go record. Allright, let’s go… Kill him! It’s the only way… You’re not there… Are you not going to offer your guest a drink? You’re not real! You’re just in my
mind and the drugs… Not that I’ve seen any improvements
lately, have I? What do you want today!? Don’t you understand?
You’re so distracted So obsessed with becoming
“King of the Shit Mountain”. Oh, Torbjorn! How you frustrate me… The Usurper comes for you. Sweet Sigurd… And you can’t even see
him coming to take all you have. …Catch it! Oh! Gross! What the fuck!? Kill him!! Kill who?! Kill Sigurd, the Usurper…! Get the fuck out of here! Kill him… or die…! I had fun today, kid. Why can’t we be together more
often? Oh, you know…? Ask your mom. She calls you names and I don’t like it. I know she does but…
just don’t buy into her crap, you know? sometimes she can be right, but don’t buy into her crap… Is that why you and her divorced? You could say that. I guess…
But, I’m working real hard. Don’t you worry, I’ll figure things out. Things are going to be changing. What took you so fucking long?! Ouch! Mom!!! The weather… The weather? Really? Is that the
best you’ve got? Traffic…? What do you want me to say? Ugh! I swear to God I’ll take your
surname off of him! You know I have no problem keeping him from you, You know that, right?
You piece of shit! Mom! I said, stop swearing! Fuck!!! Here’s the money. Where’s the rest of the money? It’s coming! Oh, it’s that other idiot Torbjorn, isn’t it? He is ripping you off,
and you don’t do anything about it! C’mon we’re going! Joe came back from his holiday
and I’ve gotta pay him a visit. Really? In front of him? Shut up! You’re lucky I even let
you see him! It’s ok little man, remember what I told you. Oh, yeah! Your lawyer sent you
another letter. Oh, great! I’m not your Goddamn secretary ! When are you going to get the rest
of the money back from them? How long is it going to take? It’s going to take as long as it takes.
I can’t control these things! You let them walk all over you…! Eat your tongue! You’re not even worthy of being around him!
I’m not let you see him anymore…! You don’t even know what your
talking about! You’re a fucking joke! Just call me when you have the money! Let’s go! Lets go!!! My nails claw your infested lungs that you spill in the toilet bowl of life Stop! Stop!! Stop!!! What the fuck is that?! That´s not what I showed you… That´s not what I wrote What is that? That´s not the song! the song is how the songs ringing what
is that riff are you talking no it’s what’s great is the simple work
we’re doing now to play the song or I’ll get somebody well Tim I got YouTube your
swipers – this fucking basement instead of fucking to the world you wanted you
wanna be a circus animal you want to be a clown when you clown shoes sing you
him and get the fuck out of my studio work for peanuts for this sheet roll on
that – oh you do that remember this balls race you’ve recorded all that
stuff belongs right now I have on the phone Asmodeus
of death of desire so Asmodeus tell us are the allegations real is it true that
death of desires calling it but the walkies but love right away
you don’t need to get to fuck just getting high nothing really happened
yeah nothing really happened nothing about see you again my house where else that’s what motherfucker she’s mean now
it just needs a reading man that’s a fucking weirdo words make up and run
around a tangent scarily steamed one well it would be so easy are you gonna
do it got things you want to fucking shoot me then shoot me you think I’m
afraid of sight did you get my fare from debt what look
Oh perfect now you can see how fucking pathetic
your father is he’s going to your room alright it’s good to gone down you’re
not thinking straight oh I’m not just put the gun down don’t come over here put it on the table
and get out drugs take them kid
I I’ll see you later no not good enough what now man it was
cold enough I’d like another tape this is with the wrister this is gonna have
the death of desire for called it it needs evil with a partner or to taste you know start words it’s trying to girl oh we’re going to be taste kings of
darkness no one no one ever even touch this level of obscurity
rasping brine with how warden private what concerns big concerns us all
fucking morning what fucking money money what about my fucking money oh is it ok
ok let’s not lose our grip here but here I don’t need you that
you ruin everything I really hate you right now
good son of a bitch did you ever think about
your son taking at the ends just just that would be bullshit talk way to
perk up take this thank you Josh what do you think you’re going thank you you know that tonight our become eternal statemented sequences artists stench
streams to amass roles of beasts bringing settings from birthing bones
disease tooth unforgiving like motherfucker crispy sunny so wet like a
southern Valley okay there is no light compassion there is me
my refinery they rotted teeth inscribed I have the gluttonous infection at
espares slowly elsewhere yeah
Oh or the shit man hello singer I still call me that hi top the shit where’s my money
it’s coming Portugal businesses slow I’m working on something really big what
happened to the music about me each sacrifice I think things this time every lobbyist even tears I am morbid


  1. Thanks you for sharing. I enjoyed it. Sound has problems in my opinion. In most of the scenes, I felt like all cast has been dubbed. I guess it's about low budget and i totally get that. Great cinematography by the way, i loved the colors, lights and obviously music.. You should really consider to direct a horror movie. Good job!

  2. Great film. Going to use as inspiration for my own music as I can relate with the kid in the story.

  3. Only thing that bothers me is the wrong information provided at the start. Black metal started in 80's and Norwegians weren't the first ones doing it. It's also false that the Norwegian guys wanted to remain underground; they all paid for the best studio they could book near Oslo and Bergen and all of them joined mid/big sized labels with worldwide distribution, being the most notorious ones Darkthrone with Peaceville and Mayhem with Season of Mist in mid 90's.

  4. Not a fan of the type of music I just don’t get it and the image thing to me just for the shock value and get stared at but! This was a very good movie.

  5. Great cinematographer and soundtracks I really enjoy it ? Keep going man ⚔️ u need to make a horror movie.

  6. That was cool! Well done man. I'm a horror and metal fan. And very fascinated with Black Metal, more so the lifestyle than the music. Best of luck with this!

  7. This looks really awesome. Enjoyed watching it ? And I think, this is much better than Lords of Chaos ? Will this be a complete movie? Then I'm exited to see it hopefully soon. I love Black Metal ??

  8. Was yhe knife fight a reference to Varg and Euronymous?
    The only thing bad I have to say is that it was a little but cringe and edgy, but overall ot was okay

  9. was quite a long intro
    great coloring, very amusing to see the scenes overall

    congrats u finally released it
    i liked the songs also, cool
    the best part is the drama with the mother, son
    very well done, realistic
    for obvious reasons also hah

    big hug

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