Nerf War: Halloween Horror

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Fricking Frick Ayyo Pauly D Whats the deal!? Its 10 O’Clock and no one is showin up to my Halloween party I know man. What do you expect? You got these jack-o-lanterns over here That thing’s face is so freaky he looks like a corndog with two meatballs on both sides What are you thinking, man? Yeah, I guess it does look like that. But hey, what are you supposed to be for Halloween anyways? A wife-beater? Nah man! What are you, playing? Nah, I’m a gangster Alright, you can be whatever you wanna be, kid. I’m not stopping you. *Toilet Flushes* Yo, man, what was that? I thought you said no one’s coming to your halloween party? Hey, no one’s here – yo well that toilet just flushed and those things don’t flush themselves yeah, that’s spooky Hey, go check it out I’m a go check that out and bus’ a cap in they ass hey, you cover me, man. I’m goin’ in it’s probably just the plumbing button Go check it out *SIGHS* *MUSIC* *HEAVY BREATHING* *SCREAMING* OH! Oh Jeez *MUSIC* Yo man, nothing to worry about there. I took care of it *SCREAMING* *MORE SCREAMING* Somebody help me! Help me! Help me! Ay, ay Pauly Oh my God! Pauly, Pauly! Huh, What is that? *HEAVY BREATHING* whoo This means war! *SIGH* No *RAPID FIRE SOUNDS* *RAPID FIRE SOUNDS* No, no, no, no, no, no, NO, NO, NO, NO nooooo *SCREAMING* Hey, what’s up youtube? I’m Eric from PDK Films and I am joined with Donald Trump here tonight. Just kidding its Paul from PDK Films and we just wanna wish you guys a happy Halloween and give a quick shout out to Coop772 for giving us these sick nerf guns to use for this video Go check out his channel the links in the video description we hope you guys have a good Hallowweeen and, uh, Subscribe Like Leave a comment and we’ll see you guys next time.

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