Neverknock Trailer (2017) Halloween Horror Movie

Neverknock Trailer (2017) Halloween Horror Movie

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Hé ! Personne ne vit ici. Aller viens on a encore deux pâtés de maisons à faire. J’ai vu quelqu’un à la fenêtre. Je vous présente Grace. Grace ne connait pas grand monde, alors ne la faites pas flipper… C’est l’endroit ou vit le “Neverknock”. C’est quoi le “Neverknock” ? Un soir d’Halloween, trois gamins ont été retrouvé morts. Qui les a tué ? Personne ne le sait… Mais “IL” sait ce qui te fait peur. Qui ça “IL” ? Le “Neverknock” ! C’est impossible que ce soit vrai… Alors tape à sa porte trois fois, et dis “Never Neverknock” et tu verras bien… “Never”… “Never”… “Knock”. Il faut que vous partiez…Avant qu’il ne soit trop tard.


  1. Check out the article on this Thriller coming to Syfy on JRL CHARTS

  2. ain't it like that bloody Mary movie…called bloody Mary lol.They played it at a cabin and she came for all of them,my fault it was called Dead Mary.

  3. I would like horror movies based off of paranormal ritual games beside Ouija boards such as: Three Kings, Hooded Man, Midnight Man, Hide and Seek Alone, Elevator Game, etc.

  4. Well now they're just trying to make us afraid of everything in life. What's next, an evil coffee cup.

    (Unbeknownst to him, the force controlling SCP 198 chuckles)

  5. If I was in this movie then I would be that one noob who sits in their room binge watching Gordon Ramsay while eating Dorito

  6. I'm only even considering watching because I recognize one of the actors from Dark Matter and I am wondering if she has range or if this will be how I pretend the life of the Dark Matter char turned out after the show was cancelled.

  7. (Babayaga ) Don't knock twice but not so well …where are the brillant ideas? Certainly not in the current horror movies.Oh shit ! jodelle ferland embodies all the bad horror movies , next.plz

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