New PSA Designed To Jolt The Gun Debate In Washington Out Of Its Stalemate | Deadline | MSNBC

New PSA Designed To Jolt The Gun Debate In Washington Out Of Its Stalemate | Deadline | MSNBC

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  1. That made me sob. I'm so scared for my child every day he leaves for school. I pray he graduates before being shot. Last year, they stopped a girl at his school from carrying out a plan for a mass shooting, and we live in a tiny mountain community. 😢

  2. McConnell is dam near  dead look at the color of his skin,  F  him  he anit going to last making our lives  as Americans a laughing stock !   nothing more than an old bigot invisible kkk robe wearing fool

  3. Debate and vote! Always have been the process!! Now they wait for the president? So any vote that could veto his signing is done away with? WTF America! Trump and mitch are silencing your voice via senators. Sue!! 1st amendment people!

  4. It boggles my mind that 3 years old have to do active shooter drills. I am pretty sure that the US is the only country in the world where kids have to do this first day of school.

  5. Why are all the chairs empty does no one care about or are they cowards not to do something right? ACT OR MORE WILL DIE! This is very sad for a nation that has so much.

  6. OH MY GOD!!! That "ad" made me SO GLAD I'm not American and live in the UK where we have SOME gun issues but nothing compared to you guys. It sent a very real shiver down my spine and brought tears to my eyes. It should be shown on every TV Trump and the Senate Republicans ever walk past until they change their stupid minds about gun control in the USA.

  7. I need to finish my daughter's ar15. She'll be 9 soon enough and is ready to learn to shoot it. Then I gotta start building one for her little brother.

  8. Massacre Mitch can't do his job. He tells us he's working for The Quisling Coward Trump, not The People. Maybe "we" don't know who's paying him…

  9. I have never been more ashamed of my country and my service to it.

    That that POS, Moscow Mitch, completely abdicates the responsibility of the Legislative Branch to trump is treasonously disgusting.

  10. We need to do to the grossly unrepresentative Senate what the Brits did to the House of Lords: take away their power to block legislation passed by the actually representative House.

  11. "in a holding pattern" and waiting on Trump? If Massacre Mitch cared at all, he would put it up to a vote then hold Trump's feet to the fire to do something instead of wasting time!

  12. Overwhelming majority of people 70+% want sensible universal background checks and common sense gun reform. How about doing your job Moscow mitch and provide advice to Atgolf Twitler about the recommendations on gun reform. People are over you both passing the buck and insinuating its the other holding up the process.

  13. Is there anything more repulsive than whatever Mitch McConnell is? Is it a zombie? An albino slug? A hairless sloth? It seems almost human in that it mimics human speech, but the words don't make any sense. Fortunately it won't reproduce. I don't think any other species will mate with it.

  14. 100 less Americans everyday. Thats a great start – if you're a real patriot that would be unacceptable, but you wrap yourself in the flag and constitution while ignoring the very things they stand for. Wear the flag? – see U.S. Code § 8.Respect for flag. All up for 2nd Amendment? – care to mention where the "well-regulated militia." part is? Thats right – if you ignore the parts of the constitution that you find inconvenient – you're not upholding the pledge you have made and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  15. Perhaps having armed/trained guards, staff, or teachers that could shoot back would be more helpful than a worthless law…but keeping kids safe is not the goal of gun control…is it?

  16. Perhaps require people to provide a legitimate use to own an ASSAULT rifle in order to retain or purchase one, confiscate them from those who cannot provide a reasonable explanation for why they need one, setup a review board to hear disputes. #gunsasneeded

  17. I just don't understand that if you can't buy AR15's anymore then why you should let all those people who already bought that weapon should get to keep them? It's like million weapons on the street for mass murderers! Of course every ar15 should be illegal to own.

  18. Republicans are waiting on guidance from Trump, aren't they grown adults voted in to Represent their constituents. Get them plastic bracelets that have WWTD. (what would trump do) pathetic.

  19. I apologize I promised myself I would not get caught up in name calling. So send Mitch McConnell red bracelets that say WWTD. amazing how easy it is to get caught up in Trump mentality of name calling

  20. This PSA won’t reach the shameless NRA funded GOP but it’s going to reach the voters including all the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles of children doing active shooter drills will be affected and that’s when changes happen.

  21. Prohibition = FAIL.
    War on Drugs = FAIL.
    Federal Assault Rifle ban of 1994 = FAIL.
    More gun laws = FAIL.

    "Where there's a will, there's a way." …and criminals (mass shooters) will find a way.

  22. Sadly no amount of shot to death or wounded children will be enough for trump and republicans. They enjoy this. ………because they are pro life.

  23. When the Australian and New Zealand governments feel the need to put your country on a travel adversary warning list for Measles and Gun Violence and you have the largest economy of all. the midden has already hit the windmill.

  24. Massacre Mitch needs to fecking grow a pair and throw the NRA money he’s gets in their face. Both him and his corrupt wife should be in jail.

  25. At one time I felt proud of our judicial system.
    Now, not so much.
    You seem to forget that it is the HIGHLY
    CORRUPT Supreme Court Supreme Court that is at fault.
    in fact, has become the chief murder of American’s children‼️‼️‼️
    I can’t stand this disgusting pig‼️

  26. Keep your guns, American citizens. Don't let your country become like every other African nation. It doesn't take much time for a gov't run by humans to become tyrannical. And all you anti gun cowards, you think gun violence is bad now? Come to the Congo where I work, I'll show you what gun violence is.

  27. Noticed that sign said a hundred people are killed a day by a gun it doesn't say our murdered 66 of those hundred people commit suicide with a gun the other 15% is probably justified killings by the cops and the other 10% are gang shootings 9% are murders there are around 33,000 deaths by firearms a year 66% of that being suicides and so on guns are used defensively 3 million times a year tell me if that's worth taking a constitutional right

  28. That PSA just gutted me. I was a senior when Columbine happened, and I remember being sure that my parents' generation would never let something like that happen again. I was wrong. When Sandy Hook happened, I thought for sure that was the tipping point. No dice. Now Nicole says 3 year olds have active shooter drills – this is the world that my precious newborn niece has been born into, and it makes me so sick.

  29. Pay to have 3 guards at every school. This would cost less that 100k a year per school.
    How about we stop talking about how crazy people are killing our kids and we pay to protect them.
    Its sad that we defend every bank in the country but we refuse to pay to protect our children.
    Simple fix, government mandated that in order to have a school you must provide security.
    The same security that is in place at every Higher Learning campus in the country.
    We pay security to protect adults at school and leave children wide open.

  30. The debate on guns in the USA is so messed up that we are left begging for legislation to be passed that will, in all probability be ineffective. Over 35,000 Americans die each year in gun related incidents. Only a few hundred of these are in mass shootings by military style assault rifles. Over 20,000 deaths are suicides. 60% of incidents are with hand guns. The second amendment, or the way it has been interpreted, is probably the single most deadly law in world history. It is a bad law.

  31. Hey Lying Corrupt Demonrats it's the mentally disturbed person that pulls the trigger not the gun and background checks already happen and if a Criminal or deranged person wants a gun he will get it from the black market and can probably GOOGLE IT.YOUR NOT TAKING AWAY OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS PERIOD.NICE TRY

  32. Stop having DEEPSTATE FALSE FLAG SHOOTINGS and we wouldn't be talking about this,look at your Corrupt Democrats who are planning these Deepstate false flag shooting events.

  33. You really have to question the sanity of the leaders of a nation when "bullet proof" backpacks become the norm along with drills in school in case of a gunman. Wake up America, your country needs you. You can start by getting rid of that freak of nature you have running the show.

  34. Beto O'rourke is actually making it easier to make a deal. Most big changes start with a wide range of views. It strengthens support for the moderate position. The implicit message from moderates: work with us or you may end up with a more extreme law. The broad public support means it's not going away.

  35. If the House and Senate pass bills and they are sent to the President for Veto or signature. If the President Vetos a Bill, Congress can pass it into law with a 2/3 yes vote thus overriding the Presidential Veto. If Congress truly represents the people who put them in office and 90% of the people want even simple background checks, does it really matter what POTUS wants? The will of the people are speaking and the GOP are either complicit to failure, obstructing, or derelict of duty. Would they take action if one of the mass shootings took aim at them? Oh, wait, that softball game a couple years ago didn't even move them to action when they were in the sights of a Trump devotee. sad.

  36. Where's the so-called "pro-life" people out there that claim they want to "protect the children"? Oh wait, the school-shootings don't have anything to do with suppressing women's rights.

  37. All civilized countries have long since banned Assault Rifles. They did not go through this endless discussion. New Zealand did it in a week or so after their first mass shooting. You need to change your system as it does not work for you.

  38. Moscow Mitch thinks Massacre Mitch is a better nickname. Why have Republicans in the Senate if they can't act without the direction of their Dear Leader. They would become even more flaccid when they won't have their Dear Leader skirt to hide behind. If they've proven themselves to be that useless then vote them out.

  39. The audacity of Moscow Mitch to stand there and say he has to wait for Donald Trump to make a decision on gun control is horrific.He has made a pac with the devil .And yes he is the grim reaper. I sure hope they vote him out.He is a stain and a disgrace for democracy.

  40. Moscow Mitch grow a pair and try to think for yourself bring HR-8 to the floor for a vote and let's see who really cares for the people of this country Again Moscow Mitch grow a pair??

  41. if they bring in background checks then Trump wont be able to buy a gun!

    the top republicans will also be unable to buy guns because all seem to be nutters,
    Mitch, Lindsay, Collins and other DERANGED Trumpiticians.

    they should shine the spotlight on the gun manufacturers,
    people currently shine the light on the customers,

    but if the gun manufacturers are shut down, there will be no guns to buy!

    I think research needs to be done on where the gun and bullet factories are,
    which companies run which, how many guns of each model are sold,
    how many bullets are sold, how many of the bullets are just used on training.

    its like with smoking, should you blame the smoker, or should you blame Marlborough and Rothmans.

    in Britain, if the government think people shouldnt do X, they basically put a higher tax on X.

    so eg in Scotland they put a higher tax on strong spirits because the scots have a problem with strong drinks. As you go further north, the drinks get stronger eg the russian predilection for vodka. The scottish tax caused whisky sales to drop by one million bottles.

    so one way to reduce gun usage, is to put an onerous tax on guns and ammunition.
    and eg to put minimum prices, eg minimum price of $50000 for a gun, minimum price of $500 for a bullet. That will soon modify people's behaviour! Add an extortionate gun license fee also. eg in the UK car taxes depend on how green the car is, a really green car has 0 tax, my diesel car has a tax of I think £30 (or £20) a year.

    pricing really does affect behaviour, sometimes for the worse,
    eg when I wanted to buy my first car, I wanted to get a car that could take both electricity and diesel, but I found that the starting price was say at least £15000,
    and because its a new technology there isnt much of a second hand market.

    with electric cars, you can refuel for free. But for diesel only I could get a second hand car for say £7000, and diesel is some 10 pence per mile. So for the same £15000, I can buy the £7000 car and 80000 miles of fuel, 80000 miles is a long long distance. So the electric car is a false economy. This is an example where pricing causes the wrong behaviour.

    The british government has units specialising in behaviour modification eg through taxation, but also in other ways some of which are referred to as "nudges".

    people in europe laugh at the american gun problem, because its so obvious what needs to be done, which is to BAN ALL PUBLIC OWNERSHIP OF GUNS. Only government agencies eg the military or police should be authorised to own guns. I have never owned a gun in my life, nor has any of my friends or relatives, nor do any of us intend to. In the UK guns have a stigma, if you own one you are regarded as either a nutter, or a terrorist or a psychopathic criminal eg bank robber. Guns here are essentially certificates of derangement.
    There is no need to have a gun, I have never missed guns. We resolve conflicts by using these things called words. You string them together to form sentences to get to the inner causes of conflict rather than act like rhinoceroses with guns.

    I am surprised that in a country that espouses free speech, that NOBODY in the US to this day has proposed banning public ownership of guns. It is such a flaming obvious thing to do!
    So let me from my desk in England do it for you, BAN ALL GUNS AND AMMUNITION, REVOKE THE SECOND AMENDMENT.

    Its like everyone in america looks over their shoulder afraid that the NRA will shoot them if they get too daring in opposing guns! Just call their bluff! Its like one of the trump zombies should one day call Trump's bluff and rat on him in congress. What will Trump do? Sack him? What else? I dont think he can do much else. They should put themselves before Trump.

    The NRA is merely the national rifle association, assault weapons are not rifles, so the NRA has no authority over those! Its the NAWA you want, the national association of assault weapons. The NRA is a bogus charity, its just a lobby group for the gun manufacturers, they dont need a charity, they should be paying out money for all the coffins and hearses they cause to be utilised by their malware. People who buy NRA stickers are stupid.

    Dont be so afraid of the NRA, THE NRA ARE A BUNCH OF CHUMPS, THEY SHOULD GO F THEMSELVES. See: what can they do! dont be so afraid of some unscrupulous manufacturers whose plush villas are paid for by the tombstones and coffins of innocents.
    The NRA should do everyone a favour and stick their rifles up their backsides and pull the triggers.

    the idea of background checks is flawed, because just to buy a gun means you are a nutter, or are afraid of nutters. So if you ban guns outright, the nutters then cant buy guns and so the non nutters dont need to buy guns. Which is how it is in say Britain, where noone has guns, and so the nutters dont have guns, and so the non nutters (eg me) dont need a gun. A virtuous cycle, whereas the US has a vicious cycle.

    The main idea of the second amendment, is that if a foreign power overruns the US, that the citizens can fight back. According to the internet the second amendment is from December 15, 1791. Well, a lot has changed since then, in particular fighter planes, bomber planes, attack helicopters, cruise missiles, submarines, atom bombs, germ warfare, etc. SOME PUNY ASSAULT WEAPONS wont stop a foreign power with cruise missiles, tanks, attack helicopters etc. The second amendment is basically OBSOLETE. Its like someone going to work on a penny farthing or using candles to read at night. When the second amendment was done, war was waged with bayonets and cannons.
    And guns were a practical defence. But with todays warfare, your only chance is to buy a white flag, because your little gun's bullets wont reach the russian fighter planes.

    The main warfare today is information warfare, whether it be advertising, or russian troll farms or computer malware or Trump tweets or congressional committees. The weapons today are subpoenas and jail sentences. The soldiers are spies and traitors.

    One other thing, I think the use of guns corrupts the mind. You can tell people who use guns because they develop this psychopathic look, which you see with soldiers and cops.

  42. GOP+ NRA continues to throw corpses on the altar they built to Trump-as they all dance on the graves of AMERICANS to the tune PUTIN plays irredeemable

  43. Moscow Mitch waiting to see what Don the Con wants done. (DON THE CON = NRA $$$$'s)
    What about what 90% of the American People want?

  44. Non human voids like Massacre Mitch and Donald Chump and the GOP live in a vacuum because they and their families are protected 24/7 so they have no interest in protecting children from shootings and they are completely bought by the NRA anyway so that chilling ad of children living in fear every day at school means nothing to them.

  45. … ugh I cant afford to keep writing checks to the NRA… but here goes another thousand dollar check. It's still tax deductible right? God I hope so give to the NRA and give generously

  46. This propaganda is insane!!! There needs to be no gun free zones. Dont send your child into a place where they can not be protected. Let teachers carry who want to carry. These nut jobs are only attacking soft targets. We all need to be hard targets now boys are girls. I am sorry this is the way we have ti live. But things are they way they are. I dont want people to get hurt. But we need to stop doing things that make it harder for the innocent to protect themselves. If taking all the guns was possible I'd be on board but as long as people know how to weld or work an 3D printer it's people are going to keep getting guns. I love this country and I love to you. We need an answer but I think we are going in the opposite direction.

  47. Beto O'Rourke actually wants to do something. If the ProMassacre Republicans want to make a TV add about this, I think they should. With 55% of Reps, 86% of Dems and a 70% over all approval rating of banning assault style weapons, I say make that add. You will only be talking to your base.

    And thank God someone is shouting it from the roof tops. I am so sick and tired of Pelosi and Schumer mealy mouthed and uninspired rhetoric. If you ask me, they are complicit as well for not truly standing up and leading the charge. Go "The Squad" Go Beto. . . we need fresh and inspiring blood in the Dem party to get us out of incipient, uninspired, rhetorical mud we are mired in.

    Warren 2020. (In case you were wondering if this was an add for Beto)

  48. Moscow Mitch thinks he works for the POTUS. What a freaking traitor. People of Kentucky, if you support this guy, then you are NOT an American…don't pretend you are.

  49. What a joke, would you let a politician do a surgery on you? No It's time to listen to the firearms experts, not the agenda pushers. Inform yourselves! Don't trust the media to inform you!

  50. They make you pass background checks already.

  51. thousands of people die every day from various causes and no one cares but 1 shooting happens and it's an epidemic 🤦‍♂️

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