Nick’s Own Haunted Home

Nick’s Own Haunted Home

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some personal paranormal experiences my family and I have had while living at our home have been phantom footsteps moving through the kitchen hallway in the middle of the night where we’ve woken up and suddenly go chasing after them thinking that there’s a burglar in our house and there’s no one there we’re logically always trying to explain things and Wool them out because we live here we live at our house and we want to say okay that’s not paranormal that’s just some sort of environmental element we can just rule out but some things we just cannot Devon we can’t figure it out like this apparition that we captured on camera our security team was rolling my wife her footsteps where we do the kitchen she woke me up in the middle of night and when I woke up we looked at our security cameras and there was an apparition it was moving and sat down in the chair and it got up and it looks like it’s almost holding something in his hand and then I ran down the stairs to try to figure out what it was and just disappeared and I felt just a mental electricity shoot through my body there’s been so many different occasions that we cannot figure out what is going on at the house but the only way we could bring it back down with the peace was to actually do a saging cleanse and some other rituals at our house we’ve had a medium come over to our house with a very close friend of mine she’s a spiritualist and she helped cleanse the home with sage and other techniques to try to rid some of the negative energy that was just hibernating here in our basement and I feel like we’ve got rid of the negative entity and it felt like a dark cloud was kind of over our house so we push that out and since then it’s been very calm at our house you


  1. I used to live in a home built 100 years ago, the spirit I believe was that of a woman, a good woman; she would show me signs of the bad girlfriends who came along and lived with me, she would stop any and all electrical appliances' of theirs and of mine when they would use them, and when I would come back home after work or on the weekends, my Ex's would be bitching about how non of their things would work until I got home, I still have the fuzzy photo's of the Ex's while I am standing next to them and yet I am clear as day.. had television sets go crazy at the same time the VHS machine would go nuts and change chandelles all at the same time, my female rotty went nuts one time when I had one Ex come visit me and the movie Ghost came on at the point where the couple were at the clay spinning table and the love making started, freaked out the Ex and she ran away screaming that the ghost knew she was back….

  2. You probably brought something home with you from all the ghost hunting you've done thru-out the years on this and other shows.

  3. There are spirits everywhere! =) If you are open they come. They can see your energy! =) Most spirits are nice and sometimes funny =) If you want them to leave…just tell them. Some of them just need help. They are like we are but without body. Energy bodys! =) Don´t let negative energy and fear in! Take care! =)

  4. Nick this may sound silly but this will help you from bringing back stuff.
    When you 1st enter a property say " I bring no one, I take no one with me!"
    When you leave you say " You are not allowed to follow me, you don't belong with me, stay here!"
    If you state that they have to respect you. Also you need to learn how to protect yourself with the White light of Mary and the Holy Spirit. If your interested I'll be happy to write it out for you.
    All in Love and God's Peace Michele 😀

  5. I live in a haunted home. I have regular entity's that I recognise but a few new dark figures that emerge every few months as well that all of my family have witnessed. I cleanse my room very regularly in the hopes that I can sleep as most of the activity is in my room but I've always been too scared to put up a camera. I did record over night a few years ago, where I heard a voice saying my name and saw my blanket move but the footage deleted itself so I never tried it again. my brother was originally in that room but he was too scared, so I moved in instead.

  6. GOD BLESS YOU NICK AND YOUR FAMILY. Stay positive and true to yourself and feeling re:the paranormal. I am praying for you. Stay real!

  7. Nick has a lot of BAD attachments going back to his GAC days! And I wouldn't be surprised if those evil spirits followed him home. Him, Zak, and Aaron went to some horrible places like Bobby Mackey's, the Old Washoe Club, and the Goldfield Hotel(the flying brick episode).

  8. I know I am late to this video, but I am so glad that things have calmed down for you & your family. I know family is EVERYTHING to you, & keeping them safe despite the work you do must terrify you. Nothing seems to terrify you EXCEPT when it comes to your family. Love ya Nick!! ~Angi

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  10. Where's the evidence/video footage Nick? What then do you expect when you "dabble"  with ALL of the energies that you encourage to make themselves known? Even the best of professionals in this industry (excluding yourself) have bit off more than they can chew at times. You play with fire you will eventually get burned…and you involve innocent members of your own family. What in the hell is the matter with you?

  11. Well groff, what do you expect. Those spirits, demons and other beings that you openly taunt and insult are not going to forget you and when the camera's are off still going to be there. I feel for your family and wish them all the protection they can get. You have no idea how much you bring your family in to danger. The people that make these kind of a program's are totally over the head in to it, this is not something that should be on television, this leads to weak copycat behaviour and causes more pain and sorrow to others. People are messing with things they don't understand, leave it alone and leave it to the professionals that aren't interested in the fame, and the big money, but in thruly helping others.


  13. first of all congrads bothe of you on your wedding and what are you doing now are you going back to work with zack and aaron that would be nice . my name is vickey vaughn and i have not been on for a while sorry i didnot know what happend agian sorry im still a fan . of all of you it was like the first day agian watching ithe ghost adventues i still see the ghost every one thinks im crazy. well god bless you all agian congrads . nick groff and misses groff

  14. Hola Nick! Finally found you and missed you so much❤ Its never been the same without you. Still got a fan…! ❤ and prayers Lisa🌼

  15. Did you bring it home with you??? My husband is 100 percent Native American, and we are both sensitives, along with our daughter. He smudges often, and his uncle, who was Mohawk Indian, said to tell it forcefully, to get the hell out. We lived in two different haunted houses, and it seemed to work, at one point, we lived in a very haunted apartment complex, our building included, I even put salt down around our doors. It was that bad. Lots of overdoses, and deaths throughout the whole complex. I hope love and light surrounds you and your family and home. Love and hugs, Andrea.

  16. Its sad you left Ghost Adventures. We all miss you very much. And you should shave your beard like it was when you were at Ghost Adventures. I still wonder why you were fired and left Ghost adventures. But we all miss you

  17. Welcome to my world, yes, our house is haunted as well, and we have about $2000 or more in ghost hunting equipment, course, being a spiritualist myself is probably some of the reason for this situation

  18. I used to see you like a tough guy……….now you look like a wimp…… happenned to you?????………you look sad

  19. Nick is the most sensitive of the 3. Funny thing is, Zak was obviously obsessed with evidence. Yet Travel Channel paid him to look the other way. Much like a dirty Police Officer. Suppressing evidence is a felony Zak.

  20. You hunt ghosts for a living, and own a shit load of cameras for work, and you're telling us that you only have cameras (no video) at your house, and you have no proof of this?

  21. I feel bad for Nick and his parents because they have to suffer all of those tricks of those ghost and I just had them they were they need to go back down let the Lord cover the world Hallelujah hallelujah let the Lord cover the world put crosses everywhere you can find enough space to put a cross but if there's some paranormal call Lori from ghosts of Shepherdstown she can she can do it I know she can Lori Johnson

  22. You must have the MOST patient, relaxed, trusting and loving wife EVER to deal with your hearts desire and the possible outcomes. You deserve a love like that Nick! So glad to be able to keep up with your passion. The field NEEDS you. Well, I need to watch you grow in the field! Thanks for sharing you with us! Cheers !

  23. I love your work , Im a bit of a sceptic as ive not experienced any paranormal activity. I dont go looking for any either, Ive got no idea about protecting myself. I dont wanna risk bringing any spiritual fuckery into my life .I reckon the investigations are awesome to watch , they give me the heebie geebies for sure.

  24. Nick your simply demonized. You can sage. Demons are very tenacious. As long as you continually put yourself in demonized situations you will have demonic followers to your home(s).

  25. Wow Nick's new shows are sooooo much better then GA I'm tired of watching Zack using his respatory issues on why he won't go in basements alone or anywhere alone Nick loves PL n ghosts of shepardstown I can't even watch GA anymore it's so boring nseems fake

  26. December 2016 my father transitioned to the Afterlife from horrible Parkinson's disease. He suffered for 17 yrs. A few days after, since I decidedly moved-in to take care of my poor devastated mother, a bamboo backscratcher my dad had given to me literally slide off a table and hit the floor – and I watched it happen. Around 2 weeks after that I had heard around early dusk my father's voice suddenly and quickly moan in sorrow from my mother's bedroom. Much later in the year my brother's psychic medium friend told me/us my father sits by my mother's side every night while she sleeps, caressing her cheek, wrapping his arms around her. Needless to say that made everyone breakdown and cry. My cool spirit of a father likes to say hello occasionally by knocking down off a shelf to the floor a plush owl, leave a pressed handprint on a very plush throw blanket folded at the end of my mother's bed ( though he stopped lately for some reason), and he swings open the closed pantry door. The cats tend to scratch at the door to go inside, something they never did prior. And before anyone suggests it, yes, I plan on doing an EVP session and making contact. In the meantime may I suggest to anyone reading this to Google – soul phone.

  27. I remember when I got possessed. I knew this guy before he died and after he passed I thought I would buy his house from his family. So after I bought the house I waited ten years before trying to contact him, I tried for weeks and nothing, no recordings nothing. I also tried contacting him a few times in between those ten years too, a few times. Anyway back to what I was saying. I didn't think ghost's existed, I tried so many times I was about to give up. Then one night after sitting in my house I kept hearing popping noises coming from the air in the living room, didn't know what it was. I started paying more attention to this sound over the next few days. I pulled out a recorder and then I started picking up voices, crazy after all those years of trying. After a few more days passed I was still hearing popping sounds coming from the air so I pulled out a recorder again and I noticed right after the noises I picked up voices. So at that moment I knew the popping wasn't coming from the house it was the spirit of the guy who lived there. After recording these sounds I started hearing sounds coming from the inside of the walls so I put my ear up to it and that is where everything went wrong. I could hear someone yelling at me from in inside of the walls. Sounds crazy I know. After three days or so listening to a voice yelling at me from inside the walls over that time period it yelling got louder and louder until I could hear what what being said. After I was able to hear I could go anywhere in the house a hear what I heard in the walls. Then it came to me, I knew I was possessed. I was able to hear what this spirit was saying and I didn't need a recorder anymore. I could have a back and forth conversation with a ghost. He kept messing with me squeezing the inside of my body saying he was going to kill me for buying his house and not helping him before he died like I said I would. He told me he seen me go into his house after he died taking stuff off the property I tried telling him his family didn't want his things just his vehicles. But to the spirit it didn't matter he was mad and didn't care, he wanted me dead. But after trying to explain why I did what I did, he was still upset but said he would allow me to keep the house but I couldn't stay there because he couldn't unattach from me unless I moved out for a while, so I did. He followed me still attached 500 miles away. On the way leaving from that place I noticed he was trying to kill me riding back to my other house in Portland Oregon. On the way back I could hear the sounds of his emotions its not like with us in our physical bodys but with ghost's theres something extra you can hear the sound of each emotion and with each of those emotional responses there's a different sound that loops over and over like a broken record. I finally got back to Portland but this spirit was still with me telling me my spirit life was being taken away from me and that I wasn't possessed everyone has an attachment of a soul from birth that keeps track of us through our lives from birth. They record our thoughts, actions, everything and that is how were judged. There's a network of communication between our Spirit guides across the hole planet. So if you do something bad, it will come back to you. This is what karma is, so depending on how we leave our lives determines how long you live in the after life. I don't quite understand it all, but if your a bad person on Earth you don't have a afterlife you could have your soul taken so when you pass you fade out of existence and go to a nother place and that is what we call hell. That is for really bad people, most of us our punished here on Earth. I was told that God and the devil were made up by us because it was the best was humans could understand. After I tryed contacting spirits the one who was with me opened up something in my mind so I could contact him because they were tired of me trying to contact the other side. Anyway I'll text more but I got to go until next time try to enjoy the daylight. Lol

  28. Can someone please plain to me why you guys faked an experiment? “I don’t want to die” ring a bell! Yeah we all seen what she did. I want to know why because I really liked this show an we feel betrayed

  29. Por favor sera que alguem por favor consegue entra em contato com esse homem tenho um namorado que talvez ts se passando por ele me recuza fazer chamada de video por favor eu enploro pede que ele entre em contsto com migo ta se pasando por ele

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