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Please be seated. Good morning, Judge. Good morning. This is case of
Williams Jr. v. Davis.
Thank you, Ron.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Williams, you claim four years ago you
had a one night stand with the defendant Miss Davis and today you’re here
to prove you didn’t father her three-year-old
son, Charles. Is that correct? That’s correct, Your Honor. Additionally, you
are suing Miss. Davis for a conversion you claim she sold your 1994
Pontiac Firebird valued at $2,500, without your permission. That’s correct. Miss. Davis you are
certain Mr. Williams is the father and claim he’s denying your son
to get out of his
responsibility? Yes, Your Honor. All right, Mr. Williams, so why did you wait so
long to get a DNA test? I just found out about
three months ago. JUDGE LAKE: This child
is three-years-old? Yes. And you just found
out three months ago that you potentially could
be this child’s father? Yes, Your Honor. Explain. I met Miss. Davis, uh… About four years ago. Uh, in a party. Uh, party atmosphere
and everything. We partied. Ended up, uh…
Spending the night
together that night. So it’s in your mind
a one night stand? Yes, Your Honor. Okay. Did you use protection? Um, because I
was inebriated I… And that was four years ago.
I’m not positive that I did
use protection. All right. Miss. Davis… I need you to take me
back to this night and
get to how this man is just finding out
about this baby three
months ago. Okay. At the time I was
in a relationship, so… I was for certain that
my boyfriend wasn’t my
child’s father. How did you get to the point
where you got a boyfriend but
you had this party and having a one night
stand with Mr. Williams? We was broken up
but we wasn’t… We was split it for
a couple of days. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. And I was just mingling. And that’s when
I met Mr. Williams. It’s always on
the break, Ron. Always the break. (ALL LAUGHING) How are you
so certain he
is the father? DAVIS:Um, for one, um…WILLIAMS:She’s not.(ALL LAUGHING) Can I, uh, submit this? JUDGE LAKE: Yes, you may. I noticed that he was a… Ron, will you hand me
that evidence, please? He’s a junior, but he’s, um, his birth father didn’t
sign the birth certificate. So that right there gave
me a lot of suspicion. DAVIS: Because… The man was not for certain that he was my son’s father. Okay. So he did…
He refused because
he had doubts? Yes. Yes. As to whether or not he was
truly the biological father?But you named him
after him anyway?
Yes.That’s why am so suspicious
about it because… I can only do so
much as far as stepping up as
far as being a… Proactive as an alleged, uh, baby daddy. You
know what I mean, like… What else can I do if
I’m already going to work, I’m already spending
time with him. I’ve already
relocated states because of, you know,
the situation. JUDGE LAKE: All right.
Let me… Get my calendar so I
can understand this. So, when was, uh… Charles Jr. born? DAVIS: June 1st, 2013. Okay. Now… When did you say you had intimate relationships with the plaintiff? When was
that one night stand with
Mr. Williams? Around the end of
September going in
to October. The end of September
going in to October. So, this is Mr… Williams. All right. Now… Anybody else. That’s
what I need to ask. Uh, yes, there
was another man. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) There was? Yes. So there was another man that
you had sex with as well? Yes. During the window
of conception? Yes. When was that? DAVIS:Um, the beginning
of September.
this calendar is full.
(AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Before I go further… Is there anyone else
besides the other man? No, Your Honor. Three… WILLIAMS: Your Honor… It would have to
be at least… It would have to be
at least, three or
four other people that she was intimate with during that time. During
that window of conception. Why do you say that? She’s accusing me of
being the father of
her son. He’s named after another man. Gentleman. Um… He doesn’t
respond to that name. Um, in the few months
that I’ve known about him, I’ve spent time with him, um, taking him out to
play and all of this.
He doesn’t respond to… To the name that
he’s been given. He responds to the three
different other names.
She calls me another name. What? That’s what I mean… There’s so much
confusion in there. It has to be more than just, “Okay, that two.
That was three people.” So you named your son
after the boyfriend you were on break from? DAVIS: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: So, okay. WILLIAMS: And I mean… So am not trying to pin
nothing on Mr. Williams. However, I just wanna,
you know, figure out
the situation… You need to know
for your child. Yes, Your Honor. Yes, you do. And he deserves to know. Yes. The thing about it
is, Your Honor… When I found out, I was
living in, uh, Minnesota. I was living in
a completely different
state. We’re from the mid-west. And so whenever I
found out, I told her, um, okay, don’t stress too
much about it. I don’t live in
that state anymore. But this is serious enough
for me to come there and to get things situated. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. This woman is accusing me of being her child’s father. If am going back
and forth to work since I’ve known, and am taking her to
doctor’s appointments. Am taking her to
meet her lawyers. Am taking her to get
food for the house. Am taking him
around my family within three months
of knowing this. And then, while
am at work… You think he’s not yours. While am doing all of this… My car breaks down
in front of her house. I asked for permission to
park my car in the back until I can get the part
at the end of the week
when I get my paycheck. So I got my paycheck… And you know am ready
to go get my car ’cause I’ve got other
business to take care of. And, my car’s gone. Nobody knows where
it’s at. Nobody knows
what happened to it. And… But I know
someone does because I have…
Could I present this? Yes, you may. Ron,
hand me that evidence. What is it you’re
presenting, sir? I’m presenting
the Bluebird value
of my car and also my insurance. Um… And the title showing
that my car was insured. Um, the car belonged
to me and only me… JUDGE LAKE:So, what happened
to the car, Miss Davis?
DAVIS:I don’t know
anything about a car.
I don’t know. So you don’t remember the car
being in front of your house? No. I don’t. JUDGE LAKE: She says
she doesn’t remember a car in front of her house. I don’t. You don’t have… Evidence I saw his car. He don’t have no kind
of proof that I didn’t… Did you ever
ride in the car? Yeah. Mmm-hmm. So you knew which car it was? And then the next thing
you know, it was gone? JUDGE LAKE: He’s saying,
you sold it. You’re saying,
you did not sell it. Mmm-hmm. Someone’s saying,
it was stolen, but no one reported
it stolen. So, am saying this
don’t make sense. If you’re accusing me of
being your child’s father, why would you have…
Show no… Sympathy. No remorse.
Not even any concern. That my only means
of transportation where I can do something
for my alleged son… Okay. But… Okay, so… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Okay. I did that,
Your Honor. But, why would
Mr. Williams feel like he can just come
into my son’s life and then just disappear
when he want to. If you felt like
this wasn’t your son I feel you shouldn’t
even came around until we got everything
established. Where did he disappear
when he wanted to? When Miss. Bryant… Had to take me back
and forth to work because she sold my car. And a whole girlfriend that don’t have
anything to do with… Okay. All right. So
now we’re getting down
to the nitty gritty. So… You… Got annoyed because when you
called him and said you
potentially have a child… DAVIS: Yes. He showed up to try to
be in the child’s life? Yes, he did. But he showed up
with company? Right. But he was stayin’
in my mother’s house every day with me and my son. So if, me… Personally if you feel
like you’re not, uh… Father of the child,
why are you around? Why not? That doesn’t make sense. (SPEAKING SIMULTANEOUSLY) Why not? If you knew you’re gonna
have a DNA test result why would you
even play father or a role of a child that
you feel not yours? JUDGE LAKE: Okay, hold on now. I’m not understanding why you are so
angry with him? ‘Cause let’s be honest… No, let’s be honest, though. The child’s three-years-old. This man, in my
estimation has done a lot. A lot more than
some men I’ve seen. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) DAVIS: See, I understand that. To potentially be a part
of this child’s life. The mere fact that the car
broke down in front of your
mother’s house is evidence to me and you
both testified to that… Is evidence to me he
was coming over there. DAVIS: Mmm-hmm. Now you’re saying he
was staying over there. Yes. Got it. So, what’s wrong with that? WILLIAMS: With her boyfriend. She had a boyfriend at
the time living there. While I was there. I wanna hear from
your witness, sir. I need to understand
this full story. Ma’am, please stand
and step up to the
podium. State your name
for the court. Uh, yes, ma’am. Laquanta Bryant. Miss. Bryant, uh, you are
Mr. Williams’ girlfriend? Yes, ma’am. Current girlfriend? Yes, ma’am. All right. So… Do you or do not believe this is Mr. Williams’ son? BRYANT: I don’t believe it. You don’t believe it? I don’t believe it. Because they had took a test. A home kit test, that was supposed to be back in two days. Mrs. Davis told us it takes two and a half weeks
to get the test back. But on the box it
says, two days. She finally said she
got the test back two and a half…
Two and a half weeks
later. Come back… Come on
over here. Come and get it. We’re expecting to come
over there and get a paper
saying, hey, this is your son, for
Mr. Eddie Williams. She gives a…
Gives us a phony email address that is not even registered at all. When we put it in there,
it says, “No account found.” So there’s no account
under that name. So we called her back. She kinda has an attitude,
where I don’t know what to
tell you… That’s it… That’s
what I tell you…
You know, this… Kinda silly acting. Instead of…
To me, if you are for sure that that is… Mr. Williams’ son and ain’t nothing to
say. Here you go. Here you go. I would
have printed it out
myself. I will give you my…
My personal information. JUDGE LAKE: So you’re
saying, she gave you account information? BRYANT: Account information. But, for what? To get the results that she was given. Correct. So the account
information you got it, so it was what?
An email address? Yes. And a password? And a password.
It’s a phony. JUDGE LAKE: That was phony? WILLIAMS: That didn’t exist. Whoo. What are you holding? What is this evidence
you’re holding? I have evidence. JUDGE LAKE: Ron, can you
get that for me, please? I apologize.
It’s really… Sad. Because this,
like I’m givin’ it to you… It’s just sad that
you’ve been here… You’re in a relationship
with him, but as seeing you
being a woman and providing
a $44.50 for
DNA test… You sold his car! That he… You’ve got $44.50
how many times? How many times can $44.50… I never had it… …go into $2,000. I still have it. But
the agreement was… He should have provided
the $44.50 for the test. Come on, now. Well, he didn’t. All right. Let’s get
some order, ladies. Let’s get some order. So, Miss. Bryant, (BRYANT MUMBLING) Miss. Bryant, hold on.
I wanna understand your
testimony. You get this email
and password. I see this here there’s
an email address… ‘Cause I never even… My point exactly.
My point exactly. …turned the test in. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, wait a minute. Oh, you didn’t turn it in? Wow. Wow. JUDGE LAKE: Wait a minute. Miss. Davis, you said what? I never turned the test in. That is sad. But she’s ready… She’s ready to put
me on child support. And she wonder why… How am I ready to put
you on child support and I can’t even… JUDGE LAKE: Miss. Davis, wait a minute. So why… Miss. Davis, so why go
through the whole trouble of giving them this email
address and this password if you never
turned the test in? So the whole story
about you getting the results via
email was a lie? It wasn’t a lie. It… WILLIAMS: It just
wasn’t the truth. Mr. Williams… Mr. Williams knew he
had to pay the $44.50… No. We’re not talking
about the $44.50. Okay. We’re talking about…
We’re talking about the results. Okay. Did you… Did you tell them that you had a result? Yeah. I did. Okay. Like I said, Your Honor,
I know for a fact that he’s not my son. He’s not my child. DAVIS: Are you for sure? So, was you or was
you not born with
an extra finger? Was you or was you not? I know I wasn’t born with you. See… I’m not going… Was you or was
you not born with
an extra finger? Okay. All right. Listen.
I wanna understand all
the testimony before I move on to
the next set of proofs. I just wanna understand from what you’re
saying, Miss. Bryant, is when you got this email
address and this password and you logged on. It what? It wasn’t even
an account. It wasn’t an account.
It was a phony account. No… And now we understand why she gave you a phony account and I can see you
are getting very upset. Right. Yes. But, she’s admitted that she never
turned the test in. So she couldn’t give you a real account ’cause there was no test done. That’s why we called you. Now, Miss. Davis, you
started talking about some physical proof. Yes. My son was born with
two extra fingers and I have evidence of
the nubs of everything… Of my child. May I give that to you? Yes. Please. Ron, let me see
Miss. Davis’ evidence. Here you go. Thank you. So your child is born
with what they call a sixth finger. Which really
looks like a little bumpon the side of his hand.DAVIS:Right.Because when he
was three weeks,
oh, the doctor
puts some little,
um, strings around it
and they fell off.
Yes.So, my baby was
born with each one on each finger, and, Mr. Williams have
one on his left hand. JUDGE LAKE: So in your mind that furthered your belief that Mr. Williams is your
child’s biological father? Yes, Your Honor. It did. I mean, I will acknowledge
the birth traits but my mother
doesn’t have those. My father doesn’t
have those. So, that’s no proof
that that’s my son. I can’t say I got this,
my dad must have it or my mother must have one. Neither one of my
parents have those. So that doesn’t
prove anything. Okay. As for this
conversion claim, Mr. Williams, I have
listened to the testimony. Cars just don’t disappear. But I have not
heard any proof. WILLIAMS: Mmm-hmm. That she actually sold it. I have listened. I’ve listened
to her. I’ve listened to you. Mmm-hmm. I don’t know what
happened to the car. But unfortunately, you have
not presented enough evidence
to this court to prove that she was responsible
for its disappearance or it being sold. So for that reason,
I have to dismiss
your suit. That’s all right. All right? Moving on. Ron? Yes, ma’am. I’m ready for the results. Here you go, Judge. Thank you. These results were
prepared by DNA
Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
Williams v. Davis,
when it comes to
three-year-old Charles… JUDGE LAKE: It has been
determined by this court, Mr. Williams, you… Are the father. BRYANT: Wow. (DAVIS LAUGHS) (CLAPPING AND LAUGHING) BRYANT: Wow. JUDGE LAKE: Yeah, uh,
are those… Is that joy? Yes, it is! Yes, it is, ma’am. Okay. Yes. Yes. Yes,
Your Honor. It is. Okay. Because I’m… (LAUGHS) No, I just wanna make
sure that we don’t
do clowning. ‘Cause I’m
responsible enough… But is that joy… That it is finally out? DAVIS: Yes, it is. Good luck, girl. Yes. Yes. Yes. It is.
Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. BRYANT: Wow. And I’m very happy. Thank you so much. Mr. Williams,
how do you feel? I’m, uh… I’m a little irritated because now I have another… Another child to deal
with for 18 years. And am not talking about Charles, my son. But, am excited because me and my son do have
a connection already. So… More about her
happiness is gonna
be his… His future and that’s
what am focused on. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: Good. I know you gonna have
a lot to deal with, with
Miss. Davis. You got a lot more
growing up to do. And you’re a little
older than her. That’s right. But, this is a
lesson for you. It is. When you drunk at parties… (CLEARS THROAT) I don’t drink anymore. I quit. You know… I bet you… I bet you don’t. (ALL LAUGHING) Liar. JUDGE LAKE: Real
quickly before we go. You all have
an opportunity here. I know this isn’t
going to be easy, I can see the looks
on your face. And thank the Lord we
got some counseling
waiting for you right beyond those court room doors.
‘Cause you’re gonna need it. Okay. I wish all the
very best of luck. Thank you. He’s a beautiful
little boy. Do right by him. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUSE)

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