Onision | Horror Short Film | Not Tonight

Onision | Horror Short Film | Not Tonight

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Three years ago, Owen Brady came up
against a force that cost him his sanity
and eventually his life. But tonight,
a young college student will unwittingly give Owen a
second chance to face his demon. BlackBoxTV Presents:
Not Tonight. [birds chirping] -[on recording]: It’s not every
day that I, Allison Westbrook, your favorite
Daily Bruin reporter get to spend the
night in a place like the one I am
standing in right now. [folk music playing on radio] [phone rings] -Hey, babe. Just got off work. No, I’m coming straight home. -(Allison)
For the next eight hours, I will be here inside
the Brady family cabin, close to the disgusting
Big Bear Lake where exactly
three years ago today, an entire family vanished
without a trace. [folk music continues] Authorities found traces of
the family’s blood and DNA scattered throughout the house,
but no bodies were ever found. [laughs wickedly] [tires screech] Jesus. Thanks, everyone. Their 13-year-old son Owen
was found in the forest covered in his own blood,
apparently having lost his mind. [indistinct cries of distress] He wouldn’t answer any
of the authorities’ questions. He just kept
repeating one thing… “The house ate them.” [muffled music plays] Unfortunately,
we will never know what happened
to the Brady family because poor, troubled Owen
took his own life just two months after
his family disappeared. [coughing] [engine rumbling] I thought that this
might make a nice story for a lovely little
college paper or blog or whatever it is
you’re reading now. [coughing] [scoffing] [footsteps approaching] -Let me in!! -[gasping] -You can’t be inside! -[coughing] [gasping, grunting] Help! Help!! Help me!! [coughing] [coughing continues] -Not tonight! [objects clattering
and shattering] [Allison coughs] -(voice)
Why don’t you let us all die? [Allison grunting] -No!!! No!!! [Allison gasping] [yelps] I tried!! I tried!! Stop it! [Allison screaming] [silence, cricket chirping] -(Allison) People online say
this cabin is haunted and blah, blah, blah.
I don’t, obviously. Or else I wouldn’t be here,
would I? [indistinct distorted voices] Captioned by StreamCaptions.com


  1. I'm glad they stopped putting 'popular' youtubers in their videos when they have horrid acting skills.. Makes it impossible to take it seriously

  2. Ooooo you look hot in those contacts Greg 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. BRUH you guys KILLED IT great job love how you used a caben cause im going to one next week and now im tarrified to go in….. thaaaaannnks XD but sirusly great job LUV IT!!

  4. Even though I would rather hug a dog with rabies than compliment Onision, his acting skills are quite good. But he should still die in a hole then burn in hell πŸ™‚

  5. Why is everyone so suprised about his acting?? He watches anime sub i'd expect he'd have good acting skills, lol.

  6. I hate Onision with a passion, I think he can be an outright terrible human being.

    That said, his acting is phenomenal, and this was always one of the most entertaining episodes to me.

  7. Everyone saying Onsion is a great actor and I don't see it. His acting is just as horrible as he is a human being.

  8. For those who are so surprised about Onision's acting… He's always in character for his YouTube channel, so I'm not surprised how easily he slips into roles.

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