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I have a fake scratch off ticket that is apparently worth 10 grand So I’m gonna give it to my friend Jake Dufner and have him scratch it off Muttering I like it. Yeah, man, I’ve been losing all day. So hopefully you can actually win watch me with you Yeah, there’s a quarters right there. Actually, though. Let’s see these Yeah, do if you win I’m gonna be so fucking pissed I don’t know how I’m gonna do this okay up here, let’s see Let’s get it everyone pray for the boys. I’m lucky one two, dude, I swear you fucking win. I’m gonna be so pissed Wash Jake up in the window million dollars do if you did that. I’d be like yo, what the heck? I know these are like match three I win Did you really I Was like Ten thousand. Okay another ten thousand and right when I was scratched at the third set dolls only there’s no end. This kid is Look at the back real quick now tell me fast real say what read what says? Official game rules winning prizes of $1 $5 $25 and $50 may be claimed Wherever lottery tickets are sold winning tickets for oh, yeah, pretty much is fake. Yep – yeah Yeah What’s up guys Jeff here, hope you’re having a fantastic day today You got a smile on your face in your a/c a new video with Jake duffer If you saw the opening foot, I kind of prank them with a fake scratch off ticket. So that was pretty lit But right now we’re about to go get some food and then who knows what the fuck else we’re going to do probably some less Yet because not about witness, you know facts how I feel a nothing but winners In Seaside Heights right now we were gonna go see anything crazy is about to happen today I can find any drunk people in a fight or something like that, you know the usual yes usual for seaside So I challenged a to a game of minigolf here on the rooftop Jake stuff in your gutter. Dad. Stop effing your putter I’m gonna fuck your putter all day. All right, we’re gonna see how good Jake is compared to me at mini golf here I’m gonna show Jake outs done the golf with one hand So the object is to hit this ball into that hole into that hole. We’re gonna do it. You ready? Just watch No I missed the hole Yes, good pushing out guys is why does this six will click an a as soon as you got princess? Well, I’m not a professional boxer like you but once the challenge monkey man’s best friend It’s a boxing match honest Julia. He doesn’t want any of this because they’d put me out in the cage tonight logan poll undercard I put my money in now what happens it scared me. That’s what this does like you gonna Hi you ready it’s idiot-proof Jake salmon that side this is guys who I would do it to Jake Duffner Okay, monkey man’s best friend if he challenged me or if you took on the challenge We’ve got the footwork, okay. Okay. Oh, he’s got a bob and weave Happy chance against me Actually pull that over at 69. Oh, yeah. Let’s see what your job buddy Metal position. I’m actually good man no longer in Seaside Teleported fucking six years. Yeah, basically, so right now guys, we’re sitting in my car We’re waiting for midnight to come because we’re gonna go play the Ouija board and explore an old What do you call it? A slaughterhouse, right? Yeah, it’s like a slaughterhouse where there’s a lot of like cows and shit like that So like if you guys want to see the exploration video on the channel guy go to jake. Shanno to go watch that But for my video guys, I’m gonna go play the Ouija board there with Jake and hopefully fucking nothing crazy happens tonight Well kind of hoping something crazy aphids But not too crazy don’t want to die earn and like we just drove past the location there was people there Nobody ever goes fucking here. That’s sketchy. We drove past it and there was like a carpark I started there But I’m like dude, that’s just sketchy I don’t want to go back there and all of a sudden like some weird people are back there and they try fucking killing us Like stab us in the face. So say to and hopefully Jake gets stabbed in the face for the video cuz hashtag news hashtag ten million views plus daddy’s home Oh, wait right there. Yeah over here. I’ve been home for a minute boy a nice a Ouija board, dude. Thanks, man I just made it. Did he? Yeah, I’ll take all credits for making it. Yeah, I fucking made it in my kitchen though It took me a while man. They call me. Uh, what’s that artist named Leonardo DiCaprio? Yeah. No, that’s the actor I mean ordered the Vinci da Vinci Whatever. I’m one of those I Will take me through the woods because you came here several several times, dude. All right, I got you daddy. All right. Thanks, son Dude what the fuck’s that noise? Oh, I actually hear someone walking here. I’ll take a step back You get alright sounds like it’s you maybe something’s walking through the woods probably a deer But I know the mic probably does not hear that but it definitely some something walking in the woods It’s not a dead dollar I Walk in the woods Found a dead dollar found it this what kind of music do you see done every star? Is it? Can we proceed Hashtag you’ve done that several times pick you own death Same thing previews right all my fans knew I didn’t die Do you know how many people actually text me about that like yo this guy’s dead the only People that didn’t actually watch my series thought I’d died if you watched all the videos you knew it was like part of a skit But if you just only watched that one video then everybody thought I died. How do you feel that? Keen tweet about you though? we’re sure that That was you walking I’d have been filming you hoping thanks, man. You’re an asshole content. No, yeah Well, there it is There’s something over there, dude There it is Okay, look at that Should we go? Yeah, I think I feel like I got way more spray paint in the last time over here, huh? Yeah, dude. Whoa, is that like a year ago now? Hey There’s a lot of people here. Yeah, it’s fucking Keep going, I Don’t know dude, this is so fucking sketch like remember than one night We came here like you’re playing and fucking there’s smoke coming out of the fire pit there Yeah, and it dude, the only thing sketches me out of that place like this It’s that like yeah, it’s haunted I can deal with that cuz like I do that a lot, but all those people man I’m afraid I’m gonna go in there and be like an actual person the homeless person ready to stab me and Rob me Well, I’m sure I could professional fighter Yeah, but what am I gonna do against someone that has a fucking blade the size of my fucking the head? Um, You run? That’s just scary to me. I feel there’s gonna be hiding in a corner and his weight. Just stab me You know, let’s see if that will happen Well, just watch your six dude Yeah, yo Anyone here Well, let’s explore real quick My name’s Jeff. We don’t want any problems or anything like that. We’re just exploring Got a video camera out, whatever We’re just here to get hash that content Was an alien Really? Oh wait Look it that’s my camera. Folks is real quick. Shake. I’m pretty sure that’s your fucking dick. No No, that’s your dick. No, it’s definitely an alien. Okay, so now alien Yeah, I got an alien, but guys if you look real quick through the woods look at the mood here. Just kick my flashlight Like watch guys just look that’s what we got besides. My flashlight for light is mood coming through the trees It’s kind like a horror movie already Right turn to werewolves and shit. Happy hunting kind of cool actually That’s my good guess Let’s go set up somewhere over this way see what’s happening Fuck I forgot there’s a drop-off Let’s walk around this way. I’ll pick the video back up in a second guys. Oh my god Yo Yo, I think something’s haunt. Something haunted is happening right now Dude you hear that, I’m like, what is that? What are you doing over there? I That’s just you’re you’re peeing. I thought some crazy shit was happening No Yeah, I’m not filming Just you know with him to your glorious trail of pee hit the ground Especially when you drain the tank Feels good. Yeah, it feels good. Just like busting oh It’s small. I want to blur it out with the camera. I mean with those questions, it’s like that big tiny At least I’m honest. Yeah got some brownie points. Yeah. Well, you ready to put the Ouija board? Yeah. It’s get it Let’s get the shit. So wait, dude. What this time is a real alien behind you No way. That’s not even alien. Nevermind. What the fuck is it? No No
I thought it was an alien at first it could be maybe possibly do the thing is this place goes like way back there Too. That’s why it’s scary. Anybody can be like in between those walls Anything dude, you ready to do this? Yeah, but real quick. I just noticed you were talking about the moon. Yeah straight full moon Oh, What the fuck? Oh, yeah. Wait, what does that mean though? When it comes to playing the Ouija board? People go nuts like this. Are you okay? Huh-huh, yeah full moon. Well, I really hope somebody right now watches this and makes a gift out of you. Here you go, sir You’re just a dance under a full moon. Alright? I guess Cuz somebody that’s watching this. Please make you Jeff out of this and tweet it to me at Jeff Sachs and vlogs on Twitter Alright new cast about a split in half. Hope you enjoy my dance session. Alright, well, you ready to start flying? Yeah, I’ll just get it. You ready princess? I’m always ready daddy. Okay Wait, quick question. Who’s daddy? Oh my daddy your daddy here your princess. Okay. Thanks. Daddy. No problem. Let’s do this Get this set at least focusing on the board ready. Yeah All right. Oh, there’s a spider. What the fuck dude in the same day. You had a spider in my taco on Taco Bell Yeah, I literally had a spider in my talk about talk about what I deserve a free taco bell for life. Yeah, you ready? Are there any spirits here that what to contact us tonight? Holy shit You didn’t what the fuck no way Dude I know dude, I played it here before I contacted multiple spirits here. I told you ladies dummy haunted Who’s here? T What the fuck’s T Is that it’s not gonna move anymore. I was gonna You T you tough huh King taught or what? Move back to T. Tut tut. Is it actually King Tut I thought I was making a joke then actually went to touch are you friendly? Oh Well Lisa’s friendly, you know that Oh, God That thing is going nuts. Dude. Do those not good How do I even happen? No, oh my god. That’s not good. We took our fingers off without saying bye No, no for what let it good enough because we answer to miss friendly what – yes the nose or somebody else Yeah, who is the second spirit D is ID that’s a d e What the fuck Now and damn damn demon no can’t be Yeah No fucking way Demon all right. Well, this is time. You took your hand off the fucking board bro. Wait, I did I Didn’t what? Put your hand on the board. You’re not supposed to do that. No Let’s say goodbye. Now, we’re gonna piss this guy off Should we say goodbye? I mean he should It’s not allowing us of course, bro, you made you fucking mad bro, I didn’t know What is it even saying says gee what e What t get Telling us to leave it will probably get you know Oh Yep, get out dude, you made this fucking team in mad. Now. How does that work though? Because you first of all we both took our hands off cuz it kind of flew And then you just took it off just now that gets them so mad that’s like disrespectful see Each a Cha yes what Yeah cheese cheese Wait a minute, we’re on a chase. Maybe he thinks he thinks we’re chasing him. No do I recently got chase? What fire truck I Thought could have been somebody actually just chasing me Almost this demon thinks that we’re chasing him Cuz I’ve been here multiple times he probably knows me I think that’s no Are you chasing me Mir Swift? Well the thing would you just say, goodbye honestly you think I’m not trying to get if you have a bad demon on you. I’m not trying to get that email on me. Goodbye. But dude What are you getting yourself into you bro? I don’t know man. I Don’t know if it’s cuz bro a crow is sitting right behind us the whole time. What where is it? I just watched it fly away. I didn’t even notice it. It was right here Looking at you. I swear to god it just flown, right? Oh my flashlight, dude. Oh my god, dude. I swear kid You not a crow was sitting right there. I looked up and I saw fly away Oh crow mean I don’t know. They’re black and scary. That’s all I know Yeah guys if anybody’s watching us if you know what a crow means we’re playing the Ouija board on a full moon night Let me know down below probably not anything good, but I think we should probably Take a look at that. I know I’ve played on a full moon night Um, I don’t know probably maybe not I don’t know. I wonder if there’s anything out there in the woods. Yeah I don’t want to think about that man. Should we leave the board here? No, definitely not What do you want if you want to get possessed or like a demon following you? That’s cool, but I’m not down for that All right, no no nice, we’ll grab it. Yeah grab it Because I don’t want to be attached to that thing at all You good. Yeah, you like acting all losing shit. Yeah. Yeah a little bit. Oh No, I feel a little weird up and I hear something over there Okay, let’s get out of here. Yeah there you want at the camera. Yeah, you take the Ouija board you hear? All right guys, that was creepy as fuck right now Yeah right now guys, we’re going back to the car or walking back up to the train tracks Fuck yep, what the fuck? Yeah, run run run run run coming. Yeah Holy fuck get it Pull the fuck holes not tripping when I told you someone was fucking following us Jesus Christ. Tell these behind us something good Do the same shit happened last time bro my song I was there something fucking chase us out of there Go go go go go go Holy fuck, dude

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