OUROBOROS | Scary Short Horror Film | Screamfest

OUROBOROS | Scary Short Horror Film | Screamfest

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  1. Felt once someone waking me up in library and saying it's not place to sleep so as after that I woke up but felt again that I am getting awake

  2. Google X-Files Black Oil. It explains it all. And this is exactly how they infect the host. Also when the UFO arrive they may create time paradox. It explains it all.

  3. Well done but I never understand people who approach danger with bare feet. Also, I NEVER go outside without my keys. NEVER. THAT is why I have never been trapped in a murderous time-loop. There, I said it…

  4. Interesting concept. I thought that the story was cool and really going somewhere, which I think it could have, however the ending was somewhat disappointing. Didn’t really clarify much of anything and also I feel like the special effects are overdone in horrors and not scary, if anything having no effects is far scarier. But that’s just my two cents. Otherwise the film was good, and had a creepy concept.

  5. I had a "Jehovah's Witnesses" joke prepared as soon as someone started banging on the door. Glad I watched the whole thing before I committed it.

  6. This is really nice work, love that twist! Wouldn't expect anything less from something on this channel. I've made a short horror film myself (Think Wolf Creek or the TCM). Would love to get some insight from some horror buffs lurking in the comment section. Teaser below if anybody is interested: https://youtu.be/PF_WbzDXZNg

  7. Also in this case jormungandr, which is the Norse's version of this huge serpent. it's so amazing how a lot of religions coincide with each other in so many ways.

  8. Similar to "A Tap On The Window" IMO…. cool tho.
    Favorite ones I've seen tho are…

    Lights Out
    I Heard It Too.

  9. I understand that its a horror movie but can't they just turn on the lights and if you know you're living alone, and it's midnight and someone knocks why open?

  10. I got a riddle for you? Do farts have lumps? If the answer is no then I definitely just shit my pants?????. Awesome work

  11. So everything was good and had me really into the sort up until he got dragged away. I feel as though the unveiling of this infinte loop was not articlated as well as it couldve been. I was left with more questions and confusion, not in a good way, than entertained.

  12. Very cool concept! As the name of the short implies, this is gonna keep happening over and over again. He’s gonna live this loop for goodness knows how long. I especially like that the ouroboros symbol was used just in the shape of infinity ♾.

    Perpetual, continuous, never ending. The snake will always be eating itself. Kudos, Screamfest!!

  13. Maybe one of the hims will go back to sleep n not answer the fkn door.. but then I guess it wouldn't be ouroboro (a-row ba-row)'s?

  14. And this kids is why you think up of a password for such time travel scenarios when you need to very quickly persuade yourself about something.

  15. Ouroboros the self devourer and rebirther. Like the symbol of eternity Ouroboros is a loop, a snake devouring its own tale. Cycle of life .

  16. OMG! I FRIGGING LOVED THIS SHORT! What a BRILLIANT concept and it really did manage to tell a complete yet horrifying tale! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  17. I knew what was gonna happen this format was used like a milion times but still this is a good short movie

  18. Not exactly an ouroboros. Even though we tend to see this situation as a circle, with himself being victim and perpetrator in an endless loop, the reality is that a new indoors "himself" has to be re-introduced anew everytime the (false)loop restarts, and placed at the top of the stairs so the story can continue. A true ouroboros can't have re-introduced elements, it must close in on itself. But i guess i'm being picky on details. This was a very cool short!

  19. Just started watching.. 1:09 in, and I already know who's on the other side of the door and have a fair idea who the attacker is also.. kind of obvious… The title totally gives it away.

  20. Another great gem to watch. Dude went outside with bare feet without his keys, lol. "Open the door, open the door". Lol

  21. Reading the description box, it must be so awesome for young talent to have an outlet like Screamfest to premier their work. So hats off to you for what you do for so many aspiring artists…

  22. I came from Deburke123's channel – This film was excellent and so messed up! I loved it! I didn't expect the ending whatsoever and it was a nice tough. Well done people!!!!

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