Paranormal Encounters A Haunted House

Paranormal Encounters A Haunted House

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as we were doing a lot of construction
on the house there was a lot of workers that would say that they heard things
but we were in the foyer at the end at the very bottom of the stairs were
talking back and forth just about the great job that he did all that kind of
stuff and he gives me this look and immediately I kind of looked at him you
could not mistake the footsteps that were upstairs and he looked at me and
said is anybody else here and I was like no it was just me when Tyler’s sister moved in her boys
stayed in the room where our youngest is now and they Durst remember talking yeah
they never slept well in there they always complained about being scared or
seeing something hearing something we kind of make jokes about it sometimes
that you know there being a ghost or whatever and one night we were joking
with some friends and then Tyler made a comment I did I mean because I still you
never think that you’re crazy or you don’t think whatever you just try to
write it off we didn’t have cats we have dogs we have lots of things that you can
explain stuff away I feel like very not easily but that’s where your mind wants
to go and so but there has been enough stuff that we kind of joke about there
being a ghost in this house we were all hanging out one night the subject came
up and I just jokingly said I mean it find y’all if you really think that
there’s something in this house then it’s gonna make me get up in the middle
of the night for no reason and just I mean just jokingly honestly
we it wasn’t weren’t really have him right we weren’t having a serious
conversation it wasn’t anything like that well I completely forgot about it
honestly by the time I went to bed and it’s probably 3:00 or 3:30 in the
morning and all of our fire alarms in the house though are like connected
together so when one goes off there I all go off they all supposed to say our
space day fire fire and our fire alarm only in our room decides to say fire
three times and cut off it was enough to get me up out of the bed running around
this house where the kids were like what’s going on okay Hoppus rode around
thinking the house was on fire seriously before I laid my head back
down it really took me a minute that night to go back to sleep because I was
like that was the first time that I was like all right I’m not joking anymore
you know I mean that was the first time I really felt like there was really
something going on every now and then yes we had
the guy and his daughter and right after we had moved in you know like some of
the work that we had done and of course you know I take strangers into my house
and let them look around and they went up to Carter’s room and the dad and
daughter looked at each other and they said do you feel it and I was like what
are you talking about he was like you know you bought a haunted house right I
was kind of so shocked because of all the little things that had happened for
somebody else to say it who I didn’t know and you I didn’t know any of their
history or anything it was it was just weird that goes into the cleaning lady
she has been with my family for 20-something years I mean she always
helps my mom out she’s been like a family friend she’s deeply religious and
believes and different things and that there are things out there I think
Jessica and everything they’ve had that conversation before but I mean one of
the one of the stories that we hadn’t said was she will not go in Finley’s
room when that closet is open she pulled my go in there this is this
being completely open and honest with y’all right now me and Jessica have
actually argued about this a little bit not an alliance because I don’t know if
I want to know kind of thing you know what I mean that I’ve just written it
off enough that I’m just kind of whatever and there’s definitely enough
she wanted to bet me that something would happen and I wouldn’t do it
because I know it will if I would have ever gotten the feeling even through all
the stuff and the little things that happen if I have ever gotten that bad
feeling I would not be in this house right now we’re gonna be doing a little
session try to communicate with and he’s possible spirits in the house now it’s gonna be really weird because
what this does is it basically filters out the white noise and responses like
basically echo so it’s really it’s kind of creepy let’s be honest with you that’s anybody in this house my name is
India and this is Panem we just come to see if we can communicate this way I didn’t mean I heard pardon me why did
you guys yeah I said that we just here to talk to you today there are any spirits in this house can you tell us where you’re at on the
house no no okay then you live here or are you just passing by yeah so long can you make another noise that was like a didn’t have debt on the
window can you guys heard that right yes was
that you I just just take me back have you always
been here don’t want to hear recently it could
have been recently yeah everybody has different things I think about this but
that’s the thing June’s it’s easier to understand what it’s actually saying
when you watch it come playback we can watch your back yeah has anybody
actually died here grandma is my grandma what I was real clear whatever that
wasn’t woman yeah man that’s funny man creepy creepy I want to speak to the woman i what she said well I’m here Wow what’s
your name that was a good question coming we’re speaking to the lady what’s the
lady name did you wake me up right behind you guys was this your
house yeah Wow try not to break away did you die here in the bags oh I’m a bed in the beds was
clear as day after Jessica asked did you die here a chilling response comes to
the portal saying in bed this is one of the clearest responses and most direct
answer we will receive from the portal followed by one more with the same voice clear as day I am freaking out right now
I said God is in the bed help
did somebody tell you you had to definitely hurt in the bed or in back
what guys yes that was so clear do you do you ever try to scare the
children that live in this house no thank you this is crazy I have never met responses
like keep going like this did you lose your children are your children with you hi can you see our children or your
children alright I turn it off I think we should
take this upset because it’s none of it it’s a bit quiet yeah okay let’s go
upstairs right now the second floor where the closet door opens and where
the children ain’t heard some noises banging on one of the closet doors and this is where a lot of the activity
happens so we’re gonna go upstairs right now with the owners we’re gonna try to
communicate with or continue communicating with anything that we just
talked to through the portal what’s going on look I guess not
they’re going away now I can feel them going away that was so weird I walked
over here that ruse because well there was not a bedroom downstairs well right
so it’s either there or up here because iris was the den and the other one was a
formal living room okay so it’s recording so just ask a question then
leave some space for announcer not another one are you here with us now how old are you do you like playing with the closet
doors pretty guests are here do you see the kids do you like the kids being up here during playback of this clip from the
recorder during editing there was nothing captured however the audio from
the camera I’m using the film India captured a response in the voice
recorder but we were unable to make out what’s being said let us know what you
hear I heard something I thought was a hoof
something off here something like a banging this here or in here
well where is rihanna’s the one that had the banging on my door right after our
session in that closet door room we decided to move down the hall to another
one of the kids rooms it wasn’t long before we started to hear noises coming
from outside the room that somebody here can you’re not gonna know for us I’m gonna pee my pants and that’s how
they ended up me too can you make the door move like you did
when the boys around here can you show us what happened to the
donor is anybody up here with us I can hear that there’s somebody downstairs yeah there’s somebody in here can you
please make that door move can you knock on it we are in the most active area maybe
that’s why we won’t stay we fix them things all the time you know that kabini
nobody was it was this was the dining room that was the kitchen it was the
shotgun these two rooms weren’t here this was what was that what was that what is that was there a mother died in this bed would I be your isolation make it sound
yeah there’s something here that’s that but that was different
that’s the water yeah just American getting the cold chills
look yeah I can see holy crap you’re here do this what I said upstairs does anybody down here can you make
another noise again are you downstairs can you just walk
across what did the same thing with the door so I’m thinking but nobody was
moving and I heard it the first time what wait what like but the first time I
heard the door you knock it happens when you just walk that’s the bed isn’t it hey check the giris maybe they do have
some sensitive it’s not just walking around when they doing something intense hey guys
yeah yeah you were yeah okay waves was that you
wait well what was that the way she said Granger oh wait I have to go back wait I
said I heard it from here he can use its on the recorder what were yelling you move around doing
because okay so did knock that I heard on the door when we first ran here
happened again when India walked that way and I thought maybe he was trying to
wake boxer shoes broken to make the door move and it didn’t do it again okay I’m
gonna go back oh no it was not the ice machine it didn’t sound like that yeah I
thought it was at first that’s what was it dice my car you hear
that like the fall while explaining will happen to Tyler and I downstairs in the
dining room India was working on finding the voice
she just heard as I walked into the room we were unaware that what we thought
said Granger was actually Tyler saying are you here
Lydia stably Lee captures something paranormal this caused us to head
downstairs to the dining room in which we wanted to get a better listen when
suddenly something stopped us with perfect timing stop stop okay let me just stop really
oh it’s so where are you recording right now yeah did you get that you know the
only thing that it can be okay maybe just something was off balancing the
same at this time something that sounds like glass either fell or broke at the
time our attention was completely submerged into the white noise of the
recorder and took all four of us by surprised
Tommy’s first thought was civil where as we try to debunk this it could have been
dishes left in the sink a week later after filming this episode Indy and I
dropped by the house to give a special thank you to this family for allowing us
to film in their home when they brought this encounter back up the following
night they heard the same exact noise only no dishes were in the sink at that
time this can be completely hard for a skeptic to believe that something like
this is best understood what they first encountered and everything said to us is
taken with a grain of salt before we left that night we left a night-vision
camera running like we did in a previous investigation here is what we captured we went to a location and upstate
Carolina with skeptism with us reports of being haunted and haunted by who or
what still remains a mystery we were honored to have this welcoming into
another family’s home as strangers and leaving us friends with answers found
about the paranormal activity indeed something lurks inside this home it’s
not something we would say negative but a restless spirit who seeks to be heard
this is a night we will never forget


  1. This is our FIRST residential Paranormal investigation – so this is a little bit different than what we've been doing. Let us know what you think!

  2. I want to know what that rustling was in the overnight clips. It sounded like something was rustling in the trash, maybe they have cats/dogs that got into it. Very good video and I think some good proof overnight. I think timestamps would be helpful with the overnight clips.

  3. I really feel like they have a combination of a residual haunting and something that is attached to something they brought in to the house. I noticed some ornate wooden masks. Did they go to Africa or the Amazon?

  4. I love your work so much, have done so for a while. You might try hitting up The Paranormal Files for a possible collab. They're getting great exposure too atm. They take everything very seriously, no bullshit, just authentic vibes
    Just a suggestion, would love to see you guys grow.

  5. Great job guys. Absolutely great for your first residential. Absolutely awesome. BTW thank you for joining our Community. We will show 100% support.

    Thank you.

  6. Love the residential investigations, also how you showed the evidence without having to watch a 2 hour video. Straight to the evidence, way to capture the audience. Loved it

  7. It sounded like it said concerned(to worry about) Not sure I spelled that right.That's the problem with two people (or teams) on different floors doing their own thing and messes up what the other is doing. Those clips at the end……. I really don't know what to say about them! It could have been a few things because I don't know what was in the room when no one was there. Could be a spirit but they said they have both dogs and cats.COuld it have been a rat in a kids room where they might have left food in. I think before you can say what it really was you'd need to do more investigations. That's just my thought without knowing everything
    Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up

  8. Thank you for not scripting this with phony theatrical footage. This is genuine, raw, and honest footage which is always the most intriguing and believable.

  9. Concerning the clips at the end: We can rule out cats and dogs as all animals were removed from the home for the purpose of the investigation. Also, no animal droppings were ever found in the room and the owners even had an exterminator come in after we discovered the noises. He found no evidence of any mice or rats.

  10. Lovely Greetings from Germany. Great work, impressive results!!! In Germany, you are laughed at for paranormal…. But here are many teams who are not put off by it. The paranormal is the fucking Fact! 😉
    If it is interesting for you:
    Take a look at the german´s " Die Geisterakten". They´re a fantastic team and they are experiencing more and more and more and every time it becomes more intense!
    keep it up please!!!
    (sry for my bad english ^^)

  11. The portal EVPs were interesting! That one "yes" and "in the bed" were immediately surprising.
    I heard something but I couldn't tell what it was on the recorder in the closet door room.
    Was there anyone in the house after you left the night vision camera in there? It really sounds more to me like someone or something going through things. It doesn't sound like an animal to me. Nice catches!

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