Pavlov VR ZOMBIES Is SCARY AF! + Broke My Monitor FAIL w/ @Fudgy

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I’m gonna double-fist these pistol things hit myself in the head yeah you know what let’s hug this out just before we go okay break bro hug good luck dude okay good luck to tap you with my gun I’m right here oh my head what what really oh fudge hey yo wake up man oh my god whoa whoa oh my dude you look so terrifying right now oh my god fudgie’s place oh you poor soul he broken back maybe I can help you up oh there you go okay right what’s happening man where am I what is this I don’t run a boat bro wait a second make any sense dude is then jump on you Joe Gerald gerald Oh Gerald buddy wake up yo yo give it to you give him CPR maybe still alive yeah wait why is it we have guns whoa look at these look at these guns oh just hit my mic look at these guys loaded diluted this is the zombie apocalypse man if any zombies heard that that’s it we’re gonna end up like Gerald here I assume that’s how he wound up dead I could be wrong it’s a hey dude you fun we respawn we’re okay it’s all good awesome cool in that case oh gosh let’s go where I go hey man don’t do it it’s okay like you said we read so oh is good we’re fine everything is okay yeah what should okay maybe maybe we should like leave walk away from these bodies it’s kind of starting to smell the place up a bit you know I’m saying yeah I totally agree so what I suggest is we grab some of these guns and we see what’s about because I have no idea what’s going on or where we are right now so no that’s not the scope I want it oh man I’m gonna double fist these pistol things myself in the head take that take that barrel shall we explore this island together yes let’s do it you see up there there’s some sort of house so I think we should go check that out see what’s going on okay I think we’ve got headlamps on so it is extremely dark right now but you know it’s coming up to Halloween so this is very fitting I guess yeah this is very terrifying there’s a lighthouse to our right as well all right you good okay yeah wait such this house house knock knock skulls oh geez and a pair of shoes are these timberlands nothing no sign of any zombies though no I don’t like those skeletons though they scare me yeah that preset fine let’s just kill him and I don’t like the vibes okay all right – what was what say over there hey trail ha should we do it you want to go for a nice little night walk with me yeah we can go into the lighthouse another time let’s go man okay let’s go fresh food so dog a little brisk walk it’s nice right yeah and oh oh dude popping pills oh you want some jelly continue our nice walk yes on with the nature walk let’s go alright nature trail that’s release that’s terrifying that is terrifying do you still wanna do this you go first dude alright fine I’m going in okay cover me okay okay gosh is this it I’m not trained for this situation fudgie we almost died because of your ignorance wait you the one who told me come down here man true please I got your back I told you I got your back I got you yeah it’s to be fair if it wasn’t for you I’d probably be dead right now alright what is that oh look so I think this one is a semi-automatic or fully automatic imma try oh yo I’m getting this gun alright screw my old one oh my god you got both of those in your hands now dude I am a legend right now potential you just do just like this takes me back to the modern warfare 2 days oh man I love more fat you but why’s my gun not loaded I think I broke it alright this is where things get more sketchy so work on me let’s go alright so do two to do it in yeah yeah turn it in it oh my god he’s so cool floating in the air Hey look at this oh I hate my wardrobe what oh you got another gun oh my goodness all right on the little trail let’s go this is the most intense nature walk I’ve ever been on at me man Oh zombies dead ahead dead ahead hurry doc I like how you said that we are the yeah dude they’re eating like a body or something oh really yeah sorry about that that’s okay it happens oh yeah exactly you know thanks any sugar buds no big problem come on I need to reload and I’ve got no mo oh did you come take this okay guy you want some of this this stuff it’s so bad at surviving a zombie apocalypse right now the mo not even going in do you see this you have a Mac in there there’s no bullets don’t give this a go yeah there we go yeah oh yeah oh you did it yeah it’s a mega I love anyone I could have survived the zombie apocalypse with why did it have to be you ha get it you know what I don’t need this I only need one gun grenade you’re gonna use a maggot of smoke grenade Sivaji so me a popular you and I would man this time I like you now I can’t see anything else follow my voice aw fuck okay wait you talking follow my voice I’m right here [Applause] okay I don’t know speak to me monitor oh god your monitor has ended up like jeralds oh god that’s actually good that actually just fell on the floor you know what you know oh okay okay I want to take a short break here we’ll be back in two minutes I actually knocked my monitor on the ground but I were still good to record all right we’re still deadly I’m out damage we’ve caused in our rooms is unreal oh okay that was my least favorite monitor too so whatever all right I got a gun so I got some I’m not taking it I’m gonna go ahead and scale for zombies okay sounds good I don’t have a visual or any wait I think I see movement I don’t know yes I see movement is the movement okay yeah 100% I see a zombie but my what’s he doing he’s dead that’s what he’s doing you got it yeah yeah I got him oh my god you’re so let’s go you’re so cool what thanks man thanks man let’s just keep okay still getting scared all right look all right listen listen listen here we are in the zombie apocalypse okay right it’s terrifying and it is a scary time to be alive but we can’t get scared at every zombie we see so from now on we are going to be really cool guys and as soon as we see them we’re just gonna shoot them all right just been taken they’re professionals it’s what we do you know one man now you’re right yes get in the zone come on all right it’s done – one – all right okay okay I see something all right let’s get it’s it’s a shotgun I don’t want it let’s go oh yes I want that shotgun now I want this shotgun now oh look you never boat maybe there’s more survivors maybe there’s another Gerald 0.0 can we come on you can be on the water I’m swimming oh nice it’s warm that’s weird wait a minute dude I’m scared man I died [Music] oh she terrified me oh dude Gerald and the rest of the bodies just like spawn in front of me and it it genuinely actually scared me oh my god that’s amazing should I just should I just do it should I just off myself yeah we’ll go to lighthouse all right well this time onwards to the lighthouse exactly there’s too much going on I don’t like it very very scary and dark so lighthouse it is maybe we can flag down some other survivors that’s really right there I don’t know you really think there’s other survivors here I mean potentially man who knows I don’t know how big this island is but I’ve seen some what let me go in and inspect the suppressors I genuinely do need to go if this okay oh my god it’s a big one dude oh jeez oh my god there’s more coming there’s more coming oh my god please shut the door what was that what was that noise something blow up yeah okay oh my god Shoji there’s so much those words painkillers I’m back I’m good I’m fine Wow well II did not have a good type in there Diddy whoa fella you know what okay you know what I’m just gonna all right well you’re back that’s what matters yeah let’s go back out there whoever lives here must have a very boring life I mean like where is the Xbox Oh back out into the danger yeah here we go right let’s uh secure the area I have no idea what the objective is by the way I should probably mention that like I have no idea which is be doing I guess survive that’s it right oh dude I could see something the dog oh no oh yeah well I think you were me I don’t know was it is it both I think it might’ve been me I don’t I may have been taking credit for I’m just saying I’m top yeah okay oh this house is here oh nice Oh big dude I didn’t like that one okay so this go house to house come here oh dude don’t you don’t you dare don’t you I found don’t flush them down the toilet I did a poll flip look a bowl flip dude there’s a body bag here just gonna make sure Oh Trude could come back to life as a zombie is that movie okay or is that just me I’ve got vertigo let’s go in here hmm knock-knock is anyone home do you know Intel unless authorized I don’t wait where does it say that right here in the door you get up there inside here oh do come up it’s it’s all there’s an assault rifle oh yeah screw this you yeah you sure you want it nah man it’s all yours I got this nice shotgun so you know you know what else I like go on I like the flooring done here look at the flooring yeah well actually oh man it seems like a kitchen floor to be honest because I feel like these bedrooms should have you know some carpet helps of the insulation and an overall just sound for you man Joanne what is this it’s just like Titleist oh dude oh my god the bodies I know what you’re talking about now it was God that scared me I came right back to you all right another house let’s check this house maybe there’s some Scooby Snacks oh oh I heard that oh geez come on oh my god I got so scared I dropped my gun hope your gun oh oh yeah you’re supposed to use that with two hands man that boys just gonna fly out your hand so it should be careful with that oh yeah I’m sorry I’m just getting sweet get stuff man okay all right this house is clear we don’t have to really look in here I don’t think so there’s a bridge there I was actually gonna ask did you want to go to this bridge 100% that could be our ticket out of it dude you think so yeah attentionally who knows what’s on the other side okay I’m scared I’m scared fudgie hold me yeah you know what let’s hug this out just before we go okay break bro hug good good luck dude okay good luck to tap you with my gun I hope I think I just pooped a little bit oh my god oh jeez Oh Oh see you later dude there’s more of this game I mean real life this is real life real life totally real this is totally real this hunch for real oh dude you do this later I can heat them but I’m not with you right now all the way here that’s him yeah finally zombie killer no okay oh wait what so sound crew lling mystery this is higher like recordings just are screaming as zombies is great man here we are it’s it’s crazy okay and it’s just terrifying especially with the sound of them running to walk oh god I’m oh dude smaller Sandtown No Oh No let’s check this out then see limit oh man I’m scared just over quarters will be fine all right let’s go in [Music]

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