People Model In A Real Haunted House

People Model In A Real Haunted House

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– I don’t feel completely welcome. – Oh my god, there’s someone out here. – May you make your
presence known in the room? – Oh god… – I don’t like this shit. – I thinK someone got killed here. – This kinda just confirmed that there’s more than meets the eye. (electronic music) (creepy music) – Ew! Oh my… – Today we’re in a literal haunted house where someone has actually died in. – I literally feel like I’m
walking to my death guys, this is where I die, this is how I die! – When I first walked in the
house, my whole body said no. I should turn around
and leave immediately. – Do you know when you
watch American Horror Story and you’re like, “those
houses don’t exist, it’s just a set, just props,
this is literally it.” someone broke the window? – It’s like one big I Spy book but everything is actually looking at you, like a weird like statue, pictures and from things looking at
you, they’re watching you. – You step foot in this house and you feel the lives that have been in here and I can’t believe people
actually died in this house! – Why am I here… – [Sherry] So welcome to
Dr. Robert T. Moore’s home. He had this place built in 1929, it was intended to house himself, his wife, his second wife, I might say. – This guy RT, came
here, had a wife or two, had a side priest or two,
he was known as like, a ho, this guy was known to be a ho. It literally says that on Wikipedia. – [Sherry] And his
collection of 55,000 birds. – I am definitely afraid of birds so when I found out that there were once 55,000 birds, both alive and dead, that wasn’t really the most
exciting thing for me to hear. – [Sherry] That was his most
precious and valuable asset. We know that this is a room that Dr. Moore spent a lot of time in. We have had several people report having a deep sense of presence here. – I’ve always wanted to
have a ghost encounter. This place is the first place
that I’ve ever felt like, something could happen. – [Sherry] So I have his handwriting, which feels special to
me, as a matter of fact, I almost feel like, I’m in love with him. I call him, RT. There’s a bookcase that actually moves, it’s behind this one on the other side, it goes down and out
completely off the property. – I’m questioning the secret
passages in this house, I never trust those. – I was thinking who was
hiding all these women around everywhere you know like, letting people come in and out and get to his room without
walking through other rooms. He was an OG ho and I respect it. – [Sherry] This was his room. – There was just this like, weird feeling. – This place feels like
there’s cold energy to it, I don’t like it. – [Sherry] He died in this
room on October 30th 1958. His wife died nine days later, I have never been able to find
records where he’s buried. I believe that he’s buried here. – I guarantee there’s a dead body somewhere in this room right now. – [Sherry] I’ve been looking for him since 2012 because I feel
an attachment to him. – Is he here? Is his skeleton somewhere in
one of his hidden basements and chambers of this place? – I’m just, I’m sketched out. Have you ever had any experiences in here? – [Sherry] It has been reported to me, that the woman in the painting… – What about her? – [Sherry] Has moved her head, I won’t say anything more about that. – So, you stay here? And you’ve never experienced anything? – [Sherry] Nothing I’m
willing to share with anyone. – No… – I just say, don’t discount anything because you never know, you
might anger the wrong spirit if you don’t believe in it. – [Sherry] You will find whatever it is that you’re looking for here. – Oh no… – We’re about to go model with
some potentially evil ghosts. – I’m low key freaking out but, I gotta keep my head in the game. I’m ready to do this. (upbeat music) – So my idea for the shoot was 60 years with a modern twist. The owner of the house
died around that era, so hopefully he’ll feel
comfortable and wanna move out. The thing that will be
the hardest for them is, modeling while being scared, number one and there will be a
lot of things going on, we have a ghost hunter. – I’m Joshua Amen, I’m the
founder of Amendella Paranormal. I’ve had a few odd readings
walking through the house, I would love to get interactions, start to say like, “yes, this is me.” – Me and Chrissy are
probably the most similar in the fact that we try to make
jokes to cover up our fear. – What lies beneath? Is it a ghost? (screaming) I’ve already been yelled
at for opening doors I’m not supposed to, but
I love trolling people and scaring them and so far, everyone is really angry about that. – My god! (evil snickering) – Cissy is 100%
internalizing all her fear, I can see it on her face. Sheridan has been the
most jumpy of anyone. Pablo’s holding a rosary
for his dear life. So, pretty much everyone’s in a bad place. I’m here for them, it sounds
so fake because we’re not. I’m not here for them. – So I’m modeling in the
bedroom where he died, you know when you walk into a room and you feel like nothing but, I walked into this room
and I felt something. So, I’m in the bedroom and I’m gonna keep it on this bad painting because apparently the painting- you don’t shut that door. Apparently, this painting moves. It’s weird because I don’t
feel completely welcome. – I have EMF readers which is a electromagnetic field detector. Then I have a thermal imaging camera, if something were to randomly hit, I would be able to say, “okay,
that could be paranormal.” I know this was the owner’s room so, if RT is here, is there
any chance you could light up the meter, kinda
come interact with it, like tell us how you feel
about us being in this room. – I’m just like, staring this thing down. This is so… So when we were trying to communicate, Joshua’s asking a whole bunch of questions and I was like, “no man,
just leave him alone.” – Maybe make your presence
known in the room, you know, knock on a wall
or make some kind of noise. Now that we’ve shut
some of the lights off, do you feel a little more
comfortable interacting? – Like I feel for this
man in some sort of way because I’m in his
bedroom and he was a ho, so I’m like, hos represent. I don’t like this shit. I don’t feel normal, if that makes sense. I know nothing said that it was going on, but I don’t feel this
is just a normal room that I’m like, okay to be in right now. I’m gonna try to be fierce,
I’m gonna try to stay focused, I’m not too comfortable in there and with modeling, you
have to be comfortable. I realized that Macey the photographer kind of set me up to mimic the woman in the picture behind me. Like, I don’t know, it
felt a little too real. – The pub looks like a place that someone, I think this- I hear footsteps right
now and I don’t like it. The pub feels like a place
where someone got murdered, I’m gonna say it, I think
someone got killed here, for some reason, I keep
getting drawn to that room and I don’t know what it is. The energy in there is like, welcoming but in like a scary way and it’s like, “come in and then I’m
going to trap you in here and never let you leave.” I’m not trying to speak to a ghost today, my mother taught me better, she gave me this dollar store rosary
and it’s gonna protect me from anything that happens today. So we’re in the bar right now, we’re about to see if
there’s any phenomena. – If there is anyone
here with us right now, that would like to
interact, maybe you wanna step up to the bar and have a drink. We have a bartender right here. – We asked the ghost to knock and, well, I didn’t ask it because
I don’t want it to know my name, who I am or follow me
like on Twitter or anything so. What. It was nice knowing all of
you, tell my mom I love her. I don’t like this. Eventually, like knocked every time, something was inside the walls and if you watch horror
movies like I do, a lot, it’s always in the fucking walls. – I knew going in that
Pablo is really freaked out by this whole experience
so, I did a little knockey knockey on the wall. Oops. Sorry Pabs. – I have never modeled with a ghost before but, I can’t imagine that’s great. They made me shoot not only in the pub that had the most activity but there’s a freaking gate out there
that just leads to nowhere? And they’re like, Pablo, get
next to the fucking gate, just stand there. We’re about to shoot outside, a place I didn’t want to go today, it feels like a horror
movie and I hate everyone. There’s something enticing about like, getting a photo shoot
done while getting scared. I think the ghost
brought my best self out, I won’t do it ever again but, I can say that I did it once and I did it well. – Chrissy and I, then, did a photo shoot together in the hallway. – What I don’t like is this. What… Really what… I was like, okay, what is the vibe here? I don’t think it’s good. If something thermal appeared in this damn mirror, I would run. – I’m creeped out. – My game plan tonight is like, not have a demon go inside
my body and like, look hot. – You could ask questions and see if we can get them to interact. – Okay, I don’t like this,
what should we ask it? Are you hot? Like, physically. – Chrissy was a little
bit more into speaking to whatever spirits where
they’re around us than I was. – Spirits, if you’re out there, please, give us a sign and light this bad boy up, we’re here for you, just wanna
chill with you, cool spirit, sir, madam, I don’t care what
gender you are, I love you. – Just stop. He left already. – I’m a curious person by nature which in horror movies,
means that you die. I’m also maybe an asshole. – I’m not asking for a fucking knock. – I would love a knock. – We got this big creaking mirror behind. – He pointed the heat sensor to the wall and he’s like, “oh it’s fine, it’s because you turned the lights off and it just keeps the heat in.” and I’m like, I’m not convinced. Truly am not, think that… Why? The reading was interesting
because the thermal meter thing. Someone was here. – [Jazz] Yeah. – It’s like not warm outside. – [Jazz] I know. – It’s very cold. It’s night time, why would
there be warmness here? – [Jazz] I kept on seeing
something like out this window. – Oh shit. Modeling with Jazzmyne
is always really fun, she makes me like forget that I’m in a fucking haunted
house so that’s good. I really love how the photo turned out because it’s totally
inspired by The Shining, which hello, is a fucking creepy house, in the middle of nowhere,
where weird shit happens. This, it’s this. For my solo shot, I went into this purple and blue bathroom which happened to be the bathroom of where the owner’s wife died. I don’t know if she died in the bathroom, but she definitely died somewhere in the vicinity of the bathroom. It didn’t even look like
myself in the photo, I just really felt like,
I was in a different time. – I’m not gonna lie, my
heart has been racing a lot. I’m apparently modeling in the place where a lot of the birds were kept. Walking into the room, I felt pretty okay until we decided it would be a good idea to get a sense of the ghost presence. I feel like these things can sense fear, so I wanted to be like, “oh,
I’m very strong and badass, don’t come near me
because I’ll fuck you up.” – If Robert T. Moore is here anywhere, could he maybe come interact, say hi. All you should have to be able to do is just kinda touch that. – I have never been so nervous as I was when he was asking questions. – Is there anyone besides Robert here, could you maybe try and
interact with the device? – I don’t wanna feel a breeze, I don’t wanna feel
anything rub up against me. – Is there anything that
you wanna ask maybe? – I think I’m good. Nope. I’m not sure why he didn’t talk to me, maybe it’s just because like, he could sense that I was
like, “nuh uh, not tonight.” I’m just hoping nothing pops
out, I don’t feel anything. Doing a photo shoot on stairs in heels, kinda scary and if you’re gonna die in a haunted mansion,
tripping and tumbling down the stairs seems like
a pretty normal way to go. You can’t let the ghost sense your fear, you gotta pretend like everything’s okay. I am very thankful that nothing spoke up but you don’t know, it
could have been just around. – Walked into the room, I was like I’m gonna bring really good energy. She didn’t say anyone died in the room, but she also didn’t
say anyone, didn’t die. So I sit down and the vibe is like, really quiet, very chill,
everyone’s really tired. – So we’re just gonna try and like, ask questions and try to get interaction. – Okay. – Is there anyone here that
would like to interact with us? You can touch the meter on
the table here and just… You can light it up. – No… (whimpering) it goes from green to
red, like, immediately and I’m just like, “oh, Robert…” hold on, did anyone else, like it lit up? Like this, for most other… – No. Could you light it up again
to confirm it was you? – Oh god… I have a very like, a good respect for all things paranormal, like, you go do your realm, I’ll do mine. I promise you, I didn’t do anything wrong. I thought for a second
that, it may have been my grandma which I was hoping for because her spirit follows me everywhere, God bless her soul, she’s amazing. Just to make sure, that I didn’t bring up a spirit back from Arizona. If you’re not my grandma,
then light it up. – Cissy thinks she’s speaking
to her grandmother out there, but I think we both know that
girl, that ain’t your grandma. – Yeah… You’re not my grandma… So, are you the one that died upstairs? Just one more drag to yes. We’re asking questions and
questions and questions and continuously, the
light is going from green, straight to red, from
green, straight to yellow. Is your body here, inside of the house? – You’re doing great. – Yeah, just talking to a spirit. And, the more my heart just beated faster and faster because I was
having a conversation with something not of this world and I don’t wanna piss Robert off. Like, that’s never my
intention, I hope you know that. Okay Robert, we’re gonna do a shoot and I’m gonna leave, it’s gonna be fine. – [Photographer] Yeah, it’ll be quick. – I just had to sit on
a very throne-like chair and this look kinda took over and I did my fiercest looks
that I could possibly do. At the back of my mind, I was like, I wonder if Robert is watching
me, am I making him proud? Because it’s his house and
I don’t wanna disrespect it and I feel like, I was fine, let’s hope. – I think that this
opened up a world for me that I wanna know more about. – This was definitely an experience, like I’m not walking away
from this being like, “oh, just another day at work.” like, no this was something
and I felt things. – There’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to this haunted house and there’s more that meets the eye than just the people
that are in this room. I hope it stays here, don’t
bring it back with me. Someone’s walking around, I hope… I’m good, can we be done now? I’m good, let’s cut, this
is a big nope and I’m gone. I’m gone. (upbeat music)


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