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We aren’t going to be able to see daddy for a while, but I’m He’s gonna be okay. Did he really take away the money? Well he he didn’t take the money. He lost it you see daddy has a gummy problem. It’s Kind of an illness is that why he’s in jail That’s part of the reason, but right now. We just need to focus on me getting this job, right The job Well, that’s because mommy doesn’t have an education I was in qualified for those good jobs Do you think you’re gonna get this one? I? Will do my best okay? I really have to go now. It’s time I Wish I could darling but kids aren’t allowed in this kind of place but I will be close by and if there’s a problem you can honk the horn and here’s my cellphone – Now you understand you can’t leave the car is that clear I Love you so much. I see you soon, I promise Dancer dancer actually Well to the best young adult in town Yeah, say this pay slowly no experience needed you will make casually every night So do you have an adapted kitchen foam or something? This is Shogun your dish you just strip all the way down All the way But the ad set of being a bikini no nudity that Was a typo we’ve been meaning it first, but yeah, it’s all new to disestablish I can’t you know look your way Hot you can take home a couple hundred bucks or not you can take cash home tonight tomorrow night every night Could I I? Don’t know maybe I just you know try not bikini you want to go one set of clothes occasions, and you got a show If you want to pretend you’re some kind of birds and flower there’s never shorter titties than anyone. This job isn’t for you The question is do you need the money Are you okay Hello This is Trudy Berman calling from Terra Mountain Limited is pleased to inform you that you’ve been chosen to be a contestant congratulations. Oh my god Thank you Money I Have a cashier’s check here for $5,000 ready and waiting. Thank you so much. I’ll be right there Sorry I can get you the video game you wanted money’s a little tight right now No guns just Playing swords lightsabers or anything anything cool Well this kind of toy is masked to stimulate your imagination They don’t want to hurt anybody. I just wanted one adventures a gun is just for protection besides they’re soldiers I Was a soldier I’m proud to be one it’s an important job right it was Mom’s new friend is a lawyer. He says lawyers help keep for him Salty’s did that thing I? Know how about your mom’s new boyfriend that’s my point of view he’s wrong But Everyone is entitled to their own opinion Let’s just leave it at that But hey I Got a new job a better paying job. My only goal is to make sure you get the opportunities that your desert She’s early Early three a couple of hours. Yeah, well these hours matter Okay I Thought you were to buy him that new video game system, I suppose you don’t have child support either. Yes, I do like always Don’t make any other some deadbeat dad Don’t worry about it Stefan can buy it at least he can afford it No no way So I heard you got a job protecting some wannabe Hollywood actor huh pays better Good, maybe you can take better care of your son I’m not the one drinking it away. Well. At least if you get killed protecting some Hollywood actor. I can catch some on your life Next time open the door on the other side so they can see me make my entrance understood Get some brains Okay, I’m here we can begin Glad you were finally able to join us mr.. King. What’s this? Om he’s my bodyguard, but he’s nobody I’m kind of famous though, so I need some protection but Hey, I noticed like to be starting out just like these actors Okay, back to business I want to congratulate you all for being chosen for Tara mountain It is the ultimate horror Reality TV show and whoever wins the show Gets the million dollars cash prize and the lead role in the next United Artists horror movie franchise As you know This show what genuine reality and in keeping with that cutting edge style I’m here to inform you that this gathering. It’s not a production meeting as I told you on the phone This is it the show starts now No Cameras rolling planes here we just informed your agents via email you want us to go right now. It’s now or never This is not what my agent agreed to hold on Phones won’t work out here mr.. King you either get on the plane now, or you don’t get to be on the show This is bullshit, I need to talk to my agent This was supposed to be next but We cannot wait for you mr.. King. Oh your waiter. You’ll be getting a lawsuit Bossman wanted to males Tell to start the engines I know what to do Oh Mr.. Bodyguard How would you like to take mr Kings place for a chance to earn a million dollars and a lead role in your own horror film I’m not an actor That’s okay Congratulations, you’re gonna be a TV star Why don’t we have to come out so far ain’t there any mountain cabins in LA coursers not sighs This place is beautiful Doesn’t look very haunted. It’s not a haunted house show its market /e please Well, then where’s the slasher oh he’s around someplace Probably watching us right now pretty soon It’ll just be you and him Sounds spooky Excuse me, where are we no? I can’t say that’s all part of the show’s mystery Okay This is your new home you have everything you’ll need food supplies Washer and dryer and so forth there are cameras everywhere Inside and out and they’re constantly Rolling just like in any good horror movie the crazed killer can pop out at any moment And when he does you’re gonna want to run because if he catches you you lose a million-dollar prize And you’ll be taken off the show wait Does this dude walk or run? Excuse me. I think she’s referring to the actor for training the killer Does he walk after us like someone from those old slasher flicks, or does he run? You’ll just have to wait and see Excuse me. Did you say they’re cameras everywhere? everywhere, but the toilets Great, I get to walk around topless only if you want it on TV I Just want the cameras on me at all times I’m gonna be the star of the show you see sorry to interrupt your declaration there, but Above the cameras What if I need to take a shower? cameras are there to Just turn the lights out unless you want to get the boys in the editing room. It’s real Well now Anyone have any questions Next good stop Great, we’ll be back in one week to pick up the winner and get him or her The million dollar prize until then you’re on your own. There’s no phone service here No internet signal no signal of any kind. This is the deep wilderness, so don’t burn the place down Because no one will be able to come out here to put the fire out Good luck actors next week at this time one of you will be a movie star and a millionaire I don’t know about that big guy. He’s pretty observant. He sees a lot of stuff. He’s always looking around Jeez I guess in a mighty drink of course, I don’t mind fine I want us to get drunk, so we’re too slow to run away the killer comes to get us. That’s the point I’m not looking forward to You guys Lose Hmm these aren’t clues Look just trying to gets to read this it’ll get spooked They’re setting this up for a big scare I’m starting to understand what’s going on They’re just trying to set the mood I Got a great idea this is mixing drinks. I’m gonna try not to drink Better to stay alert You’re supposed to be the brain one right well, I don’t want to limit myself to stereotypes I ten more of great That means you can see the big picture What do you mean? What I mean is the big dumb guy He is gonna last that long and Little Miss blondie. It’s just too soft So what I propose is You and I team up Um you go You do realize that the cameras and the mics are recording us right now, so what? That’s the type of plotting that goes on in reality shows no buts Thirty million dollars Unaware Let’s just just fill them to the whoops, I’m gonna take the prize money I Can live without a million blocks The best part is you and I get to become a couple on the show Come again Let’s make sure they keep the cameras on us By turning up the heat For example if you agree to my plan I’ll show you these You will Will you agree Scouts honor okay Can I camera see me hello Are you ready yeah, I’m ready Steena right, right So I know on a TV show Well these cameras are filming everything we do then eventually they will edit the footage to like into TV episodes I see and If you make it to the end we win a million dollars Yes, but not only that being on a TV show itself will be Great for my career and there’s some actor playing the bad guy somewhere trying to scare us yeah, that’s the plot of the show I Bet they wait until nightfall to set him loose Let him loose girl come on. It’s just an actor in a mask. Let’s go Girl I called dibs great room but What’s that smell? What is that? Hello, this is so lame is this their idea trying to be scary cuz if so We got it easy Did he have any weapons Rowling’s 0.0 I Swear there’s no blood on the back Please like some corpse or something wasn’t there something on the guy’s crazy. Hello look at all the camera newsrooms Think about it Man I can’t wait to see the show these girls are gonna be freaking out, you know what it’s okay. It’s okay This just gives me more time in front of the camera for a TV show No no no like a fool on national television movie props don’t smell like rotten flesh This place stinks like death It’s too small to be an actor Echo three to echo seven come in This is echo seven lose the snow tie Contestant well the other after mr.. Keen got cold feet, so this was the last-minute replacement I Would still totally watch it me, too lousy scare I Can’t put that one guy back down at the last minute. It’s kind of an asshole. Huh mr.. King famous actor He pays well Man, I met that guy at an audition once seemed like a real douchebag to me He told me with some big time after right and then act somewhere. I can see one of his movies. He started talking in circles That’s typical Hollywood for you You know I bet that guy spends a bunch of his own money. Just to make himself seem like a big deal, but in reality He’s nobody special There’s being a big-time actor Make you someone special. It doesn’t my book. That’s Hollywood, baby If you ain’t big-time your little people, and if you’re considerate little people all they want to do is take advantage of you What do you think make someone special? Me Yeah you I know you don’t actor and a but our dreams of Hollywood stardom seems gonna silly to you So what are you excited? I? don’t know I Have a son. I’m just trying to be the best father I can be Why not being a good husband I Tried it didn’t work out too well Wow, did you already have a kid? You couldn’t do that if you’re an actor She’s right I have a daughter and other than this show my acting career has been a flop I Wouldn’t trade my daughter for the best acting career in the world but in reality It’s hard to go on auditions while you raising a child Lastly she’s with a grandmother right now That’s why I’m not having kids, so I’m like 35 or 40 yeah Of course that’s like a grandma Studies have statistically shown Hey Man stop part of the show I think about it’s exactly what they want Soon as you call outside BAM. You’re gonna get kicked off. Yeah We have no way of knowing if this is part of the show or not Think about it who else could it be yeah, you know even that lady said there’s nobody else in this entire area But us, and the actor who’s portraying the killer Yeah hiker who’s injured a camper who got attacked by an animal it’s possible Rodrigo. Take care of the ladies No leave hey good luck, man That that’s what makes someone special Steena There’s no sign of him yet nothing Wow It’s probably okay. It’s a show. Are you still worried about Magnus? Yeah Telling you you got nothing to worry about okay? I Guarantee all that happened so you went out there and got caught up by the slasher guy yep We all knew this as part of the game You know what kind of curious to see the footage I Guess we will all start disappearing One by one okay speak for yourself I Think you’re right It’s probably new Jeep right now getting Sent back to LA he’s probably embarrassed Dude missed out on a million bucks who would it be? today He gets to be on TV. Yeah You’re right. Well there. I gotta go to bed. I’m tired. I don’t see in the morning uh Yeah, night Hey, Iko, Iko Are you awake Hey Hey listen. Oh, I remember how you were saying we could be a couple on the show yeah So maybe you’d want to let me in I Only said we can be a couple on the show when the cameras are rolling Not when the lights are off Remember, I’m only in this for the ratings So maybe we turn the lights on we can steam it up when the cameras are rolling and when Zenith awake Remember, I want to steal a cab retire from Steeda You know why don’t you go to your room? And like rub one out and make sure the lights are on so they can get the footage for the show Good night, Roderigo Did man make it back Nope and he’s not the only one missing What? Rodrigo – yep Hey, I can’t believe it he was just here last night well he got caught He’s probably on his way back to LA to a shitty little apartment I knew the guys were gonna go first And they’re gonna keep us sexy ladies around for ratings well both of those guys can run faster than either of us Why are we gonna do when he comes after us for a million fucking dollars go I’ll be the fastest bitch you have ever saw Yeah, you’re right that money will change everything for me and my daughter There’s no way in hell He’s gonna catch me. Even if I can’t outrun him I? Would think him I mean? I’m pretty charming. I never get trapped. I can sweet-talk him I Don’t get it but this like has security footage Should we call the police. That’s all make-believe. It’s fake It’s a TV show This is giving me the creeps Don’t you want to watch some porn or something You know that’s what this is Manik don’t you? Remember I told you I don’t like weird stuff You hear something no really Cuz it’s for a bit you know Are you sure because what you hear it oh Come on First To chain you up You scared me Nice to finally meet you um I’m Tina, what’s her name? Provider there’s no cameras around here. You don’t have to stay in character Unless you’re a method actor something what is it doctor break character? I? Gotta tell you doing half of a job Are you really not gonna talk to me You know what I feel like an idiot standing here talking to myself just because you don’t want to break character If you’re not gonna talk to me, I’m TV I Didn’t see the cabin over there You’re such a good actor you scared him you kid Hello Who is this Answer me or I will hang up the phone. It’s just you and him What do you mean he really? This is just supposed to be sure yeah, you’re right. It’s just a show And uh You just won a million dollars Really yeah, oh my god Thank you, and you get to be the star oh The cabin is all yours tonight until we pick you up I’ve been so freaked out it feels like H ten years this week You’ve had hard week I’m feel free to celebrate drink up party Party like this no It’ll be good footage for the show you’re rich and famous Act like it tonight This is echo 7 did one of our fire a shot Affirmative sentry 3 and sector 6b I was just shooting at a deer get some good eatin for tonight over You’re not supposed to be in the perimeter it’s not safe We have two runaways on 32h detain them yes sir Roger I Need you to hide absolutely quiet if someone else coming hide You Survival is Grand as his master’s for pain I Can execute you here, and now quick painless or You can go to him At least with him you have a fighting chance But of course if you lose He will not kill you quickly Quite the opposite of that in fact You will know pain so intimately that you wish Understood we either die quick and painlessly here you Take our chances and fighting an Excellent decision time Choose we fight

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