PMV – Dracula: Die Zugsequenz

PMV – Dracula: Die Zugsequenz

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Now, close your eyes my beautiful child The sun will set soon. You are feeling now what he’s feeling and you’ll speak with the voice that arises in your soul, when the undead loves. Darkness, I’m hearing how the water rushes. I’m hearing how the water rushes, a quiet river in the back-country. [Discord]: Many souls [Fluttershy]: Many souls [Discord]: mix with the glamour of the waves [Fluttershy]: with the glamour of the waves [Both]: A voice comes down the corridor, but I don’t understand what’s spoken. One more thing, it whispers and it speaks to me. [Discord]: I’m waiting, tell me when do you come here? I yearn for you. Young and beautiful [Fluttershy]: Young and beautiful [Discord]: You’ll stay young and beautiful forever [Fluttershy]: young and beautiful [Both]: Shall this bliss come to an end? [Discord]: Like the one of the whole christendom? is doomed [Fluttershy]: is doomed [Both]: This shouldn’t be our destiny! [Discord]: Because we enter new spheres where human frees himself from God. [Both]: Salvation! And good and bad don’t count [Discord]: in my world. So don’t hesitate and enter my realm! [Both]: One more life and you escape the chilly grave. You don’t need a prayer, you don’t scale down into the realm of the death. Put the psalm aside, cry for another one! Because the mercy I ([Fluttershy]: You) allow is endlessly heavy. One more life! Go on, now! You have to talk! Can we come to know more? What happend? Where am I? Are you angry? What did I do? It seems like it was a dream. I’m sorry, but all too soon Our time is truth, The sun sinks And already silenced the medium, the voice, that foreshadows all And tells us what the undead plans


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