Pournami Telugu Full Movie – Prabhas, Trisha

Pournami Telugu Full Movie – Prabhas, Trisha

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This film is based on a real incident
which took place many years ago. lndian traditions should flourish. Pournami, classical dance isn’t
all about shaking limbs. lf you don’t concentrate,
gesture will become laughable! Got it? Speak out! She is a little girl, leave it There is a big responsibility on this
little girl’s shoulders in future Come on dance! Father scolds me like this always,
l won’t learn the dance, l won’t learn, mother.
– Calm down. You are my darling.
Don’t cry Don’t cry like that!
– Come dear You don’t want to learn dance, do you? Okay, l’ll take you to a new place
which you’d never seen? Will you come? Where?
– l won’t tell but l’ll show you l’ll also come with you, father. Can we go without Chandrakala?
You are also coming. Careful….careful…go slow. Pournami, come here What’s it, father? Listen what is heard from this pillar. l hear the scared monosyllable
‘Om’, father. How? This is not an ordinary temple, this is a sacred place in which
Goddess Parvathi Devi, danced here to win over Lord Shiva! Come here, dear.
Careful. Your mother performed here, my mother, her mother
and her grandmother, like this our ancestors have been
performing here for 450 years, 450 years!
– Yes, dear. There was a severe famine
in this region 450 years ago, The people wanted to leave
and migrate to other place, women in our family never
stepped out of home, a woman of our clan came out, brought out the art of dance in public
which was confined to prayer room, to invocate Goddess Parvathi, she performed dance continuously
for 7 days and 7 nights! People from surrounding villages
who were leaving the place, came back to watch her dance who
was dancing unselfishly for the people, people lit camphor on their palms, and hailed Lord Shiva in one tone,
and prayed day and night! She lost her life by
dancing on the stage Lord Shiva was pleased with her sacrifice
and Ganga, who is on his head, flowed as rain to turn the
barren lands into fertile lands. Even in heavy rain the lamp lit by
her was burning continuously. A member of our family must dance on
the special full moon day once in 12 years, she took a promise from our family
to keep this tradition alive. lt became a tradition and
it’s a boon to our family. On the full moon day coming
after 10 years, lt’s your turn to dance here, my child. Embodiment of great thought of soul… The beautiful tune of life… The ever new persistent rhythms… Are essence of the whole world… After 10 years Full moon day is just 8 months away, you taught dance to your elder
daughter Pournami for 10 long years, But that girl… Why are you hesitating? lt’s a fact that his elder daughter
has eloped with someone. Who will perform now? Ask him Be quiet. Get wiser with age,
what’s that nonsense? lf you’re pained with my words,
don’t offer any prayers or rituals, don’t open the temple,
don’t offer prayers, don’t make any offering, likewise don’t fast on
Shivarathri day in Srisailam, don’t arrange Brahmothsavams
in Tirumala temple Don’t arrange festival
on Vijayadasami to Kanakadurga, No, it’s a sin! l’m also saying the same. lf we don’t perform here,
it is also a sin, He is sad because
his daughter has eloped, but if anything happens,
we too should cry like him. Wait, l’ll tell you Though he was harsh
but he told the truth, we can look after other things, but the dance performance is
your family’s responsibility, right? Do one thing, teach dance to your
second daughter Chandrakala. l won’t teach. What can l do if you’re so obstinate? Your daughter…
– Chandrakala, won’t learn to dance. Will you marry me? Catch her! Stop! No, don’t come near me. l am telling you,
don’t come near me. Don’t come near me.
– What if l do? Hail Lord Shiva! Escape man! Hail Lord Shiva! Aunty, l lost vegetables,
oil and the things. l did a mistake, aunt.
– Leave that. What about this? Your anklet! Only one is here.
Where is another one? l don’t know, aunty.
l didn’t see. Didn’t you see?
Tell me the truth Will you tell me the truth or not?
– Why are you beating like that? Your hands will pain,
beat with this stick. Enough. People are accusing me
of torturing you as your step mother, but nobody knows what you do, why are you troubling me? You too elope with someone
like your sister. How dare you stare at me? Will you get angry if l talk
about your sister? Don’t talk about my sister. What did you say?
You’re talking too much. Mother, it’s here only. l got this anklet under your cot. Come here. The anklet under my cot means
you didn’t clean my room since morning. Go and clean my room.
– Sister! – You come here You are an expert in finding
reasons to beat her. Pournami, how are you? What are you doing? lt’s as usual for me,
getting scolded and beaten. l don’t care getting beaten up but
step mother talked bad about you. l got angry. l too want to run away. But father will be alone here.
– Sister! You didn’t eat anything. l brought some sweets which
mother hid, eat this, sister. Eat it for my sake.
Only one l can’t sleep without eating
extra food at night. lt’s excess to me. Uncle!- lf l tell your matter
your mom she will rip you. l say leave me. Leave me, uncle. l married second time
to look after the family, but l didn’t expect then that
l was bringing a devil into heaven. For my sin, you are also
getting punished. Please forgive your father who’s helpless
against your step mother.- Father. We have trust in Lord Shiva. He will show us a way! Where and how is your goal… Move on without a thought… Don’t be wary getting disheartened…
don’t stop with a weakened soul… Take everything easy
as song and play… Achieve whatever it may be… Among hills and valleys,
whatever may come up.. Be it sunshine or pouring rain… My speed won’t change a gear… To reach our dream palace… Fight is the only royal way… Saying pain and sourness…
don’t look for an excuse… Feeling life is a burden,
don’t totter your life away… Tomorrow is sweet honey comb
though stinging bees are covering it… Devuni Patnam. 2 Miles. Slow! Why are you speeding away? Priest, where is Subramanyam’s house? l am fine!
l think you are new to this place. What have l asked and
what are you telling? l want Subramanyam’s house l’ve come to rent their
eastern part of the house. This is not Lord Shiva temple
but Lord Hanuman temple. Come after l offer prayers,
l’ll ring the bell to take the offering. He’s a pain! l will tell you. You are tall like a palm tree,
blasting off in English, What do you do? Work? l came here to start
a dance school. Dance means not ordinary dances
like Kuchipudi or Kathakali, lf you cry like a crow,
dogs will chase you. Thanks. Will you please guide me? lf you go straight and turn right,
– Like him! Turn left..
– Like you! lf you go straight…
– Like me lf you turn right again,
you’ll hit a road, go there. – ls it? Step mother! Come in, this is Subramanyam’s house. Step mom, he says he’s here
to rent the eastern portion. l can’t understand anything. l let it on rent.
What do you say? My sister used to dance there.
Don’t let it on rent. Damn it!
She’s advising you. No, step mom.
– l said go inside. Come inside.
– Father.- Come in, dear. He is asking you to come inside.
lt won’t look nice if you don’t. You go, we’ll discuss other things. Not only the she talks and
her gait too is crooked. Damn it Sister didn’t stretch hands for luggage
but to receive advance amount. Advance Rs.300. ls this your cattle shed? This is your portion.
– ls this my portion? Go upstairs, your room is there ls my room in upstairs? Look, that’s Lord Hanuman’s temple. Look, that is…
Why? You have to pray him to
save yourself from my sister. Read it.
– Secret in rocket? Vacate the house. Damn it! Who is that? Pure dung without adulteration. Where did it come from? From there. Hey you… Oh my God! Look that side. Mohini musicals & Co, available all kinds
of music instruments & L.P. records Voice is so horrible.
Whose voice is it? Not just as a husband,
you’re waste as a singer too. When did you come, Mohini? l know you are going
to watch a film. You can understand everything
except the real thing… Are you working here? What do you want, sir?
– l am here. you sit down. This is my shop.
What do you want? l’ll show you You’re getting late to the film show. There’s nothing in the
first reel just like you. NTR appears in the second reel,
l’ll go then. Where is he? This one. l’ll take this.
– How much? You have to tell the rate. l asked your height not the rate.
– 6 plus. Oh my God! lt’s the time NTR appears,
you go now. His entry will be after intermission.
You don’t worry lf you don’t get your daughter married
immediately, she may run away. Hit on my head with this.
– Why sir? She’s not my daughter but my wife. From which place? l belong to this place,
l came to start a dance school. Dance school?
– Opening tomorrow, do come. Definitely! Stop shivering, you damn woman! Dance school! Come aunty. Greetings. Come on l didn’t expect so many would
gather for this silly dance. Please wait. Aunty.
– What?- Not like that. Cut it. Claps! Sister.
– Wait boy. Lemon soda! My husband isn’t clever like you,
so anklets fell silent here. You cleverly started
western dance school, hereafter prosperity will rule us. Stop. lf you delay, you will be disappointed.
Don’t miss a great opportunity. The luckiest among you,
come and pay fees first. l have to cook, bye. Aunty will cook!
– Sorry, loo… Dear people! Anyone among you… lf a handsome man like you asks
no women would refuse. Teach me to dance! Wait, don’t go.
– Sister, take this. Leave me. Sister! Not from here, let’s hit from upstairs.
– Okay. You wait boy. He’s finished! Come. Stop, l’ll fall down. l feel giddy… leave me… Last time when you fell down,
you took 6 months to get up again. How many months will you take this time? Two arm lengths of jasmine garland. Stop! Should get the girls married
once they mature! Before your younger daughter elopes,
get her married to me. Answer me. Who are you, man? My name is Siva Kesava,
from North Andhra, l was 25 years old, and new to this place.
– We know that you’re new. Don’t interfere in his matter. We should not interfere
in others’ matter. That means he should not
interfere in his matter. You can go, sir. You can go, sir.
You tell me, sir. How dare you?
l’ll straighten you. l bent it.
Let me how you straighten it. Clean the vehicle neatly. He came like a buffoon and
turned into a storm. What is this, boss? Small fish is swallowed by big fish, big fish is swallowed by whale! Did you call me?
– l shouted. – What for? You spoiled my design twice. l didn’t see it.
– No, you did it deliberately. l didn’t do it deliberately.
– No you did it. lf l do it deliberately,
it will be like this! lt’s broken! Chandrakala! Where the hell are you? The power was off,
while l’m eating. Light the candle.
– Coming, step mom. How long!
– l am searching. Where did l keep it?
– Are you still searching? What?
– Shall l restore power immediately? Do something.
My hands are drying up. Where is the main? Come, l’ll show you.
Why are you coming, aunt? She can show.
– Well said. You go. – You come. l’ll break your teeth
if you call me informally. This is the main.
– ls it? l can’t see anything. Show me your teeth!
– Why? – Just show! Hey…my fate! Have you seen it?
l’ll tell aunt. Hold this! We have to join the fuse l ate non-vegetarian too
for your sake. Shut up, don’t show your teeth.
The dawn may break out! Wait for some time. You too should know
how he had played with me. The other day he spoiled my design. Yesterday he made me show my teeth
and treated like a monkey No way. l should think something
and make him vacate the house. Sister. l think somebody is
thinking about me. Vacate the house
that’s a big help to us. House? Vacate?
Why should l? l’m paying rent.
– Who wants your damn rent? Damn?! My sister used to dance there. Damn sister! lf you dare to speak
anything bad about my sister… l’ll…l’ll talk as l like.
Do whatever you can. lf you dare take on me… l know how to make you vacate. Snake…snake… One who has a snake
around the neck is Lord Shiva, One who has a flute
in the hand is Lord Krishna, He is not an ordinary man,
he’s Sivakesava! ls it you?
– Kesava. What is this? l became wife of 60 year old man
at the young age of 16, l couldn’t find a male to fulfill
my desires till l saw you, please don’t say no. Look Mohini, unrequited love is
like living with a corpse! Please go away.
– Not that… – Go away! Sister! Where are you?
– l am here. Are you here?
Okay, look at yourself well. You won’t have nose or ear
to wear nose pins or ear studs, no feet to wear anklets, no eyes
to see yourself in mirror, sister. Tell me, what is the matter?
– Land lord has come from London. Sister…sister… What shall we do now? Damn it! lt’s like the hot pan
complaining to the stove, lt’s okay for you, you can survive
begging at any temple door. What about me?
l’ll not stay here. l’m leaving. Landlord has called, didn’t he? You go ahead, l’ll follow you. He has asked to bring
us both, didn’t he? Why are you surprised?
Let’s go. l’m Ankappa talking.
l’m alright… l’m alright.
Our Landlord has come from London. l’ve to speak in low voice.
You too speak in low voice. Are you asking, what he is doing?
Presently he’s playing instrumental music. We came for your grace, Lord. l’ve to make a plea to your highness, Pournami… Pournami has eloped. l am the God. That’s why, a danseuse dancing before idol of
Shiva must dance before me first, and spend 3 nights with me,
a strange desire took over me. l informed you. Before l boarded the ship,
you said Pournami is all mine, l presented you with gold and jewels. When l got down from the ship,
you say that she has eloped. Pournami didn’t elope,
she has escaped. What l have to do, now? Okay, what you have to do now? Sister, jewels around your neck
appear like noose to me. These are the ornaments you
presented to me for Pournami. l couldn’t hand over her to you
as per our agreement, so l’m returning the
ornaments to you. That’s not what l’m saying, my Lord. Until now l trusted this fool,
he couldn’t find her. Now l’ll sell these jewels and
send men to search entire country, l’ll find Pournami and
present her at your feet. Permit us to leave, lord. Excellent! l’m leaving you for your
cleverness and presence of mind. Show this intelligence in
finding Pournami. You can live, then. Go. Your Highness is very kind
that’s why you pardoned them. lt’s not a praise. lt’s true. How will be praise then?
– You’re Lord Vishnu. You’re resting on snake bed
in the sea of milk, but no Goddess Lakshmi to massage
your legs, l’m there instead. l’m a blessed one.
Not a blessed one! l want to talk an important
matter with you. Boss! There she is! l forgot the whole thing.
l pardoned you. Leave me. Then at least have sugarcane
juice with me. l’ll take it as you pardoned me, then. Okay. Have it. Damn her! Where are you running away? Don’t bother about them.
You first it drink. Please drink it. Drink it. Hold this. Have you seen? Though you came
forward l didn’t back off. lt means l’m not scared of you. Got scared, boss? He put his hands into the pocket,
l was just wondering… Marbles, boss.
– Marbles… Something had happened. Did you hit me? Yes boss. He hit you. Trouble is over.
At least drink now. Glass is there.
Where is the juice? l drank it. What is this?
Both of them fell on each side! Chandrakala! Come down! Become a palanquin
and carry my weight… Become my feet and
make me walk… l need this and that..
Only you must everything… I want to soar high into sky… I want to jump and play on blue sky… See the world of stars… Let’s go there… Are you a frightening dream… Or a sculptor par excellence… A twirling tide or
a mischievous funny man… A crafty trap or
a chill in mid summer… Don’t know who you are…
And why did cross my path… You won’t leave me alone…. Okay, let’s go, my lord… After waking me up… This side or that side… We must be get going… ln the gushing waterfalls… In the glittering water drops of water… With a lot of fanfare…
my anklets must match with it… In the sweet songs of parrots…. ln the thrills of first touch… Accompanied by laughter… l should enjoy fun and frolic… Be a palanquin… lt’s dawn!
Step mom may scold me. l got a good alliance
for Chandrakala. We needn’t pay a penny as dowry. They’ll bear entire marriage expenses. Name is Kanaka Rao.
From Vadareyi. He lost his wife 10 years ago. Stop! Next month 10th
he’s completing 60 years, it seems he doesn’t want to
celebrate it without a wife, that’s why, he wants to
marry immediately. Kantham, do you want to Chandrakala
to marry a 60 year old man? Atrocious.
– Yes, indeed. Didn’t you take me as second wife? How can you’ve different rules
for me and your daughter? l don’t care about it.
l’ll not agree to this alliance. l don’t mind if she remains
a spinster.- So be it. You said that yourself. Okay, let her be spinster,
teach her to dance. Are you surprised about
my sudden thought? Reason for it is the letter written
by our tenant to your daughter. lt never hit my dumb brain
till l saw it. Read it. Chandrakala, dance is in
your body and soul, you danced so well
without proper training, if a great dance teacher
like your father trains you… he can make you a great dancer. Listen to me.
Learn to dance. Seems dance is in your
daughter’s body and soul. Why can’t she dance before lord
instead of him? She will not. l’ll not teach dance to Chandrakala. You won’t teach her to dance or
marry her off, then what will you do? Will you make her a prostitute? Solution is not in God’s hands
but in your actions. Who are you?
What do you know? Do you think everything is over
with few words on a paper? Do you think you saved us? Or do you think we don’t know dance
is in our blood until you said it! Why are you then watching
it silently doing nothing? Not because l can’t do it, l know what would happen
if Chandrakala dances, What will happen?
– Everything will be ruined. Chandrakala’s life will get
ruined by the landlord The dance which ought to be
performed before Lord Shiva, will be performed before
that scoundrel. Women is my family mustn’t dance
before anyone other than Lord Shiva. That’s why to avoid it happening, l taught my daughter to
dance for 10 years, with a wish that she may
live happily elsewhere, l had sent her away myself!
– l know. What did you say?
– l know it. Who are you? Chandrakala will learn to dance. Ask her to say it. You are my darling!
My sweet darling! You needn’t worry about it,
give it to me, l’ll tie it. Tell that Kanaka Rao to find
another bride.- Okay sister. You like pudding, right?
Wait, l’ll bring it l’m really excited! Father, you said no. But now you want me to dance.
What’s all this? l used to say Lord Shiva
will show a way, right? Now he has shown a way. But..
– You’ll know when time comes. Father! Embodiment of great thought of soul… The beautiful tune of life… The ever new persistent rhythms… Are essence of the whole world… Sir, she’ll be dancing before
the God in the temple. l want her. lf you promise not to ask for Pournami,
only then I’ll arrange this girl. Why are you reading at the doorsteps?
You can read in the house. Nobody is in home, father.
So l got scared. – Scared? Why fear?
Where is your sister? To fulfill a vow mother took
her to Goddess’ temple. Vow? That too on a no moon day! Wear this sari.
– No step mom. l’ll go home Damn it! Catch her. Leave me. How dare you? Get her ready. Leave me. Chandrakala stop. Catch her. Catch her. What will you get by dancing
before Lord Shiva in the temple? Except a share in the offerings. You dance before me.
This palace will be yours. Dance! Dance! Dance l say. Why did you stop? Play on. Play the music! l came to take Chandrakala.
l’ll take her like a man. lf you’ve guts and if you’re legal
son of your father, come alone, lf you can’t then… Chandrakala is my life’s destination. lf you dare to touch even her shadow,
l won’t consider you’re a woman. Give and take policy is always good…
Give me your heart… Give it… lt’s good if we unite…
Give me your beauty… Give it… No need of auspicious time
for enjoying pleasures… Advance further…
Why don’t you take liberty with me? Boy must ask a kiss…
Girl must refuse it… Why are you reversing the roles? Oh! My dear king… What if you agree the truth…
Aren’t you pining for me? O rose with thorns… Why don’t you fear a little? I’m little nervous on seeing it… For your looks and bite…
tender flower won’t whither… For the heat of loneliness…
Chill sandal paste is there to cool… O my moon… Gestures of this pearl like girl…
lsn’t it provoking desires in you? O Cupid… Won’t this maiden’s body pine? When you string and
aim the sugar cane bow… Why are you ogling stealthily
the beauty which is all yours? Why are you scared like a thief
when you can rule over me like lord? Fight with you.
Friendship with you. Whether it’s dream or reality,
when l close eyes you are there. You are there
when l open my eyes also. After hearing you say that
Chandrakala is my life’s destination, l understood the meaning
of sensation in my heart. lt’s love!
l can’t express it in words. But l’ll tell one thing.
You are my life. Are you fine, nephew? Why did you come?
– Felt like seeing you once, not for me. For your wife! l didn’t like what you did.
What is this nonsense? Writing letters on rockets and
getting dejected for not getting reply What shall l do then? Love mustn’t be childish affair, go and ask him straight on his face.
What about me? That’s all?
– That’s it! Are you worried because
l said she’s your wife? l said so because
you’re engaged. My daughter is pining for you. You promised to be Lord Rama
but romancing like Lord Krishna. You mean?
– lt’s difficult to keep promise. But if you break, it’s a great loss. Didn’t get me? Can you understand after seeing this
love letter sent by the girl next door? l’ll come again.
– Stop, come here. He is my uncle.
– Greetings sir She’s the girl next door. My fiance`. Now, you go. Go away. Greetings sir. The reason for calling you is…
– l know sir. His name is Sivakesava, but nobody knows who’s he
and where did he come from, recently we had a fight too… l know about your fight. l must know his details. l need his history. l got it, sir. Mallika…my fiance`. You are missing the rhythm.
Don’t you know? Why is she running away
removing the anklets? What happened to her? Father is waiting. Come on. l won’t come.
l don’t want to dance. lt’s wrong.
What you think is wrong. You must concentrate on dance only. Your slap isn’t hurting me more
than the slap on my heart. Why are you playing with me? Why did you come closer to me? lf you really don’t love me, why did you save me from the
clutches of landlord risking your life? lf you don’t like me,
then why did you say, Chandrakala is my life’s destination,
why did you do all this? Speak out.
Why did you do all this? For Pournami! Peacock won’t dance
to attract others… Gushing streams never asks
anyone which way to flow… lf we say O passing along…
the mountain wind will echo… Answering the call,
won’t the sky pour down? Feeling drops as a burden…
if dark cloud drop them… While going sleepless and
restlessness chases me… The forest took me to into
it’s bosom like a mother… As an infant it’s swaying me
like a swing among the branches… Who is gently giving
this confidence to me? Flowers are getting friendly
and touching me… Air caresses my head with love
and wiping tears from eyes… The dream is coming true now… The art hidden in statues…
has learnt to walk… What will be my future
Who will ask me tenderly? Who is it? Who is it? Why don’t you speak out? Who is it? Who is it? Who is it?
– lt’s him! Don’t shout.
– Bloody rogues! Brother! She’s leaving. Where are you going? l’ll talk to her once.
– lt’s time for college, let’s go. What happened to you?
l’ll tell mom. Brother! Brother! l killed him, father.
– What? – l killed him, father. Mother…mother… O my wife, our elder son has
killed Narasimha Naidu’s son. Cut chicken and goats!
Let entire village make merry. Where is that bloody son of bitch? You know that my family and
Narasimha Naidu’s family have long enmity, Knowing all this you fixed your
daughter’s marriage fixed with my son, breaking the promise, how dare you
fix marriage with Narasimha Naidu’s son? Okay, you were foolish,
what happened to Narasimha Naidu? That’s why l killed his son. Now marry your daughter
to his dead body. We’ll come and bless the couple.
Go away. Don’t laugh my sons. l don’t want
to hear your laugh but their cries. ln the 20 years of fight between us,
l lost an eye, and my elder son lost a hand.
The clan fight stopped there. But enemy’s heirs are still there.
Now, luck is back in favour of us. The war has started again.
Only we must win. We must. lf you’d told this before
we would’ve killed them also. Traditions. Traditions didn’t start after we were born.
We were born after traditions started. Killing or being killed must
happen according to traditions. Remember it. Dear Pournami.
Are you still thinking about it? l saw for the first time
a man being killed. Who are they?
Why did they kill him? This is common for them.
That tea shop man told me. The victim is Narasimha Naidu’s son. The killer is Nagendra Naidu’s son. Killings stopped between these families
20 years ago, now it has started again You mean the deceased’s
relatives will avenge the killing? They’ll not kill immediately.
– Be quiet. Do they fix auspicious time for it? Though a fool you said it right.
They do fix auspicious time to kill. They hang the blood stained shirt
of the dead man before their house. 0They’ll wait till the blood stain
changes to yellow color. Once it turns yellow,
then heir of the family will take revenge. Blood turned yellow. Sivakesava, your brother’s blood
is asking you to avenge. Asking you to spill enemy’s blood.
Go. No, father…don’t send brother.
lf anything happens to him. You are a little girl.
Don’t talk like an elder. No dear. We gave books to our
children and sent them to school, to see them educated
and working in city. Not to see their dead bodies. Nagendra Naidu knows that
you’ll get provoked easily, That’s why he fought with you
and killed our eldest son, lf you send our son to avenge, he’ll not lose anything with 3 sons,
but we’ll lose our only surviving son. No please. Look there. Were they not children?
Were they not born to mothers? My mother had 9 sons, buried 8
of them with her hands. Why? For the sake of family honour. l’ll give to my children,
what l got from my elders, family honour only! l avenged for my elder brother’s killing.
You avenge your brother’s killing. Father! Mother! Kill only your brother’s killer.
Go, do it. Search that side. Father, Narasimha Naidu is here.
– l know. Go and offer it. After 20 years you only drenched
our peaceful homes with blood, l lost my son.
Your son is also dead. Life for life, it’s balanced! We will stop it hereafter. Because you asked for compromise. l’ll stop. But only till my son’s
blood turns yellow. Till that time nobody will
dare touch your son. Go now. Stop the car, stop it. Dear congrats.
You did a nice job. You did a good thing by killing
Nagendra Naidu’s son. No male should be spared in that family. Kill the other two also.
Then let’s marry happily. Why aren’t you speaking?
Come, let’s go home. You go. l’ve some work. l bunked my exam and
came for you. l didn’t go to my village also.
Do you know? Mallika, you go and talk with mother,
l said l’ll come. Alright. Greetings sir. Great opening today! Enjoy songs, dances! l’ll dance beautifully…
And defeat everyone… l’ll spread my beauty and charm you… High bred rose…
Watch the shining beauty… lf anyone tries to come closer… The shine will turn into
thorns and prick you… Who are you? Leave my hand. Who are you?
– Who are you? – Leave. No brother, let’s go. Today’s show is over.
Come tomorrow. Take the girl inside.
– Okay sir. Come. Come. Who is he, brother?
– Whoever might be came at right time, Else that drunkards would’ve
troubled us. Go inside! Thank God!
He came like an angel to save us. What’s this aunt?
He hasn’t come yet. lt’s 1 1 pm. Madam, your parents will be
waiting for you. Come, madam. Okay aunt. Tell him that
l waited till midnight. Proportionate body moves enchantingly… Nectar filled speech make up literature… Whole movements out shine
very smoothly… The stars and the moon
in deep eternity… Uniting in deep eternity… Hello! Stop him. Open the door. Don’t know if you remember me
or not, but l’ll never forget you. Make it fast. lf we reach at dusk,
show may get cancelled. Coming, father,
shouldn’t we pack the bags? You can say anything doing nothing. Come, sister.
– Brother. What’s it sister? That man? Greetings sir.
Let’s go. Brother! Now l understood why you were
dull since morning? Father, luggage fell down.
You go on, we’ll follow after loading it. Okay. Don’t delay.
Come fast. Hey man, come and help us. Won’t you help until someone
holds my sister’s hand? Come. Lift. Climb. Why are you perplexed?
Get into the cart. What’s the guarantee that those goons
will not return to torment my sister? Help us cross village border safely.
Get into the cart. They aren’t talking to each other. l’m asleep, talk gently.
Got me? The sky is blue, isn’t it? Sky has blue since my childhood.
What next? lt’s cloudy. l think it’ll rain.
– Clouds? lf you sing, clouds and rain will
come it’s own. What next? Don’t you feel earth and sky
are uniting at horizon? Stop it! They appear united but never unite. First think of your union.
l’ll take bath till then. lt’s been a week since l had a bath.
– Brother! lsn’t the pigeon searching
for a partner? Who are you? Some times you dance
silly with a tambourine, and at times you do classical
dance wearing anklets. Why? Won’t you tell me? We are not so close to tell about me. l’ll tell you when we get closer. Can l leave now?
– When will you come again? Will you come tomorrow?
– No, by today evening. Pournami, be careful.
You may fall down. She has already fallen.
– What? That tall man Sivakesava and
Pournami make a great pair. You fool! Shall l make Pournami say that?
– Go ahead. Sivakesava! When did you come? See father. There…there… Pournami, Sivakesava didn’t come.
l was kidding. Will you agree now, father? You! Wait! Lying to me…l’ll kill you! Don’t smile like anklets… O hibiscus… Don’t drag me unto you…
O beautiful damsel… You taught the dance to earth…
O peach… You put shackles to wind also… ls it your skill to change me like this? It’s your magic web…
Don’t say no, dear… You gave life to desires…
O enchanting man… You added colours to night… We know each other
for just a day only… But the ecstasy is for many ages… All that your eyes see isn’t true… May be real truth is hidden in heart… My story is a shattered dream.. Is it having a new lease of life? Love is the boon that gives life
and gives birth to new life… Our lifeline is love… Are you going to his house?
– Yes father. Look at this photo, dear.
He’s smart and studying in London. lf you say yes,
l’ll fix the marriage date. No, dear.
l know you’ll get angry. When you were born it was who said
Sivakesava’s wife is born not my daughter. But things are not different now. You too know it. Nagendra Naidu’s sons
may kill him at any time. What? What is this? l’ll kill you. Will you kill your own father? l told him to find another
alliances for you. Then, l’ll kill you also.
You die as chaste married woman. Let it be anyone who dares come
between me and Siva, be careful. Hey look up! Hasn’t the pigeon found a partner
here after a good search? Made for each other couple, like us. Really? Where did it fall? Brother, it is there. What happened?
Why are you so scared? You don’t know about them.
They are brutal beasts. They killed a man.
l saw it with my eyes. That other day Peddaiah told me. ln this village members of
two families kill each other. How can a man kill another? l hate such people. l don’t even want wind
breezing from their side. Come, let’s go. You go. Mother is waiting for me.
l must go home. How can a man kill another? l hate such people. l don’t even want wind
breezing from their side. What’s this, dear?
You’re not seen off late. Do you know, how many
times l had come for you? Ask aunt she will tell. Why are you going away from me? Come, let’s go out. lt’s been many
days since we had a free talk Mallika, leave me alone please.
Go. Why should l go?
l’m your future wife. l have the right.
l’ll not go. Come! Who told you’re my wife?
Did l ever accept it? Not that dear.
– Go away. Go… Madam, l shouldn’t tell you, but much water is flowing
the down the bridge. Your cousin is after a gypsy girl. She is a street girl.
She’s wandering dancer. He fell into her trap
and thinks its love. Kesava, it’s true that nothing
must secret in love. But sometimes a lie that unites is
better than the truth that separates. Don’t tell the truth to Pournami. She’ll know it someday, mother. She’ll know only if you’re here.
– Mother. Your father wants revenge.
You want love. Nagendra Naidu wants your death.
l want you to live. Go away. From hatred to love,
from death to life, take that girl and leave this place. No mother. lf l go away, father is
very sensitive about family honour, and may kill himself for it, mother. l would rather kill my love than
let my father commit suicide. l’ll go and tell the truth to her.
l will tell her. Madam, she’s Pournami. You’re fair and beautiful,
might’ve ruined many families, what’s my cousin’s number? What are you saying?
Who are you? Stop, brother.
Madam is talking, right? Pandu, you wait.
Who are you madam? You’re insulting my daughter.
Who is your cousin? The man she has trapped
and meets everyday. You mean Sivakesava? Not Sivakesava but Sivakesava Naidu,
son of Narasimha Naidu. He was born in a family
that gives lives for honour. He’s a tiger who hunted down
his brother’s killer mercilessly. What is his status and what is yours? We are going to marry soon, you’re taking him away from me,
leave him for me. Else none of you would live.
Be careful. Stop. Where are you going so hastily?
– To see Pournami… She’s still alive with your mercy. You can’t see her. go away.
– What happened Pandu? l’m telling you.
Can’t you understand? Go. l’m telling you. Can’t you hear?
l’m telling you to go. Go You wait, father.
Will you kill me? Kill me! Killing people is routine to you. Though you didn’t tell us,
we know your history. Sir, we are gypsies
wandering for livelihood, you were born in an honourable family.
Please stay away from us, sir. Don’t know whose child she is?
She came to our tribe and joined us. Don’t trouble her.
Let bygones be bygones. You please leave, please go away.
– l’ll go away, Peddaiah. First let me have a word
with Pournami. l’ve had enough for a life. There’s nothing for him
to say and me to listen. Please ask him to leave. Does your heart know where to go? Which way to go,
if you put fence around yourself… Why did such a strong bond
got entangled me? Why did she herself broke
it so quickly? Stop Ramudu.
Who are you madam? You’re blocking our way. l am Sivakesava’s mother.
l want to speak with Pournami. Father! Father.
– What? lt has turned yellow.
– What? The blood has turned yellow, father. For 25 years l never crossed
my threshold or my husband’s words, today l came for the sake of my son. l’ll never say my son isn’t a killer, but you must know, why he had to. Father look, it has turned yellow.
– Wait. Has it turned yellow completely?
– Yes father, completely. After death of Narasimha Naidu’s son
surname remains only on gravestones. Only on their gravestones. Kill him. Brother, it didn’t turn yellow, did it? Why did you tell a lie?
– To save my life. We can’t win him in a fair battle. We must strike him
when he’s careless. Today is the right time for his death. Sir, he’s not here. l know where he is. Pure love mustn’t get separated. God is in front of you, open your hearts to each other,
everything will be alright. Apply this vermillion on my forehead
and make me yours. Marriage is the only solution
for our separation. Apply it. No Pournami. Without my knowledge
l fell in love with you. But now l know the situation, l don’t
want to commit another mistake wantonly. God is there to decide it, not us. Your mother told me how you
struggled to honour your father’s word. l can understand how much
you would’ve suffered. Somebody must come…
that wish must come true today… Which way to follow…
my destination must be you… lf you send a word….
my silent heart… Will reply to you with love… I spent my days as past
with memories only… I was like a ship caught in swirl
before reaching your safe shore… ln depths of heart
I was dark and gloomy… ln the gleam of eyes,
I’m shining like the moon… Why this trap of twinkling
and shining moonbeam? Brother-in-law, Nagendra Naidu’s sons
are conspiring leaving traditions, l came running to you,
where is my nephew? Let’s attack him together.
Be careful. Why everyone?
You are enough. l purchased the tea shop man,
from where he has his daily tea. l mixed sedative in his tea. lt must be working on him by now. But still we must be prepared. Let’s attack together. Come He’s escaping! Come, let’s see if he’s dead or alive? Let’s go. Kesava, all night l prayed for
only one thing with God, to keep me alive till you come. What happened?
What had happened? That Nagendra Naidu’s people… What have you done?
To save my life… Kesava, l wanted to tell about me
after getting close to you. But l had to tell you at the
time of our separation. Finding no other go,
though my father sent me out, But l was keen to dance in
the temple and it kept me alive. But now no hope of doing it. Will you fulfill my last wish? Siva, go away.
Leave this village. That great lady’s sacrifice has
killed the revenge in me. Her respect to the traditions is
noble than my stubbornness. Prove that only Pournami is reduced
to ashes but not her ideals. Go. Nagendra Naidu shouldn’t
know you’re alive. Be careful Don’t worry, nephew. l won’t tell
Nagendra Naidu that you’re alive. Just as you’d promised the dead girl,
give a promise to my daughter also, that you’ll marry her. Can’t avoid it.
We’ve no other choice. My daughter’s life is important to me,
promise given to her is important to you. We’ll wait till you
complete your mission. We’ll keep it a secret.
Please understand us. Thank God. He agreed.
You go along with my son-in-law. Take care of him well. Why tears in your eyes?
Do you think that l’ve left you? l am not going anywhere.
l’ll be with you always. l’ll live in your heart. Chandrakala, l kept it a secret till
now to keep you away from pain. l came closer to you to fulfill
your sister’s ideals through you. l said you’re my life’s destination
because l wish to make you dance. Your sister’s life is in every
anklet bell you threw away. Come. Sister, bless me to perform dance
tomorrow in temple without any hurdles. My son lied to me that he
killed Sivakesava Naidu. l made a mistake, father. ln the dark night,
l couldn’t see clearly. l thought he was dead.
l won’t commit a mistake again. Within 24 hours l’ll offer
his body at your feet. Brother! Son! Stop, he’s not our son.
Useless fellow. Don’t cremate his body. Let’s cremate his body along
with Sivakesava’s body. Do you know why l left you alive? Only to kill him, father. Good. They’ll do what they have to. Let’s do our bit. Let me see how can she dance in temple
before performing in front of me? Hail Lord Shiva! This offering is for the Lord Shiva,
who dances ferociously in Mt. Kailasa… To him who along with Gowri…
Dance in rhythmic movements… As the scriptures of Bharatha…
Doing ever eternal dance… These feet are moving,
O Lord Shiva… As an offering to Shiva… As the agony of mother earth… The words came from heart, O Lord… Lord with blue body…show mercy… Be benevolent to me… Lord with blue body…
with hillock as your abode… Hear my pleas and
answer me… You born from our minds…
The Supreme Lord… You’re king who rules over us…
O Lord Shiva… Hail Lord Shiva! That great lady your consort…
was consumed by fire… She sacrificed body and
became part of you… The eternal power born
as Parvathi, daughter of Atri… Reached the groom,
whom she desired and loved… To reveal the existence of Lord… To bring heaven on earth… To bring the essence of passions…
lt turned a sage into fervid… At this sacred moment… lsn’t it like Pournami herself dancing? Stop it. Shouldn’t stop it. Calling you affectionately,
O Lord of Himalayas… O Lord, in a sage’s attire,
can’t you show kindness? O Lord, you crushed the
head of demon Mahisha… O Lord, the protector of his devotees… With you protective gesture…
with sounds of enchantments… With the postures causing fear… With the life that is verbalized… Hear the sound of rhythm… Hail Lord Shiva! Pournami, it happened as
you’d wished. Are you happy now? Come, let’s go. Shall we go now? He’s waiting outside anxiously
for you to open eyes. Shall we go? Let her open eyes.
l’ll speak to her once and then go. But l have to go a long way… l thought he was my life,
but when it mattered my life, l stepped out from the line of fire. You saved his life risking yours. He’s not mine but yours. You must be his wife not me. l’ll take leave. Don’t have any second thoughts, Pournami will be happy to see
you and Chandrakala’s union. Pournami, you are missing the rhythm. Don’t you know?
Dance. What’s it, dear? Mother is scolding me.
l won’t learn dance. Okay, don’t learn dance, okay? l’ll take you to a place tomorrow,
which you’d never seen before. Will you come with me?
– Where? l’ll not tell but show you. Okay, father. Give a kiss to your father. Traditions must flourish!


  1. Suuuuper song. Sharmi dance is better. But why don't u choose a proper dancer for this role. We have really talented artist … that song really crushed me.

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