[Premier Movie]  The King of Soldiers 单兵之王 Wolf Warrior, Eng Sub 战狼 | Martial Arts Action 动作片 1080P

[Premier Movie] The King of Soldiers 单兵之王 Wolf Warrior, Eng Sub 战狼 | Martial Arts Action 动作片 1080P

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Thanks and enjoy. Welcome to subscribe our channels. Starring: Liu Yafeng Zou Ruiman Starring: Yang Zhitao Liu Chenyu Starring: Tan Zhiping Han Jinshan A Liu Yafeng’s Film The worst choice you’ve made is to make trouble in China The King of Soldiers Cat Triple Eye has failed his mission What? Cat Hello Triple Eye and his army have been killed? Boss Boss, I have some news about Triple Eye What? Triple Eye and the whole army were killed What? That’s stupid That bunch of idiots Well China is forbidden by the mercenaries to save someone who is trapped in that field What the hell is wrong with China? China is a hell for the mercenaries in fact There is a secret army called Individual Combat and there are only a few people in that army But each of them was picked one in a million and I suspect that Triple Eye and his team were killed by this army What should I do? Wen Fang, that stupid woman She was arrested by the Chinese police force and she knows my Swiss bank code Well Miss was sentenced for three years How about we just wait for three years? Three years? I don’t have three years I have a lot of business to do You phone Leopard to get Wen Fang back immediately You tell him by all means necessary to get her back from the Chinese police force And remember, get Wen Fang back safely Sir We got a news Tulong Mercenary has send their men into China They must have a purpose as they have been here for many times No matter what they want we must stop them Yes, sir my men have been waiting for some activities They are challenging the dignities of Chinese Army and Police Send the Individual Force there There is no problem if we send them as they are the best of the best To be honest they are gonna die as to make trouble in China What’s more We must find out what their purpose is Yes, sir Let Long Hun lead the force Long Hun? Bro Long Ting Be careful this time Yes Bro Kun When should we start the mission? Right now But You are not in What do you mean? I can believe I am fortunately to see the so-called king of soldiers What are you talking about? I can’t understand Stop playing I have noticed you for a long time If I wasn’t wrong Ting was killed by you Well What do you wanna do? I think it is a universal way to treat a traitor and spy To show my respect I can give you one last chance Only if you can beat them four can I let you go You’re targeted Really? No one can stop me if I want to leave Bro Long In fairness we’re not going to hit you together Let me do the first Xiao Fei What are you doing? Xiao Fei Are you with him too? What a fucking mess Motherfucker Xiao Fei Xiao Fei, Xiao Fei Xiao Fei Wake up Xiao Fei I find you a doc Last time Long Hun went undercover with his company but his company died He hasn’t had a good mood since then How about him now? Long Hun is a soldier He can make it Yes, sir Is that true? Can you have such a long vacation? Are you kidding me? Of course it’s true I never lie to you Um Do you? Don’t mention that Let’s go to amusement park tomorrow Ok, ok, ok Sweetheart It’s me Ok I know Who’s that? Well Hey Your vacation is cancelled? Well Yes I was told to go back I know that Don’t be angry, Xin Xin Next time I must go with you Ok? No Ok I was kidding I’m used to your job Forget it What I like is you Go Thank you, Xin Xin Ok Just go I’m sorry Um Go, go, go Who are you? Me? I am the death Why are you here? Leopard wants to know the code Do I look like a fool? Go back and tell Wild Wolf I’ll give him the code when I get out of here Leopard and you will get nothing from me Leopard got the order from boss I already told you I will give it to him when I see him outside Leopard Zhou Wen Fang gave a shit to me She will give it when she meets with boss Move Yes Tian Hou, hurry up Here we are Not yet, go to the finish line Move Let’s see what can catch up with Lie Ying Shit Does this count? You’re fast Disobedient? Let’s try something else Well How about we have a bet on the mission this time? Sure Fine Sir, I’m Tian Hou Sir, I’m Lie Ying Sir, I’m Shag Lang Good I’ll give you a brief for this mission According to our information Tulong Mercenary has got into our country Our mission this time is to eliminate them kill them all Move out Hey, Shen Fengjie Um Hey, it’s you I’m Yan Hua Yan Hua? We had been neighbors for more than ten years Where did you move to ten years ago? Come on, let’s have a meal No, I got to go home I give your parents a call It’s ok Here is my car, let’s go How about next time? I’ve got something to do I’m serious Don’t crap, let’s go Get in What are you doing? I don’t know you Get the fuck into the car Are you talking about Shen Fengjie? I don’t like man like him He is good Absolutely a young and handsome boy I don’t like boys I like a man with masculinity Oh Since you like that kind of man Um The man I met last time was your boyfriend? What a man! I’m gonna buy two cups of coffee Um What flavor do you like? Xin Xin Xin Xin Where are you? Xin Xin Let me fill your cup, cheers Cat, let’s have a drink Me too Come on, empty the cup Ok Come on Cheers Drink Shan Mao Who is that? Who are you? Triple Eye asked me to greet you Well, well, well, good Brothers We are friends Teach him a lesson Ok Hi, bro Wanna dink? Refuse to answer me So cool Shit Where is Leopard? I don’t know You don’t know? Bro You’re a gentleman Let me go Let you go? Then tell me where he is I don’t know the details I just know he stays in the forest of Mountain 2 Hurry up Follow Move Hurry up Hurry Faster Faster Faster Don’t hesitate Hurry Sweetie, don’t be afraid I’m a good man I’ll beg my boss not to kill you Relax Really? Thank you Hey, bro My arms hurt Can you loose me? Please Okay King Kong Yes Boss Leopard You… King Kong Is it the time? You wanna die? No I just think she is poor Poor? How about us? We don’t even know if we can leave here Move Hurry up Xiu Luo How long we have been together? 17 years 17 years Our job is just like a show hand gambling Don’t care how much on the table how much you can win One wrong step You lose all Yes Li We must pay more attention to this mission That’s for sure Who’re you? Hello, director Li I’m Leopard Leopard? What’s the matter? I’m asking you for a little favor What’s it? I want a woman It is your choice to agree or disagree Whom Zhou Wen Fang Impossible Director Li You should know about these people Uncle Li, it’s me Xiao Shen, help Release the hostages You’re good at joking If you release the woman I can give them back to you in safe Move You are familiar with these people but she is the most familiar one Xin Xin Aren’t you in the university? How can they get you? Help, father Director You have a beautiful daughter How about I stab on her face? If you dare to do that You can’t have a happy death We won’t beg for survival since we have come here Don’t threaten us Let them go It seems director Li hasn’t understood who is the boss here Um Don’t kill me Captain It’s a mess here We can’t find out their direction Research it Forgive me P266 handgun Two o’clock Full speed You I don’t have the right to release her Listen up You have three hours If you can’t give me a satisfied answer after the deadline I’m gonna kill one every 10 minutes Don’t worry I leave your daughter to the last Ok I…I promise you That’s good Thanks Don’t worry I’ll keep my words You give her to me I give them to you Leopard Does he agree? I have her daughter He can’t refuse Hey The woman looks familiar It seems I have seen her Hey Is she your girlfriend? Ah, no I could be wrong It’s ok We can rescue them without any danger Captain How is that? There are 8 gangsters 4 long guns and 1 handgun 5 hostages and one of them was dead Sir Action Yes Time to act Shan Lang take 10 o’clock Lie Ying, 2 o’clock Got you Tian Hou Get the hostages I’m going to divert their attention Move Sister What grade are you in? I’m a junior What’s that? The third year in a university Fuck off Don’t interrupt I’m asking her Do you have a boyfriend? Um, no, I don’t You’re beautiful how couldn’t you have a boyfriend? King Kong Stop doing that I’m bored Just have a chat Chat with him I have nothing to chat with a man King Kong Where are you going? Dump Will you join me? No Just go alone What are you looking at? You don’t take a dump? What’s going on over there? It’s unusual King Kong is taking a dump Oh What the fuck King Kong Be careful Oh Fucking Fatty Good strength Leopard What should we do next? Keep alert around the hostages Wait for Zhou Wen Fang’s release After that Follow the old rule? Wait for the order Ok Someone over there Check the hostages Ok Sister-in-law Follow me Leopard Are you ok? I’m fine Hostages are gone Leopard You go after them I can handle this Be careful Ok Captain Go and help Tian Hou Yes Shan Lang, be careful Don’t worry Tian Hou Tian Hou Tian Hou Tian Hou Leopard Tian Hou Tian Hou Let’s go Lie Ying Tian Hou Lie Ying I must take revenge for you You’re fooling us and even sent your people here It seems you don’t believe what I said Don’t kill me Uncle Li, help Save me I didn’t send any force I don’t even know your position Don’t bullshit They were special forces and targeted on us I’m wondering if you’re happy to see your daughter naked? Listen up Release the woman I’m not patient Ok Let’s exchange You point the location Don’t negotiate with me Release the woman first How can you guarantee the safety of the hostages? When my woman gets to the safe place I can give your daughter back It depends on you I trust you this time You three go out to keep alert Um Hello, sir Miss failed Tian Hou and Lie Ying were sacrificed Both of them are national heroes They are memorized forever I must regain their honor Do you know their location? Not yet Is there an abandoned factory nearby? Yes There is Are they here? They just called director Li I send you the screenshot Take a look I know the place Ok We release Zhou Wen Fang right now Before she gets in the plane you must rescue the hostages safely Yes, sir I promise Ok I am waiting for your news They should be inside Captain Don’t worry She must be fine Let’s eliminate the fatty first Ok Shan Lang Be careful Did you kill my members? Ask them in the hell Leopard What’s wrong? Long Hun is here Leopard Wen Fang has been released Now you can kill all the hostages When Wen Fang is in the plane You can come back Kill them all Leopard Should we kill this little girl? Zhou Wen Fang is out They are useless now I…I… Are you clear? I said all of them Leopard She is just a little girl She can’t threaten us Idiot I do it myself Leopard Leopard, don’t kill her She is just a little girl Fuck off You pussy Don’t kill her… Fuck you Are you a nonsense? Are you falling in love with her? She looks like Xiao Juan very much I’ve told you We couldn’t but to kill Xiao Juan If we didn’t we all got to die I knew that so I never blame you While Zhou Wen Fang is free now We won’t loss anything if we don’t kill her What’s wrong with you? Just now Long Hun… Leopard Don’t, don’t kill her, plz I beg you You’ve told me that Our job is like a show hand gambling No matter how much we have won Just one wrong step can take away everything from us I lose this time King Kong My brother died for you Remember that forever Played trick on me Are you a man? Let’s fight one-for-one You’re tough but you were caught I’ve heard you special forces are with hot blood I want to confirm that You killed my brothers I would never forgive you You consider about your brothers How about me? Ah? Hahaha One step forward I kill one hostage Let them go I’m your hostage You’re not worth You’ve killed my men It will cost a lot of time to settle our accounts How? Kneel down Stop Well You dare to fight back May I play with you? Haha Kneel down Xiu Luo Let me have a try Xin Xin, save them You knew each other Is it worthy for you to do that? Yes, it is You fight for yourself I fight for the 1.3 billion of people behind me You see? You can’t even protect your brothers How can you speak highly of yourself? You have your job I have my duty Today you meet me is the end of your life Long Hun Long Hun Long Hun Wake up Long Hun You scared me Are you ok? I’m fine Are you ok? Don’t worry Let’s go Let’s go home Ah Ah Long Hun Long Hun Watch your steps


  1. 导演有没有脑子呀!单兵作战的队员会如此傲慢,警惕性差,小菲如何被人捅刀。。不过打戏嘛!还不错。。

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  4. 这也是我第一次看这种没有任何装备的特种兵作战,还亿里挑一,编剧太会编了,导演也会拍。

  5. Los mexicanos somos amantes de la piratería china, porque diablos no las trasmiten en español, traté de entenderle pero está en chino entender.

  6. King of soldier kepala bapak apa sial cite murahan sound effect tumbuk xhbs2 lg
    Incik bos ckp mcm nk teran berak
    Tension siok

  7. Don't waste time watching this cheap budget and low-quality movie with such a bad acting crew.
    Regret wasting my time watching.

  8. parang kalokohan ito, special forces kso wlang baril pero my pocket empty ng magazine… dpat my baril sila, pinag tiyagaan ko n lang n panoorin kc my action…

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