Prom Ride | 2015 Horror Thriller | Heather Paige Cohn | Omar Gooding

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(phone ringing) – [Operator] 911,
what’s your emergency? – [Mr. Cross]
Please, you’ve gotta help me find my daughter! – [Operator] Okay,
sir, calm down, what’s the problem? – [Mr. Cross] I just
received a text message from my daughter, she was on her way to Prom with her friends and their limo got hijacked. – [Operator] Okay, do you
know her last location? – [Mr. Cross] No, I
can’t get through to her, please, you have to
help me find them. – [Operator] Okay, sir,
I’m dispatching units now, but I need some
more information, do you have a
description of the limo? (dramatic music) (sobbing) – [Reporter] We are
here with breaking news, you’re watching
live news coverage of the LAPD in pursuit
of a stretch hummer limousine believed
to be carrying several teens to
their Senior Prom. Authorities were
first notified by a 911 call from one of
the teens’ parents — – [Parker] Yup! Wally, coming to you! What are you doing with your shirt on, we’re at the beach! Kennedy, go! I got you, oh, the
interception, awww! All I see is ass,
ass, ass, ass ass… – [Priscilla] Stop looking! – [Parker] Yeah, whatever. – [Priscilla] Why
you looking, Parker? – [Parker] I like ass, I
like ass, what can I say? Hey Priscilla! – [Priscilla] Yeah? – [Parker] Hi. – Hey, are you
zooming in on my butt? – [Parker] Definitely not. – Hey! – Hey!
– [Parker] Definitely not, easy, Sienne. – You know, Junie
has a nice butt. – [Parker] Okay, you know what? – It’s not like this though. – [Parker] A little too
far, a little too far, okay. There we go. So today is the day. I’m a little nervous and
excited as you can see. There’s this girl, Junie… That I’ve had a crush
on for a long time. Today I’m gonna ask her to Prom. – Parker, let me
see your camera. – [Parker] Hey, easy, easy!
– Come on come on, let’s go. – Kennedy, you got it? – Yeah yeah, come on. All right, let’s do it. – Dude… – Wait, you mean right now? – Yeah! – Okay, okay, I’m
gonna film it, come on. Oh my God, this is
gonna be so good. – Dude, don’t even,
you can’t do it. – Dude, it can’t be that hard. – Do what? – Kennedy is going to try
this impossible sit-up. – [Kennedy] Can you
hold my feet, Priscilla? – Yeah, wait, what’s
so hard about it? – Apparently being blindfolded while trying to do a
sit-up constricts your abs and prevents you from
actually sitting up, so let me try it out. (laughing) – You ready? – [Kennedy] Oh yeah.
– All right. – Oooh, ho ho, whoa!
– What happened? – You couldn’t do it?
– [Kennedy] That’s weird, man! – [Parker] How is it possible? – I told you, man.
– Feels weird. – Wait, what did it feel like? – Come here, you gotta try it, you gotta try it, come here. Leah, can you hold
her feet real quick? – Yeah. – [Kennedy] Thank you. All right, close your
eyes, close your eyes. – Close my eyes?
– [Kennedy] Yeah. – Okay. – All right, now
when Wally takes the shirt off of
you, you’re gonna shoot up instantly,
and then you’re just gonna breathe in
simultaneously, okay? – [Priscilla] Okay. – [Kennedy] Okay, cool. – [Priscilla] Wait
wait wait, I’m scared, is this gonna hurt? – [Kennedy] No, it doesn’t hurt, it just feels a little weird. – [Priscilla] Okay.
– Deep breath, deep breath, yeah, remember to
take a deep breath. – Okay.
– Okay, on the count of three. One, two, three! (farts) (laughing)
– [Priscilla] Hey, that is so gross, that is so gross! – I’m sorry I’m sorry! – [Parker] Aw, he got you. – Sorry, I’m sorry I’m sorry. Bye bye, bye bye… – Gross, stop! – [Parker] You guys
are crazy, man. – You guys are so nasty! That’s just wrong! – [Parker] Oooo, sexy mama! – [Priscilla] Stop! – [Leah] Hey Parker. – [Parker] Yeah? – She’s there now. – She totally likes you. – [Kennedy] (mumble) – Give me that. Here we go! – [Leah] Okay, guys. – All right, let’s go let’s go let’s do it, ready, I got it. – [Priscilla] Yeah, go go! – [Leah] We’ll go in first. – [Parker] I got it. – This is gonna be so cool. – [Leah] This is gonna be cool, this is gonna be awesome! (giggling) – Okay, let’s go,
let’s go, okay. – Hey, Mrs. Loo.
– [Sienne] Hi, Mrs. Loo. – [Loo] Hey girls, Junie
just went out back. – Thanks. – Hey Junie! – Oh, hey, hi, you guys just came from the beach? – Yeah. – Oh, who was there? – Just Wally and Kennedy. – Oh. – Are those the dresses? – Yeah. – You need some help? – Sure. – [Leah] Okay, Sienne, do
you have your dress on yet? – [Sienne] Yeah.
– [Junie] Sienne… – [Leah] Oooh, pretty colors. – It’s so cute,
but it doesn’t fit. – [Leah] I like it though. – [Junie] Let me
see, try to zip it. Oh, maybe not. – Yeah. – [Leah] What about
you, Priscilla? (gasp) I like it! – No. No, that is not
cute, it’s too big. – I know. – You need some color. – It’s a, yeah, it’s
a little weddingy, but I mean it’s cute. – [Sienne] The back
is cute though. – [Leah] Yeah, the back is cute. – Okay, let’s take this off. This will not fit over my butt. – Hold this, wait,
don’t pull down. – Don’t pull my pants down. – I’m not, I’m holding on. – So I have something
to tell you guys. Not to be a Debbie
downer or anything, but I’m going to Prom solo. – What are you talking about? – What, what about Grant? – Yeah, I thought he asked you. – No, he’s going
with somebody else. – Who? – I don’t know, but whatever. – What a dick! – Yeah, he’s such an asshole. – Well who do you wanna go with? ‘Cause you can’t go by yourself. – I don’t know! – There are tons of guys
that’ll go with you. – What about John, he’s cute. – Yeah.
– Mmmhm. – I’m not really feeling him. It’ll be okay, you guys, I mean I’m still gonna
have a good time. – Are you sure? – Yeah. – [Priscilla] Okay, I’m gonna go find a Prom dress. – Yeah, about that… (lighthearted pop music) ♪ (lip syncing) My
heart is beating, ♪The pulse is rushing,
it’s been in my head ♪I’m losing focus,
there’s just been ♪Something on my mind ♪The chance arrives,
but my mind clouds up ♪The words escape
me, I’m all choked up ♪I just never
thought I’d be enough ♪So as you can see,
I can be a little ♪bit awkward, a little bit shy ♪I just get so
nervous every time ♪One thing, one question, that ♪I’ve been meaning to ask you ♪So please, could
you give it a try ♪ So what do you say, you and I ♪Let’s put our lives, our
work, our feelings aside ♪And dance, just
dance the night away ♪Yeah, just one night, I’ll try ♪My best to make
it worth your while ♪And so, on the count of three ♪(One, two) will you
go to Prom with me ♪If you say no, things
will be all right ♪In the end it was worth the try ♪But as you can see, I’d rather ♪Have you standing next to me ♪I couldn’t ask
for anything better ♪So what’s it gonna be ♪So what do you say, you and I ♪Let’s put our lives, our
work, our feelings aside ♪And dance, just
dance the night away ♪Yeah, just one night, I’ll try ♪My best to make
it worth your while ♪And so, on the count of three ♪(One, two) will you
go to Prom with me ♪On the count of three ♪(One, two) will you
go to Prom with me♪ – Oh my God, yes! Yes, yes! – Yeah, (mumble) (cheering)
(clapping) – That was the coolest
Prom proposal ever. – I’m glad you liked it. – [Leah] (laughs) Oh my God. (laughing) – [Sienne] Are you ready? – [Leah] Oh my God! – [Junie] I know. Those are so cute. – Girl, those are to die for, you are gonna be
killing in those shoes. – [Leah] Where did
you get them from? – I got them as a gift. – [Leah] From who? – A good friend. – [Leah] A good friend? – So which dress
should I go with? Do you like either one of these? – I like that one. – That one.
– Yeah. – That’s one’s gorgeous. – I think I found my dress! (squeeing) – Did you dad (mumble) yet? – [Leah] Yup, oh, Alejandra and her date are pitching in too. (squeeing) – [Priscilla] Prom day, Junie. – Hey! – Sienne, she’s driving us.
– Hey. – [Priscilla] Attempting to. – [Sienne] Hey! – [Priscilla] Oh hey,
please focus on the road. Junie, tell us your
thoughts on Parker. – [Sienne] Yeah, Junie. – He’s so cute. – [Sienne] He is really cute. – [Priscilla] What did you
think of his Prom proposal? – Oh my gosh, I felt like… It was amazing, like who would do that for anybody, right? – [Priscilla] I know,
that was so sweet. – Party girl! – [Priscilla] Aw,
that was so cute! – [Sienne] Her
house is this way. – [Junie] No, I
think it’s that one. – [Priscilla] Wait… (brakes screeching)
– [Priscilla] Oh God! Sienne — – [Sienne] Are one
of you gonna drive? It’s this way, no it’s this way. – [Priscilla] What
did we tell you?! – [Sienne] Okay, this is
definitely the wrong way. – [Junie] Wait, is
this a one way street? Like, he was amazing. – [Sienne] Okay guys, I
went the wrong way, yeah. – [Priscilla] Okay, turn
around, turn around. So wait, do you think… Do you think that you guys are gonna be boyfriend and
girlfriend eventually? – Yeah. – [Priscilla] Really?! Do you wanna be?
– Oh my gosh, I think we are — – [Sienne] Aw, you
guys are so cute. That’s so fresh. Okay, what do you guys
feel about my hair? – [Priscilla] Oh my
God, it looks bomb. You’re definitely rocking it. – [Sienne] Are you sure? I want to try
something different. I’m excited, (mumble). – Prom! – [Sienne] I think you guys
are meant to be, for sure. – [Priscilla] And I’d
better be the Maid of Honor. – He’s cool, he’s awesome. – [Sienne] You are so sweet. – [Priscilla] I better
be Maid of Honor at you guy’s wedding. – [Sienne] You will be. – [Priscilla] Promise? – [Sienne] You’ll definitely
be Maid of Honor at mine. Wally loves you. He knows you’re my best friend. – I know, he’s so sweet. Wally, you’re so sweet.
– [Junie] What about me?! – [Sienne] He likes you too. – [Priscilla] Yeah, no,
he doesn’t like Junie. You guys, her house is
right there, right there. – We just got to Leah’s, I’m so excited to start getting ready. – I know, I can’t
wait to see her! – [Priscilla] Wait,
model, model that for me, model the bag. – [Junie] Oh my gosh, this girl. – [Priscilla] Work it, girl! Wait, you have to
rock yours too. – [Sienne] Your
dress, not your body! – Hey, selfie time, woo!
– Woo! – [Priscilla] Oh
my God, you guys — Leah! – Hey, girls! – [Unison] Hi, Mr. Cross! – You guys ready for Prom? – [Unison] Yeah! – Who are your dates? – You don’t know them.
– Yeah, you don’t know them. – I don’t wanna have
to chase anybody down tonight and beat them up, okay? – [Unison] No! – [Leah] Dad! – [Mr. Cross] Hey!
– [Priscilla] Leah! – [Mr. Cross] Get down
here, is that what you’re wearing to Prom? – Put the camera away! (laughing) Mom, dad has the camera again! – Honey, they’re not ready yet! – [Mr. Cross] Come on, one day they’ll look back
and be thankful that I got this on film. – No, definitely not. – Let’s go, guys. – [Mrs. Cross] Bye! – [Unison] Bye! (laughing) – Hey, what’s up, Alejandra! – How’s it going?
– [Sienne] Good. – Good to see you.
– Hi, you look so pretty. – Hey!
(laughing) – [Priscilla] Oooh, sexy.
– Priscilla! – Priscilla!
(laughing) – [Parker] Okay, who’s
gonna do the honors? You gonna do the honors? – [Wally] My man. – [Parker] My boy. Look at this
motherfucker right here. – [Wally] Too cool for school. – [Mrs. Cross] Oh,
come on in, boys. – Hello, Mrs.
Cross, I’m Kennedy, nice to meet you two. Nice to meet you, Mr. Cross.
– [Mr. Cross] Hey guys. How’s it going? – [Kennedy] Good, good. – How you doing tonight?
– Hey, how you doing? – Hi, Parker. Hi, Parker.
– [Mr. Cross] You guys ready? – I am ready.
– We’re ready. – [Mr. Cross] All
right, you guys look good! – Thank you, thank you. – [Mr. Cross] You guys are gonna have fun tonight, right? – We’re ready, we’re ready. – [Mr. Cross] All right,
sober fun though, right? – Oh of course, of course. That’s what makes it fun, right? – [Mr. Cross] I don’t wanna come looking for you guys tonight. – Oh no. – So are you and Wally finally gonna do it tonight? – Wait… You guys haven’t had sex yet? – I mean I let him finger me. – Ew. – They’re both still virgins. – Look who’s talking! – I know, right? – Whatever. – Were you recording
this whole time?! – [Junie] Yup. Are you gonna give
him a blowjob? – [Alejandra] Are
you kidding me? – I’m not answering that. – [Alejandra] And
turn off the camera! – It’s not that bad except for the creamy white filling. – [Unison] Ewww! – So gross.
– [Junie] That is so nasty. – I threw up in my
mouth a little bit. – [Junie] Okay, Ms. Experience. – Don’t judge. – [Mr. Cross] Leah! – The camera again? – I’m just trying
to let you know that the boys are here. You kept them
waiting long enough. You guys look good though. – [Mrs. Cross] You
look so pretty. – [Unison] Thank you.
– [Leah] Thanks, dad. (laughing) – [Parker] Oh wow. – [Mr. Cross] Look
at these guys. – Hello! – [Kennedy] Hi. – [Mr. Cross] All
right, you guys know what you’re doing
with these things? – [Leah] Aw, it’s so pretty! – [Priscilla] No,
they probably don’t. It’s like the perfect red. (indistinct chatting) – Here we are. – [Mr. Cross] I wanna
see everybody’s hands. – Wait, where’s Carlos? We waiting for Carlos? – Carlos isn’t coming? – No, he’s gonna meet
us at the restaurant. – [Mrs. Cross] Smile! – [Mr. Cross] All right, that’ll be on Facebook before
you even get there. (laughing) – Do a silly one! – A silly one?
– Yeah! – [Mrs. Cross] Woo, sexy! (laughing) – [Mr. Cross] Let’s
take the party outside, let’s go see the limo! All right, come on, guys! – [Kennedy] You guys see this? Oh my… Yes! – [Leah] Kennedy, Kennedy! – [Voiceover] Oh
my God, thank you! – Oh my, this is amazing! – Oh honey, have fun! – You’re so wonderful! – [Mr. Cross] Have a good time. – Oh my God! – Your parents are awesome! – [Leah] I know,
this is amazing! – [Mr. Cross] This
is awesome, go go go. – Careful. – [Mr. Cross] How’s it going? – Good good. (cheering) – [Mr. Cross] Take good
care of them tonight. – Absolutely. – [Parker] Holy shit! (incoherent chatter) – [Kennedy] Do not
stand on the seat & if you smoked the
ride will terminate. – This is an awesome limo! (cheering) – [Parker] Hi! – Hey, this is so sick! Tonight is the
most perfect night. – I know.
– I’m so excited. – Nothing but sparkly cider! (cheering) – That is not fun. – You guys ready
for a great night? – [Unison] Yeah! – [Mr. Cross] Hey,
be careful in there! – [Mrs. Cross] Have a good time! – I have a special surprise. A special surprise…
– [Leah] Seriously? – Just for us! – Tequila!
(cheering) – Thank you! Thank you. – [Parker] Oh man, my boy! – Shot glasses, pass them on! – [Parker] Where’s my cup? Thank you, my boy. Thank you. – [Sienne] Don’t
take it yet, wait. – [Priscilla] Okay, okay. – [Kennedy] Wait, toast, toast. To tonight, let’s do it! (cheering) – [Parker] All right, woo! – [Wally] Boom! – Okay, ready, one, two, three! – This is really strong and I kind of feel a little sick. – Pour me another. – Oh my God! – Damn, girl. – No date, but
that’s not stopping you from partying hard tonight. – [Priscilla] Aw, Kennedy. – Kennedy, come on. – We need some music up in here. – Yeah! – Can you put on
some music please? – [Chauffeur] Sure thing. (disco party music)
(cheering) – [Kennedy] Oh my God. Wait wait, look at my
hands, look at my hands! (cheering) (disco party music) – Welcome to Yama Shiro’s. – Hi, we have a reservation
under the name Wally. – Excuse me, which
way’s your ladies’ room? – Down the hall to your left. – All right guys, I’ll
see you at the table. – Okay. – Right this way. (inaudible) – We’ll be expecting one more. – Okay. – Yo, Carlos, not a good
night to be late, dawg! – [Leah] Has anyone
tried calling him? Hey Carlos, it’s Leah. We’re all the restaurant,
we’re wondering where you are. – [Waiter] Welcome
to Yama Shiro. I will be your waiter tonight, can I start with
your drink orders? – I’ll just have
a water for now. – I’ll have a Shirley Temple. – I’ll have a
virgin Pina Colada. – I’ll check to see what
Alejandra’s getting. – I’m just gonna
get a Rum and Coke. – Can I see your ID? – Hey.
– Hey. – They’re taking
our drink orders. – What’d you get? – Water. – You look so beautiful tonight. – You do too. – I got you something. – Thank you. They’re asking
about Carlos again. – What’d you say? – I pretended to call
and leave a message. – Good. – [Priscilla] What is
taking them so long? – I have to go to
the bathroom anyways. – (singing) We got a
meeting in the ladies room. – [Priscilla] What is that? – You never heard
that song before? – [Priscilla] No. – Let’s go. Hey! They’ve been down
here for awhile. – [Priscilla] I know, seriously. – Oh my God! What the hell are
you guys doing?! – Nothing! – I knew it, I knew it! – Oh, you knew? – I suspected. – Well why didn’t
you say anything? – You did not know! – Girl, I knew. I know everything. – I gotta pee. – Leah, why didn’t
you say anything? – Because it’s still
really new to us. – [Junie] Alejandra,
what about Carlos? – “Carlos” isn’t my date. – So wait, you
guys made all this up thinking we wouldn’t
eventually find out? – But didn’t you leave
Carlos a message? – No. – Y’all some sneaky bitches. – Do you parents know? Are you gonna tell the guys? – You guys don’t have
to keep this a secret. You know how many gay couples are going to Prom this year? It’s not a big deal. Who cares what people think? Just enjoy your night. – [Parker] Okay, go ahead. – Alejandra and I are
going to Prom together. – Like, as a couple. – Bullshit!
– [Parker] No way! So Carlos isn’t coming? – [Junie] Nope, never was. – Are you for real? – [Leah] Yeah! – And you guys knew. – We just found out
in the bathroom. – Yeah, we caught them kissing. – Seriously?! Do it again! Come on, come on, if she’s your girl, just do it! – [Parker] Do it! – [Wally] Go. (booing)
– [Parker] No no no no, that’s not what I meant. – [Kennedy] No, come on. – [Parker] Weak! – That ain’t no kiss. – [Kennedy] Oh my God.
– [Wally] There you go! – [Kennedy] Oh my God! – [Parker] Oh shit, oh my God! (cheering) – [Kennedy] Oh shit! – [Sienne] (mumble) – [Parker] Damn, we still here! – (mumble) – [Parker] That just
happened, oh my God. – [Kennedy] That was crazy! – I’m sorry, I’m gonna ask you to keep it down a bit. – [Parker] Oh, sorry, sir. – [Sienne] So sorry. – [Priscilla] Embarrassing. – [Parker] No way — – [Sienne] Thank you. – You’re welcome. Watch your heads. Careful careful. Watch your head, watch… (cheering) – Okay okay okay,
never have I ever… had a lesbian kiss. – Mean.
– That was cold. – I’m mean. (laughing) – Yeah! – [Parker] I’m sorry, Junie. – Lesbian Parker! – Never have I ever… – [Parker] Oh no. – Wax my ass. (laughing) – Wait, Junie, how
did you know that? (laughing) – [Parker] Oh shit! – Never have I ever hit
on my Chemistry teacher. – [Kennedy] What, Jesus! – Parker, again?! – This is like kill
Parker hour or something? – Ms. Anderson?! – Yes. – [Unison] Oh my God. – I’m so fucking
drunk right now. (laughing) – Best night ever, woo! (cheering) – [Wally] Wait, check
this out, check this out. – Oh, dude! – Hey! – And the bow tie? – I love you guys! – Senior Prom, here we come! – What’s up, sexies? (brakes screech)
(car horn) (laughing) – What the fuck? That was awesome. – [Voicover] Am I
tripping or what? (brakes screech)
(crash) – [Parker] What the fuck?! – [Leah] Are you okay? – [Parker] What the
fuck was that shit? – [Junie] Is everybody okay? – [Parker] Are you okay? – Yo! – Is everybody okay? – What happened, man? – Some idiot just
ran me off the road. – Are we gonna be
late for our Prom? – Oh no no, I’mma
just go outside and make sure that
the limo’s okay, okay? I’ll be right back. – [Sienne] Great. – [Junie] What if it’s someone going to their Prom too? (laughing) – Oh that would suck balls. – That’s what she said!
– That’s what she said! (laughing) (bump)
– Shh shh, shh shh. Listen. (banging) – [Leah] What is that? – [Junie] You all right? – [Parker] Yeah. – So dark.
– Pitch black. – [Voiceover] No, I
can’t see anything. – [Junie] Do you see anything? – [Sienne] No. (banging continues) – [Parker] What do you see? – [Kennedy] Nothing. – [Chauffeur] No no no!
(gunshots) (screaming) – [Sienne] What was that?! – Oh my God! (screaming) – Oh my God! Don’t open the door! – Lock the door! Lock the door! Lock it!
– [Kennedy] I did. – [Voiceover]
(sobbing) Oh my God! – Guys, I can’t get a signal. – Neither can I. – Shit, dude. Fucking what just happened? (screaming) – [Wally] Oh my God. – [Priscilla] Who
the fuck is he? – [Leah] I don’t know! (screaming)
(limo revs) – Kennedy! – [Sienne] Wally! – [Voicoever] Oh my God! – Wait, wait… – [Parker] (groaning) Fuck! – (mumble) (incoherent yelling) – [Kennedy] Oh shit! – [Parker] I’m gonna throw up. (screaming) – [Voiceover] Shit!
– [Voiceover] (mumble) – Please stop the car! (vomiting) – Oh shit! – Parker… – [Kennedy] Oh shit,
here, take this, is it still filming?
– Yeah. – Babe, give me your cell. – Why? – So we can tape
this motherfucker! – The fuck is he taking us? – We need a plan. When the limo stops, let’s
just make a run for it, okay? – No! – That’s not a good
idea, we have heels on, he’ll easily be able
to get one of us. – We can’t just run out there, we have no idea
where he’s taking us. – They’re right, we have to stick together In here. – Fuck, why can’t I
get a goddamn signal! – Try sending a text too. – My seatbelt
won’t fucking open! What the fuck?! – Did he somehow
lock our belts?! – [Voiceover] Does anyone
have something sharp? – [Vain] Welcome to your Prom. I see you already
have your cameras out. Good, keep them rolling. I wouldn’t want you
to miss anything. – What?! – [Vain] Shoot or be shot. – What do you want from us? – [Vain] Priscilla,
try not to look so unhappy on this
special occasion. – How does he know my name? – He can see us. – [Sienne] Leah, don’t! – [Vain] Leah. Leah, stop that. (spritz) (screaming)
– [Alejandra] Leah! – [Sienne] Are you okay?! – [Parker] Oh my God, Leah! – [Vain] This is the
first and only warning. Please follow instructions and please please please don’t
tamper with the limo. (sobbing)
The rigging wasn’t easy. Alejandra, clean it off! – [Alejandra] Come here, baby. – It’s okay. – [Alejandra] It’s okay. – [Vain] Aren’t
you a sweetheart. She’s no use to
me in that state. Both of you back to your
seats and buckle up. This Prom will be memorable. For tonight’s itinerary? Dancing. – Dancing, we can’t
dance in here. (high-pitched ringing) (screaming) – [Vain] Get up now! (sobbing) (soft pop music) – The fuck is this? – [Leah] Are you okay? – (whisper) I have
to pee really bad. – [Vain] Let’s give them a hand. (clapping) Next on the itinerary, crowning
of Prom King and Queen. Kennedy and Sienne, buckle up. Problem, Junie? – I have to pee. – [Vain] Ice bucket. Junie, up, now! Keep the camera. – I can’t do this. I just can’t, it won’t come
out with everyone watching. – [Vain] We’ll wait. – [Vain] Parker, don’t be shy, you better get the shot. (sobbing) (urinating) Wow, now doesn’t
that feel better? – Yes. – [Vain] Speak up. – Yes! – [Vain] Good girl. Now buckle up. Parker, in front
of you is a bag. Pick it up and open it. Ladies and gentlemen,
congratulations are in order. Your 2015 Prom King and Queen… Wally and Priscilla. Go ahead. Put them on. Parker, buckle up. Confused? Ah, don’t be. Priscilla, do you have something you would like to
get off your chest? Is there anything you would like to say to Sienne? Why don’t you tell her how you fucked her boyfriend Wally and took his virginity. – What?! – [Priscilla] He’s lying. – Did you sleep with her? – I… It just happened — – What the fuck, Wally? – Kennedy, I’m so sorry, man. – Priscilla, you slept with him? – (sobbing) I’m so sorry. – Priscilla… – You’re supposed to
be my best friend. – I can’t believe you guys. (screaming) – You fucking bitch! – [Parker] Hey! – You guys are friends, stop! – [Vain] Let them fight. Wally, buckle up. – Sienne, just stop! Stop it!
– Get her off of me! – Sienne, stop it! Oh my God, stop it, Sienne! (mumble) get off of her! – [Wally] Sienne! – [Priscilla] Get off of me! – [Kennedy] Get off her. Sienne! Sienne, get off of her! – How could you do that to me?! – [Kennedy] Sienne, stop! – You’re hurting her! – You kept this from me. – I’m so sorry! – I’m supposed to
be your best friend! – [Priscilla] You are my — – Stop it, Sienne, get her off! – [Wally] Sienne, (mumble) – Don’t say that! Don’t say that… – Get off of her! – [Junie] Just stop, just stop! – Sienne! – Sienne, get off! – You knew we were saving ourselves for each
other, you knew it! – Stop!
– Get off of her! – I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. – [Sienne] You’re not sorry. – Sienne! – Get off of me! (sobbing) – [Sienne] You knew… And you kept this from me. – Stop, Sienne,
please, just stop it! – [Parker] Stop, Sienne! Stop it! – [Leah] Get off of her! – Get off of me, Sienne! – She didn’t mean it! – [Priscilla] Get off of me! Get off of me, Sienne! – You bitch! (sobbing) I’ll never forgive you. – Sienne! (sobbing) – Stop, Sienne stop! – You can stop this, just stop! – [Parker] Sienne,
get off of her! – [Kennedy] Sienne, get off! You’re gonna kill her, Sienne! – [Parker] Stop it, stop
it, Sienne, get off! Stop, let her go! – Sienne! – Fucking bitch! – [Parker] Please stop,
Sienne, just let go! – Why? You asshole! – I’m sorry! I’m sorry!
– With my best friend?! Get the fuck off of me! Get off of me! (sobbing) – [Vain] Priscilla, buckle up. – Why are you doing this to us? – [Vain] You can thank Leah. – What is he talking about? – I don’t know. – What do you mean
you don’t know?! – I don’t know! – [Grant Recording] “Will
you go to the prom with me?” – [Leah Recording] “Um…” “I’m sorry, I can’t.” – [Grant Recording] “Oh, okay.” – [Leah Recording] “I’m sorry.” – [Grant Recording]
“No, it’s okay, “you already have a date?” – [Leah Recording]
“I’m just not going.” – Grant, is that you? Are you doing this?! – You said he was going
with someone else! – Is that what this
is about, Grant? Grant! – Grant! You fucking asshole, let us go! – [Vain] Next on the itinerary, sex with Kennedy and Sienne. – Hell no, fuck this
shit, let us out of here! – [Vain] That’s too bad. – [Sienne] Get the
hell off of me! – [Vain] Now one
of you will pay. – Let me out, let us go! Let me out! (screaming) – My seatbelt won’t open! (gunshot) (screaming) – Parker, shit! – Oh my God! (sobbing) – [Vain] Do I have your
full cooperation now? – Okay, okay okay okay, okay, please don’t kill us, please! – Parker… – [Vain] Great, now let’s
give them some room. (sobbing) – [Voiceover] Parker! – [Vain] Wally,
give Kennedy a hand. Don’t forget the camera. Now everyone buckle up. Kennedy and Sienne,
your audience awaits. – [Parker Recording] “No, no,
no, that’s not what I meant.” – [Kennedy Recording] “No…” – [Parker Recording] “No, no,
no, that’s not what I meant.” – [Kennedy Recording] “No…” – [Parker Recording] “No, no,
no, that’s not what I meant.” – [Kennedy Recording] “No…” – [Parker Recording] “No, no,
no, that’s not what I meant.” – [Kennedy Recording] “No…” – [Vain] You can do
better than that. I want more passion. (sobbing) – [Kennedy Recording]
“Oh my God, oh my God!” – [Kennedy Recording]
“Oh my God, oh my God!” – [Kennedy Recording]
“Oh my God, oh my God!” – [Kennedy Recording]
“Oh my God, oh my God!” – [Kennedy Recording]
“Oh my God, oh my God!” – [Kennedy Recording]
“Oh my God –” (romantic music) (sobbing) – Do you have one? (moaning) – [Kennedy] Fuck! Priscilla! – [Junie] Are you crazy?! – What the fuck, Priscilla! – I’m sorry, I’m so sorry! – [Wally] Is she dead?! – [Kennedy] I don’t know. I can’t hear anything! – Priscilla, you killed her! – I’m so sorry, I
couldn’t take it anymore! I’m so sorry! – [Wally] Let me outta here! Let me outta here! Get me outta here! This is all your fucking fault! – How is this my fault, Wally?! – You and your fucked up
relationship with Grant! – I never had a
relationship with Grant! I can’t control other people! I didn’t make
Kennedy fuck Sienne! I didn’t sure as hell
make you fuck Priscilla! – Fuck you, bitch! (screaming) – [Leah] Kennedy! – [Kennedy] Fuck
you, motherfucker! – [Wall] Get the fuck off of me! – Hey! – [Kennedy] Son of a bitch! No, you fucking asshole! No, fuck this guy! – [Vain] Kennedy, buckle up. – [Priscilla] Kennedy,
Kennedy, stop! Kennedy, stop it! – [Vain] Another will pay. (alarms blaring) – Junie, Junie! (choking) – Help! – Pull, pull! (sobbing) – Please stop, please! – Give her something,
give her something! Here, take this, go, cut it! Cut it! – Cut faster, cut faster! – Come on, you got
it, you got it! Keep cutting, come on, Junie! – Come on, Junie! – [Kennedy] Come on, Junie! – Cut it! (gasping) – [Leah] You’re
okay, you’re okay. (sobbing) (screaming) – [Vain] What a mess
you guys have created. Look at you. So pretty. Do you like what you see? Poor Parker. – Grant, why are you doing this? – You were supposed
to go with me. You were supposed to love me. Not her. Not this dirty dike. – Love? Grant, we barely
know each other. I’m sorry, I’m sorry! – Fucking lesbians. Have you ever sucked
a dick before? – No… – Suck it. Deeper. I said deeper. More tongue. That’s right, get it wet. Nice and slow. (coughing) You need more training. Look at your pretty
little girlfriend now. (coughing) You pig, you got
it all over my gun. Take off your clothes. – What?! What? – Now! – Grant, please don’t — – Shut up! – Please don’t, please. Grant, please! – [Vain] All of it. Take your clothes off. Since you wanna be
the man in her life. Good, time to take
your Prom photos. Give me a big smile. You can do better than that. Show me those pretty smiles. Now that’s nice. (screaming) – [Priscilla] Sienne,
Sienne, get the gun! Get it, Sienne! Sienne, Sienne, get the gun! – [Kennedy] Sienne,
get the gun, shoot him! – [Priscilla] Shoot him! Shoot this motherfucker! – Yes, shoot this motherfucker. (gunshot) (screaming) – [Kennedy] Oh my God! – Oh my God! – Sienne! Fuck! – You’re right, these
are some sneaky bitches. – Sienne, what are you doing?! – Shut the fuck up! Shut up! – [Vain] Wakey wakey. Sienne, what are you doing?! Sienne! – It’s called payback. How does it feel, huh? Watching me fuck
your best friend! And you and Junie knew that this slut slept with Wally and didn’t have the decency to tell me! I see you all for
who you truly are. And now you all will too. The last thing I want you to see before you die, is
the look in your face knowing that you
all betrayed me. – Sienne? – I said shut up! I told you I know everything. – You knew? – They played us, Kennedy. And these bitches knew,
but didn’t say a word. Your boy Parker even knew! – Sienne, we didn’t
know how to tell you. – I’m sorry Sienne, please, you and Grant don’t have to do this! – [Sienne] It’s not Grant. – Who is it? – [Sienne] My good friend. – Your friend? – I knew nothing about
Priscilla and Wally. – You’re collateral damage. – You planned this whole thing and the sex with Kennedy. (laughing) – Genius, isn’t it? – Sienne, Junie and
Parker are dead! Dead! All because we had sex? – I will shoot you
right in your face. – Please, no. (gunshot) (screaming) – Oh my fucking God! Fucking God, Priscilla! – Sienne, baby, please, you gotta stop this,
we’re your friends! – Shoot him. – Sienne, please. – Sienne, shoot him. – Priscilla meant nothing to me, it was a stupid mistake. Sienne, I love you. – Sienne, don’t listen
to him, shoot him. – I love you too. – Shoot him! – I can’t! He loves me. – Shoot or be shot. – He loves me. (gun clicks) (gunshots) (sobbing) – Look at you. (texting jingle) Give me the phone. – (sobbing) Please
don’t shoot me. – No, don’t please,
it’s my phone. – Get back! Get up. Go. (sobbing) Ladies, it was a pleasure, but we’ve reached our last dance. Drive. (coughing) – [Officer] Control,
this is Adam 26, we have a suspect
vehicle on site. – [Control] Use caution,
possible gun involved. – [Control 2] 1635 cleared. – [Pilot] Control,
air one is up. (radio chatter) – [Pilot] Control air
one, ETA in three minutes. – [Control 2] (mumble) (coughing) – [Control] Control to all units on the 16, code 100
on the 101 off ramp. (police radio chatter) (police sirens) – [Pilot] Air one is on (mumble) – [Officer] 10-4, (mumble) (police radio chatter) – [Pilot] Control, air
one is with the pursuit. – [Control] Stolen
vehicle reported, 120 West 81st Street. – [Pilot] Air one
to ground units, you got heavy smoke
coming from the limo. Turned right,
Eastbound on Chandler. (police sirens) And he’s stopping. – Start running, and don’t stop. – [Pilot] Suspect has bailed. Suspect is naked, white male, teens to twenties,
short brown hair. – [Officer] Adam 26
is in foot pursuit on Reese near Chandler. – [Pilot] Air one
to ground units, we’re lighting him up for you. (whirring) (dog barking) Code four, suspect in custody. – It wasn’t me, it wasn’t
me, he’s in the limo! Please, please don’t
let your dog bite me! – Stop resisting! – Okay, okay, okay! – You have the right
to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you
in a court of law. – In the limo, he’s got a gun! – You have the right
to an attorney, if you cannot
afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you. – You’re not fucking
listening to me, he’s got a gun,
he’s in the limo! – Who is?! – The killer! (news station music) – [Reporter] We have breaking
news out of Los Angeles, a stretch hummer
limousine carrying eight teens to their Senior Prom was hijacked
tonight, authorities were first notified
by a 911 call from one of the teens’
parents in which he received a text
message pleading for help. Authorities were
able to pinpoint the teen’s cell which lead
them to the limousine. A suspect driving the limo lead officers on a five mile pursuit before abandoning the
vehicle and fleeing on foot. The naked suspect was
quickly apprehended and taken down by police. It’s unclear at this time his exact involvement
and why he was naked. Authorities are
also searching for another suspect in connection
to the high speed pursuit who was able to slip
away during the chaos. They’re asking for
the public’s help. If you saw anyone or
anything suspicious, please call the
Crime Alert Hotline. Authorities caution
that they are still investigating
and gathering all the details,
but the preliminary information that
we are receiving from our sources is
that seven of the eight teens in the Hummer
limousine are deceased. – Are my friends dead? – I’m sorry. – (sobbing) Did
you get the killer? – There was no one
else in the limo. – How could you
let him get away?! – What happened tonight? – It was Sienne and some guy. Some guy with a mirrored mask. They killed them all. – Take a look at this. – [Priscilla Recording]
“Kennedy, stop it!” – [Kennedy Recording]
“No, fucking asshole! “No, fuck this guy!” – We got into a fight. – About what? – He slept with my girlfriend. – Which one was your girlfriend? – Priscilla. But I didn’t have anything to do with his death, you’ll see. – We also found another
body in the trunk. It was the body
of the Chauffeur. – [Kennedy] That
wasn’t our Chauffeur. Our Chauffeur was a black guy. – I’m gonna need
you to come down to the station to make
a statement, okay? – [Mr.Cross]
Where’s my daughter? – [Mrs. Cross] Where is she? Leah!
– [Mr. Cross] Leah, Leah, where’s my daughter!? Get off me, where’s
my daughter?! – [Mrs. Cross] Leah!
– [Mr. Cross] Leah! Where’s my daughter?! – [Mrs. Cross] Leah!
– Mr. Cross] Leah! (radio static) – [Radio DJ] L.A’s number
one hit music station. – [Tay-Tay] Good
morning, Los Angeles, this is your girl
Tay-Tay bringing you your morning L.A. scoop. Did you hear about this
sad story last night? Seven teens were
murdered as they were on their way to
their Senior Prom. Authorities are searching for an African American male who may have been connected
in the murders. Our hearts go out
to the families and friends of
these kids, I really hope they catch this guy. (radio static) (rap music) – Mr. Vain! Mr. Vain! You Mr. Adam Vain? – I am, and you are? – We’re with the
LAPD Homicide Unit. We’re here to investigate
the Prom ride murders. We’d like to ask
you a few questions. – Sure. – What’s your relationship
to Sienne Miller? – Sienne Miller, name
doesn’t ring a bell. – So you’re saying
you don’t know her? – I’m saying it
doesn’t ring a bell. I work on a lot of cars for a lot of different customers. – Including limo companies? – Yeah. – She was one of the teens
murdered in the limo. Does she look familiar? – Can’t say that she does. – Could you turn down
the music, Mr. Vain? (gunshots) (alternate rock music) (gunshots)

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