1. Okay so here is the thing, They all are friendly to each other, everything is fine, but as soon as the white shoots blue, he's thinking that it's a prop

  2. This is one of the best SFM films I've ever seen! The expressions, the animations, the fight scenes are all on point!

  3. Your video is beatiful.

    Could anyone explaine to me how to use these gmod combine soldiers models on sfm?

  4. hmmm,i had a dream after watching this video,i just dream C&CKW militant staring at the elite combine with illuminati meme then big smoke dance orange justice

  5. It took me until now to figure out what was happening in the fight scene but i did

    originally i thought the sort of janky pause right before the elite gets impaled was to show the scientist was becoming the pipe in his hand but i always wondered why the elite possessed the combine soldier and the pipe was possessed at the same time.

    then i realised you actually never see the pipe on the ground in the shot where the elite picks it up as it was cleverly covered with smoke and the pause was because the elite wanted to get impaled to possess the combine soldier

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