PS4 Ghost Recon Breakpoint 2019 | Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 | Full Game #Nocommentary

PS4 Ghost Recon Breakpoint 2019 | Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 | Full Game #Nocommentary

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DAD Don’t hurt us, please. I’m not going to hurt as shalt sent me. You don’t look like home centers while I worked, I work for scale tech. Mads is a friend. When Sentinel started arresting people, he helped us out. Why did he send you? my chopper go to the sound from a navy ship just a few dozen clicks off this coast. I can get these bolts back to their ship and I can come back. You will help. Wow certainly sounds better than taking a boat all the way to Auckland, What happened to your chatter? I’m still working that out. You leave us some place. The bore is Fox. This is my daughter harmony, Swiss media call me nomad and we met. Another soldier said his name was held. Josiah Hill is here know he helped us get around some as sentinels men, but he was injured in none of them, not badly. We left him at this, a fishing building, everything I actually think. I know what you’re talking about. I’ll pick them up after I get back. More bad guys, everyone take cover. Vessels we got to ask us. What the hell does that give me a minute? Those people. It must be up. A new security programmer wholly flying cow. My guesses. My guess is nothing could come to or leave his island as long as its own. That must be what brought down my chopper. I want to go home. He took it off. Listen. You have to get these people and you have to get out of here. What no one is coming to save you and there’s no ambulance on the way you have to run it. If you get to hear what OK. Yeah. Are you coming with us? I’m going to find my friend Hill. A fishing village you left him out was a fallback point. There may be other soldiers. Good luck. Ah. Let’s say I’m going to be charged. Red Queen. White Rabbit nomad. Josiah. Ship. Nice to see you are still above ground. Anyone else from your Chuck? Phew. Who were scattered? Men. We sure screwed the pooch on this one. Yeah. The? Desire. Mr Walker, out there. Running down our soldiers. You saw whom? Lieutenant Colonel Walker. Coal Walker here fighting our guys. There’s no way. He’s turned on us. There was no way for our people to die. I guess duty and honor are going the way of the dinosaur. What’s your lay of the land? Either Walker sank that cargo ship. Or someone he was working with did. Look. Ah. Today’s scale, some of that cargo ship. Dam. Everything that happened here is because of that prick. A locate J skill. I met some scale tech employees. I’ll see what they know. I’ll try and round up More survivors. We’ll link up at Rp Delta. Sounds good. The? The? The? Mad, the folks from the beach make it back. Do you mean the survivors? I knew some of the people on that boasts and say with babies. I saw him take their first steps. I did my best. You’re. We were supposed to have ship. Marines and all we got the body’s washing up on the shore and some grunt twisting in the wind mass. This grunt did save a whole lot of us when my daughter. It’s not a small thing. I know. But it ain’t enough now what these odds. This is an oval. I found my friend saw a major hill and we’ve got a plan to go after J skill. If we stop him, take control over the drone. Hold on hold on you, think Jason’s behind this, you’re wrong. He’s a good guy and my best friend. Sentinel took over the island. Follow me, I have evidence I got more immediate problems. A lot of people have to prepare for the long haul. You only in hand. All right. Finally, skill is my priority. You had any trouble with the roadblocks. Oh, thank God, but I heard a bunch of us. Fox, what have you got? I’m telling you? Jess is not behind this. Someone on the inside. He sent me the video of the guy in charge of sentinel. Ship. Curse Stone’s want to find any employee for curses. Asking yourself? The candidate can come. As the two soldiers I wanted to see. Mr Stone. Operation Citadel is an outstanding success. No communication of any kind is that even a coming into the aisle, the drone of revenue is active. I will miss Fury is out there, winning hearts and minds, you look, I’ll go on to root out the troublemakers. Captain Coleman. I want those homestead is under control. There’s a cutting edge technology that I’d like to explain. Jasper gives take care of that terrorist honor and those outcast to hers, and we know there are many left. But they’re in your way out. Fathom. After holding facilities, complete. Squash. I just love being in the South Pacific. The ocean breeze carried his Santa Jasmine. Last May, a savanna. Are you enjoying yourselves out? There? If you see, it goes from one of those copies. She was sad. Clearly, James is not behind it. Look. Even if only Satan was buying this, it means your pet lost control of a role. She sank their cargo ship, and I still have to find him. He’s the only one who know what to do. Fine. Screw, it is a villa hidden in the hills. The door coat is one two zero, three, eight six. Just give him a chance. That’s all I ask. I heard you’re going out on a mission. Stuff already. My trouble. Alone. Would you happen to know where I can find J skill? Now you know it all thanks to carry yourself. What do you want to move them? Take it off, you’re OK. Don’t be afraid. Look, you could really use your help finding this place. This is where you’ll find it. I swear on my back. Oh, maybe alone, your roll film. No need to be afraid. I’m looking for Jay Skill. Fox asked me to help him Z at the villa. I don’t know. He used to work in his basement office. There’s an entrance by the tunnel. Is Dr Fox OK? Leave me alone. Greetings, they skill folks asked me to help him Z at the villa. I don’t know. He used to work in his basement office. There’s an entrance by the tunnel. Is Dr Fox OK is harmony usafe phase rule. That’s all I know. honest thanks appreciated. Yeah. I can’t even imagine being as rich skeleton. I have a dog or anyone else. I’m getting a crack at some of the goodies in this place that’s messed up, whatever I could miss anything. If you’ve got more money than God, you want to be a petty thief. do it on your own time. Don’t let me hear about it. Do you job ending mean nothing by it? It was the same. Troops. Yeah. Ah. Sorts of ventures.

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