Q&A With MGP (14 June 2019) – Non-Guilty Music, Pride Month, Horror Movies, Varg, Fave History

Q&A With MGP (14 June 2019) – Non-Guilty Music, Pride Month, Horror Movies, Varg, Fave History

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What, you need me to answer some
questions? Alright. Dave writes: “Since life is the great indulgence then
there’s no guilty pleasures so what’s your not guilty music pleasure that
might surprise some of us?” Well, I don’t consider anything I listen to as guilt-inducing. I feel that’s kind of something for folks — largely, folks who get
their panties in a bunch — to sort of worry about. There are those people. So given
that, the answer kind of depends on the type of person — the type of panty buncher.
Is that a term? I don’t know. I don’t know, if they’re a fan of extreme metal — one of
the rabid fans and only metal, it’s all I listen to —
I’m sure they’d have an aneurysm if they knew that I love the first Poison album
or that I think the singer of Evanescence is really talented. I’m sure
that would drive them crazy. If the panty buncher is of the sort of
indier-than-thou type, I’m sure they’d have huge amounts of disgust once they
find out that I enjoy ’90s girl pop… you know, like Britney Spears and the Spice
Girls. I mean, how could I? Oh my god, right? The worst! And I’m pretty sure my
decades-long fandom of KISS makes some folks livid — you know, actual tangible
anger. Awful, right? That’s the worst thing. So, I don’t relate to
these types at all. I have zero emotional investment in any
sort of this kind of stuff. You know, especially the sort of self-induced
cognitive dissonance these people put themselves through when their musical
tastes don’t match up with my musical tastes. And I’m not sure why any of that
really matters but there’s a lot of people in the world for whom that’s everything. And
I don’t get it at all. You know, there’s enough in life to get
worked up about. Stop looking for made-up crap.
Yeah. Stop that! John writes: “What does Pride Month accomplish?” Well,
I’m sure those who participate in it and as well as those tacky parades we keep
seeing on TV… they’ll probably say it’s out love and inclusivity and acceptance and
all those kinds of things, even though those terms are sort of factually
limited in scope — whether they admit that or not. That is, you won’t exactly see Fox
News or Trump supporters embraced at these things, so… and that’s fine, by the
way. I agree. I think not every group should be… or should have to include
every other group. I’m a big believer in freedom of association and that having your
own thing without interference and following the law, of course as well, is a good
thing. It’s a healthy thing. Keeps us from all snapping at each other,
realistically. And, you know, maybe some of the more expressed aims of this Pride
Month thing might be some people want to spread awareness of the gay community
and… I’m pretty sure we all know that they’re gay people out there. A couple
decades worth of popular culture had pretty much hammered that point home. So,
I don’t know who’s left to not know that they’re queer and they’re there and
whatever else the rhyme goes, however else that goes. And, you know, there are
sincere people in the world you just want gays and lesbians to have the same
treatment and privileges as us straight people… which is fine. I get that. But, I don’t know, are assless chaps and simulated sex on
parade floats, is that the way to go about it? I’d probably say no, my opinion.
But, um, yeah, what I don’t get is being proud of your sexuality.
You know, pride in any extraneous human quality that isn’t an actual
accomplishment or maybe even the accomplishment of one of your offsprings
isn’t real. It’s just not. If that’s where the pride is put… I don’t know… maybe try
something else. Because I don’t get it and I
don’t think a lot of other folks do, too. That kind of thing. Now, is the pride
about surviving decades of awful social backlash? You know, I wouldn’t take away
the anger and the frustration from these folks. I think there are reasons to have
that anger and that frustration and some folks have legitimate grievances but,
again, I don’t get the whole pride thing, where pride comes in. Victimhood isn’t a
badge of honor, whether that victimhood is real or imagined. To me [an]
adversary is something you overcome and then you move on.
Obsessing over it just makes everything worse — not only for you but for everyone
around you. So, I honestly don’t know what Pride Month truly accomplishes, John. I
really don’t. My guess is… different things for
different people? It’s a safe answer but it’s also an inclusive answer… how’s that?
Like everything else, though, the whole thing’s been corporatized and
commercialized to the hilt, which is expected. To be honest, overall,
it’s not my bag. And that’s fine. I got my own thing. So, there you go.
Craig writes: “What movie that came out since Terror Transmission ended would
you love to do another episode of?” Well, first off, we never covered any movie
after 1989 so modern movies are pretty much out. Completely off the list, they
always have been. But, before I get to my answer, I should explain what Terror
Transmission is… or was… for everyone else because I’m sure that some folks have no
idea what we’re talking about. Terror Transmission was a podcast that I
produced and I co-hosted with my pal Jason. We did it for six years and the
premise was, basically, we would pick a movie and, while we watched it, we would
talk about it in depth — this was an audio podcast, by the way — and then we’d just add
a lot of funny personal stuff into the mix. It was a good show. It was a nice
balance between sort of factual and entertaining, if that makes sense. The show
really did well but Jason wanted to move on to more lucrative ventures and I
didn’t want to stop him from doing that, obviously. He’s a good friend of mine, I
always wish him the best and, you know, he knows what’s best for him. The
episodes are still available on The Accusation Network website and I will
list that URL below. So definitely go there and check that stuff out… AFTER the
show, by the way. That’s basically the background. There WERE movies that we
never got to. We have a huge list, we had made it over the years, and there are
probably a hundred or more but I did pick some that I’m kind of sad we never
got to. We never did John Carpenter’s Halloween. You know, we did Halloween 3:
Season of the Witch. We never did Midnight Offerings… that’s
the TV movie with Melissa Sue Anderson as a bad witch and the girl from The
Waltons as a good witch and they battle each other.
That’s a fun one. The Fearless Vampire Killers,
the Roman Polanski film. Would have loved to have done that. Shivers, of course,
Cronenberg. Torso… The Car! Great movie. And, one of my oddball favorites, Don’t
Deliver Us From Evil. You can go look that one up on IMDB to get the gist of
it. It’s two girls and they worship the
Devil and they get into all sorts of mischief together. It’s pretty fun. I really would
have liked to have done Angel Heart as well. That was on the list. And, yeah, lots
of movies is pretty much the answer to your question, Craig. Adam writes: “What’s your
opinion of ThuleanPerspective?” I should probably give a back story on to what
ThuleanPerspective is. It is a YouTube show — or WAS a YouTube show — hosted and produced
by Varg Vikernes. Some of you might remember him a little bit. He was the
founder of the black metal band, Burzum and he did go to prison for 15 years for
church burnings and murder and lovely things like that — all the stuff that
happened in the early 1990s with the Norwegian black metal scene. There are
books on this subject. You can go seek them out. So
that’s basically the backstory. The show itself was bumped off of YouTube, as I
said, during its somewhat recent purge of so-called extremist material — which is a
vague term, obviously, to say the least. Like a lot of these programs that have
been kicked off, you can find them on Bitchute currently. Tthat seems to
be where everyone’s gone and has been too as a sort of backup. And that’s how I got
to see it because, obviously, I missed it. The video that got him kicked off was the
Swedish Rune Ban Rant. Sweden has been trying to ban runes much like Germany
banned the swastika. And you can look into that, obviously, do a Google search
for it. It’s a real thing. So, his video was just all text and still
images — none of which, illegal. It’s pretty interesting, it was just informative, took
a contrary viewpoint to maybe some of the folks that work at YouTube. I don’t
know, my guess is that’s probably what happened. Watching it, though… I mean, he
was kicked off for ideological reasons. And you could imagine my concern with
this type of banning is really the infringement of freedom of speech. That
tends to be my issue about it. I don’t know, a lot of people like to bring
up that YouTube’s a private company and that they can do whatever they want. And from a legal definition, they can. They are a private company and… but this
isn’t always just about the legal definition of free speech. Sometimes it’s
about the ethical one as well. And, you know, these platforms do claim to
be harbingers of free speech and it’s a little weird to claim that on one hand
and not exactly exercise it on the other. So… you know, the reality is that YouTube
and Facebook and Twitter and Google proper — you know, Google owns YouTube — they
have a vast monopoly regarding online speech. They do. Realistically, no
one cares about your stupid website or your blog in the era or social media
because social media is everything. You know… it IS the marketplace of ideas,
located these days, where it is and that monopoly is real. You know? It IS. And
until something’s done about that monopoly,
it’ll assert, it’ll suppress, and it will censor… and in a very literal sense. You
know, if these folks kick you off, you have no voice, period. And that’s a
frightening abuse of power — a power they shouldn’t have in the first place, so… You know, it’s
possible YouTube will one day meet with one or more antitrust lawsuits. That’s not beyond the scope of things, people have talked about that on
the internet. That might happen. You know? We’ll see. You know, they also might
destroy themselves with all this continued suppression of speech, while there are competitors in the wings, waiting to take over, who WILL
be, you know, pro-free speech and anti- censorship. I know Jordan Peterson’s
working on something right now but it’s a paid platform so I don’t know if
that’s gonna fly, especially with the new generation, who don’t want
to pay for anything. But, then again, I’m 50 and do I want to pay for it?
Kind of on the fence about that, honestly. But, yeah, YouTube’s turning
into another mainstream media source and that’s kind of a joke considering most
people watch YouTube because it isn’t mainstream TV. They’re looking
for something fun or edgy or, again, not what they’re gonna see on the
tube… heh, the TUBE. So, yeah, I’m keeping an eye on this one, for sure.
It’s interesting. My opinion on the show? I might not be into some of the
topics Varg discusses but, again, I’ll hammer it home: I AM into into free speech. And
that’s speech for everyone. Not just people i like or people that you
like or anything that’s popular. Just look into the Founding
Fathers of the United States for very similar opinions on what THEY actually
called unpopular speech. Especially Jefferson. He wrote a great deal about
this. In fact, after watching this video right now, I want you to
google the search term “founding fathers unpopular speech.” You’ll find a whole
lot there. They weren’t censors, I can assure you.
One might even say this country was founded on actual unpopular speech
and ideas. I know, crazy, right? So, at the risk of going on forever about this
topic, I’m gonna stop here. And, finally, Jason writes: “What is your
favorite period of history and why?” As far back as when I was a little
kid, I’ve always been pretty interested in movies, TV shows, novels, that had
time-travel as a central premise. Drawn to that. Immediately. And to some extent
it’s kind of the case now. Maybe not as obsessively but I definitely couldn’t
stop consuming that kind of stuff. I just like the what-if scenario and
time-travel is one of those fictional devices that facilitates that and I
dig it. Given that, if I think back to some of the periods of time I’ve
been particularly drawn towards, the biggest one really is the period between
Prohibition and the end of World War Two in America — America, specifically. It
always seemed like a better time in terms of national unity and various
traditional roles and a lot of great music, great movies, great styles. College
degrees were actually worth something. And it’s just free of so many of the social
and political problems we’ve invented for ourselves in modern times. A more
honest era, where people just sort of laid it on the line instead of hiding
behind euphemistic language and so-called social justice nonsense. One of
my closest relatives once told me I was born about 75 years too late and that
sounds about right. Yeah, the Greatest Generation. Would like to have been a
part of that. If you have questions for me, definitely send me an e-mail at the
address listed below or leave them in the comments. And, as always, if you
enjoyed this Q&A, give this video a Like. And also hit that Subscribe button if
you haven’t already done so… and hit that notification bell, you know the drill.
That’s all for now. Take care and ever forward!


  1. Thanks for answering my question (It's Jason)! A surprising answer, but I can certainly see why. Cheers!

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    This video is bigger on the inside. Thanks, fella. Excellent as always!

  3. Enjoyed the video. I'm definitely with ya on the Pride thing. I am trans and I don't see it as an accomplishment nor something to be proud of. Also I think freedom of speech is essential to a civilized society and for the flow of information that's why I use Gab and Minds and I have a Bitchute channel as well. Too many overly sensitive people in this world.

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