Qatar: A Dangerous Alliance – Brothers In More Than Name, Part 2 of 6

Qatar: A Dangerous Alliance – Brothers In More Than Name, Part 2 of 6

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The nation of Qatar has historically been a funder of terrorism The United States and Qatar will do more to keep the region and our homeland safe And it our hope that Qatar will change its policies to stop terrorism, terror financing, harboring of terrorists. Enough is enough. Our interests with Qatar converge somewhat more often than they actually diverge. Qatar must cut ties with terrorists Qatar is both an ally and an
adversary of the United States This is the role that
Qatar has been playing for the last 20 years at least. They continue to support a lot of bad actors. The Muslim Brotherhood is the
mothership of radical Islamism. The Muslim Brotherhood
was founded in 1928 in Egypt. They said that they want to restore the supremacy of Islam. But they always had a violent streak. In recent years, that violent streak has come back. The Cooperation Council of the Arab
States of the Gulf — also known as the Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC — was established in 1981 as a regional intergovernmental political and economic union. From the beginning, Qatar has been an outlier. What was the reason for the GCC states these six small oil rich countries to come together… …Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain,
Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Oman… What brought them together
a quarter of a century ago? Fear of the larger neighbors, Iran and Iraq. That was the fear. That was the basis for these
countries to get together. At some point it
seems that Qatar wanted to be the smart one in the group, among the GCC states, and it decided that the future of
this region is something called Islamic or the islamist brothers or the Muslim Brothers as they call it. The Gulf Cooperation Council has
cited Doha’s ongoing support for the Muslim Brotherhood and other
extreme Islamist groups as a reason for the sanctions they have placed on Qatar. Almost every Sunni
Islamist terrorist group has come out of the Muslim Brotherhood. At one point in their foreign
policy the Qatari elite basically decided to gamble and support the Muslim Brothers. The Muslim Brotherhood was born in Egypt in the late 1920s. It was a violent organization
designed to overthrow Western influence in Egypt but it quickly
spread to other countries around the Middle East. Fast forward to today, the Muslim
Brotherhood ideology is the cornerstone of most of the violent
Islamist ideologies that we see in our so-called war on terrorism. It’s the cornerstone of the al Qaeda ideology. In fact, the cofounder
of the of al-Qaeda with Osama bin Laden, was a Muslim Brother. We see Muslim Brotherhood ideology informing ISIS. We certainly see it as a cornerstone of Hamas. Some of the harshest extremist groups in Syria, Al Qaeda’s top leadership, also sought inspiration
from the Muslim Brotherhood. Many Muslim Brotherhood members are involved in assassinations, of terrorist plots, and of violent extremist actions and exhortations. In many cases, Muslim Brotherhood preachers are not engaging in terrorist acts themselves but their words are serving as inspiration and exhortation to others to do that. That is why the Muslim
Brotherhood has been described as a terrorist group or a terrorist enabler by countries including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The Muslim Brotherhood are often
found responsible for financing specific terror plots or
facilitating people who end up joining extremist groups. There are other Muslim Brotherhood related
funders who live in Qatar, operate out of Qatar, basically while
raising money ostensibly for charitable causes, also end up being a conduit for funding for extremist groups In Syria, for example, Al Nusra
which, is considered an action affiliated to al Qaeda…is seen as
a Muslim Brotherhood front and fund raising for that has been very open in Qatar. We are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for various offshoots, charities, and
groups affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood that also play a role
as either enablers, facilitators, or motivators of terrorist groups. Turkey and Qatar have become sort of allies in keeping the Muslim Brotherhood not only alive but facilitating it throughout the Muslim world, especially the Middle East. The Muslim Brotherhood will benefit
from the Qatari largess and will continue to cause trouble across the Middle
East, and as long as there is trouble in the greater Middle East, America will not be completely safe.

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