Queen Elsa and Princess Anna Spooky Haunted House Parody

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna Spooky Haunted House Parody

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– Ah! Spider! – Not a Spider! – Why are you guys worried
about some silly spider? It doesn’t even look
like it’s all that mean. Here. Kristoff and I’ll take care of it. Here, I’ll take it outside. I can’t believe you guys are scared. – Oh Jack! You’re not so tough. – Neither are you, Kristoff! – Whaddya mean? I’m not scared of anything. Imma ice harvester. Come on. Anna you know I’m never
scared of anything. – Oh Kristoff. I bet you and Jack can’t spend just one night in this
super haunted house. You guys will be fraidy cats. – Why would I want to spend one night in a smelly old house just to prove that I’m not scared of anything? (Kristoff laughs) – Yeah, girls! Why would I want to spend the night in some old cobweb-filled haunted house? I’ve got a lotta things to do. I’ve got children to help. I’m not gonna spend the
night in a haunted house. – ‘Cause you guys are scaredy cats. – I am not a scaredy cat. No way! I’ll tell you what. If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna make a bet out of it. Okay, I’ll tell you what. Whoever wins, will win this giant bag of jellybeans. And the loser… Well they’re gonna have to do the winner’s chores for an entire month. Okay? – [Anna and Elsa] Okay! – [Kristoff] Get ready to lose! – Well how do we know they’re not gonna spend
whole night in there? – Don’t worry, Anna. We’re gonna scare ’em ourselves! – [Jack Frost] Okay! We’re at the super spooky house. This is gonna be a breeze. – [Kristoff] I know, Jack. What were they thinkin’? Bet nothin’ that we win “spend a night” in this spooky house. Let’s go on inside. – Yeah, this is no big deal at all. We just have to spend one night here. (door thuds) – Whoa. How did those doors open? Alright Kristoff, let’s go on inside! – [Anna] Operation Scare starts now! – [Elsa] Let’s go get on our costume. Whoa we look scary! – [Anna As Monster On
Right] Let’s go scare ’em! – Gee, Jack. This is almost too easy. I mean, this house does
look a little scary and all, but we can spend a night
in here no problem. I’m kinda hungry. Let’s see if we can find
some food in this old house. I think the kitchen’s this way. Let’s see if we can go find something. – I’m after you, Kristoff! – Aw man, we just missed ’em! – Don’t worry. We’ll have plenty of time tonight. – Hey, Kristoff. Look! This bookshelf moves, Hey, what’s behind there? Look! Oh, look at all these potions. Wonder who used to live here. (sighs) And there’s nothin’ to eat. Let’s go upstairs. – [Jack Frost] Ya know, we
still haven’t found any food. – Well I’m gettin’ kinda tired. I’m gonna sit down in this chair. – Okay, well I’m gonna keep
looking for food, Kristoff. I wonder where this ladder goes. Hmmm. Lemme climb it. Almost to the top. Whoa, I made it to the roof. Look at that view. This is as kinda creepy house. – [Elsa As Monster On Left]
Okay, I’m gonna go get the goo. – [Anna As Mummy] And when you scare him, I’ll dump it on him. – It’s a plan. – [Anna As Monster] I’m in position! – I’ve got the goo! (Anna and Elsa howl like ghosts) – (yawns) I must’ve fallen asleep. I keep hearin’ some things. (gasps) I better go find Jack Frost! (Anna and Elsa howl like ghosts) – [Elsa As Mummy] Oh, I’m sorry! We missed. – Tell me about it. – Hey Jack, I don’t mean to
sound like a chicken and all, but I don’t think we’re
alone in this house. I’m hearin’ some really
kinda spooky sounds. What do you think? – I think you’re right, Kristoff. But the people you’re thinking of aren’t the ones that I’m thinking of. Look at what I found outside. – Why it’s Anna and Elsa’s dresses! (gasps) Did somebody get ’em? – No I think what it was is
they’re tryin’ to scare us. So, we can maybe make sure
that they don’t scare us, so we can get all those jellybeans for ourself. Look! I found our two ghosts. They’re right there. – Boo! (screams) – [Anna] Jack! Kristoff! (laughs) – We caught you tryin’ to scare us. (laughs) You already lost! You know you’re gonna
give us the jellybeans, and you’re gonna do our chores! Ha ha! – [Anna] You figured us out! – It was easy! (laughs) – Um, excuse me guys. (screams) Hmmm. I only wanted to ask
them a simply question. Just wanted to know if
they wanted a warm hug! (laughs) (screams) – That monster sounds a bit like Olaf. – [Narrator] I hope you weren’t too scared during this video, and if you enjoyed it, push right here for subscribe here, so you can subscribe to our channel. And also let us know, were you really really scared? And did you think that somebody
was gonna win the contest? Take care and have a great day. Bye everyone! I hope you liked that you’ve watched. Now, look at one of these
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  2. That is the really hurt so they might not hurt you so when I want to mess with them them but I don't really think that Other people are like the best because they don't even scare me and I don't like spiders but it's OK because it's amazing because I always stay away from them and I never come near me and I hate mosquitoes and everything and please come on guys why would you be scared of one little spider it is not even a real him as the jackstraw sore Khristopher maybe

  3. the girls was trying to scare the boys but they. got scared when the boys Snook up on them and Olaf scared them all

  4. Elsa and Anna have to win the nother time and they get the Jelly Bean jelly beans for them self and Kristoff and Jack Frost have to be swine for a 100 years

  5. Elsa and Anna win because the boys were cheating I like Anna and Elsa costumes two scarum because if I were in a video and somebody made a challenge for me I will be a zombie to scare them so I can get all the jelly beans and I will bite their heads off

  6. queen elsa and princess anna spooky haunted house parody by pawpatrol fan 3:43 4:43 5:17 3:44 4:44 5:18 5:45 5:21

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