Quick Reviews of Movies I’ve Seen This Month: April 2016

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Welcome to Quick Reviews of Movies I’ve Seen This Month. This is the very first episode. And I hope to release these episodes once every month. Summarizing the movies I have seen the previous month, and my take on them. These are the movies I have seen this month. It took until 2016 for me to finally see Tombstone. I had high expectations but was a bit disappointed. Tombstone is a good looking movie. But it lacks a bit of character background and a sense of time progression in the story. I do like the acting and the setting however, especially Val Kilmer’s Doc Holliday. And the rating is… Run All Night is an action movie without any surprises really. Liam Neeson and Joel Kinnaman’s characters try to survive being hunted by Ed Harris’ mob boss. After killing his son. And you get exactly what you expect. Joy is another Jennifer Lawrence and David O. Russell collaboration. It’s not their best one but it’s quite OK. And Joy is about the mother of two who juggles her personal life with trying to make it as an inventor. In Hush a deaf writer living alone in the woods is attacked by a psychopath in a mask. Nothing other than the main character’s deafness this movie is nothing original at all. And the psychopath’s lack of motif and background makes this movie a resounding ‘meh’! Get Hard is an uneven comedy. Where Will Ferrell shows his comedic genius and Kevin Hart shows his lack of. The story is silly and the movie drags on a bit too long. Despite it’s running length of a normal one hour and forty minutes. Not Ferrell’s best movie by a mile, but if you’re in a mood for something light. See it.

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