Raakshasi Full Movie | Hindi Horror Movie | 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | HD Movie

Raakshasi Full Movie | Hindi Horror Movie | 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | HD Movie

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– Hmm. Did you select anyone?
– No, papa. I need some more time. I gave you so many boys’ photos. What happened, dear?
Didn’t you like even one? All are good. But they
should be good human beings too. What do you mean, dear? How will you know that
just by seeing the photo? You will know it when
you will meet the boy. No, papa.
You get to know at first sight. Silly girl.
Seems like you have a boyfriend. In that case, bring him home. I will get both of you married. Thank you. Listen. This goldfish. Yes?
– Sir, courier. Whose?
– Yours. Isn’t 8086 your car? It’s my car.
– This is for you. Sign here, sir. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Hello. Please make the bill quickly. Please hurry up. Hello! Hello! How did this happen? A man driving a green color car hit her. Did you note the car’s number? The car sped away, sir.
So I couldn’t see. Oh God! She is bleeding profusely. Carry her. Carry her. Hurry up. Hurry up. Carefully, sir. Carefully. Hold her head carefully. Shruti, go and inform
her family quickly. Yes. You go. I will inform them.
– Hurry up. – Okay. Fine. Hey! Shall I slap you?
Can’t you see the red signal? Are you blind?
– Sorry, sir. Sir, look here.
It’s an emergency. Please, sir. Let us go. Come on. Quick. Quick. This way. Madam. Madam,
there has been an accident. Please check her.
– Where is the patient? Come. Leave her hand. Sir…leave her hand. P.. Are you her relative? Doctor.
– Yes, doctor. Inform her family. Okay, doctor.
– She is dead. Take the body. Doctor. We couldn’t save her. I am very sorry. She is dead. Doctor, where is my daughter?
What happened to her? She is dead. What has happened! My daughter cannot leave me and go.
– Look. We tried our best. I am sorry. Please save her, doctor. Please get up. Do something.
– Look. Please compose yourself. Get up. – I don’t have
anybody in the world besides her. Please. Calm down. Control yourself. Please, doctor. Please save her somehow, doctor. Ready. Take. Hey! Are you not able to understand.. ..that he is playing it wrong? Vicky, who is the music director?
– Sorry, sir. Siddharth. You get Rs.9000 per recording. These days you are
unable to work properly. And you are begging here. I will also lose my job because of you. Why did you do that in
the recording this morning? Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Hey! Siddharth! You are fleeing after hitting him.
– Sorry. Sorry. Are you mad? Can’t you see? Someone is dying.
– Sir. Sorry, sir. And you are fleeing.
– Sir. Sir. Forgive me, sir.
– Can’t you see? Move. I will kill you!
– I am sorry. Siddharth! Siddharth! Stop! Siddharth! Are you mad? Stop!
– I made a mistake. I won’t do that again. I will not spare you. Siddharth you want to kill him? Don’t stop me. Such people should be
shot in the middle of the road. Stop, Siddharth!
– Move! Leave from here.
– I won’t spare him. Come on.
– I will kill him. You have gone mad. Because someone died on the road.
– It could be anybody. Did you even know that girl? Some other car ran over her. That means, you will kill him. That girl..
– That girl is dead. She is not going to come back. Drink four bottles of beer
and forget that girl forever. What is life?
What is the meaning of life? Why were we born? Why do we study? And why are both of
you hearing my nonsense? That’s the mystery of life. Do both of you know
the meaning of the music.. ..that the man who is coming plays? Did you bring cigarette?
– No. Hold on. Sir. Sir, excuse me. Sir, I heard your music. Wow! It was brilliant! My friends and I were
talking about your music, sir. Do you have Rs.100, sir? No problem, sir.
We will adjust the rest later. Sir, drinking is bad. Didn’t get the liquor bottles. I was trying to be over smart.
It backfired. No problem. Hey boys! I am coming. Eat quickly, son. Hi, Mahesh.
– Open your mouth. Say hello. Open your mouth wider. How many days more for
the lift to get repaired? What do I tell you, Siddharth?
They repair it everyday. Wonder how many more days
it will take to get repaired. Open your mouth, son. I have just reached, mother. I haven’t had dinner yet.
I will have it now. Mother, I will call you back.
Yes. I will call you. What are you doing here, Mahesh? Why haven’t you gone to sleep? Come on. What are you looking at? Mahesh! Who is at the door? Check. Why did you go out?
– Where did you go, son? Come on. Did he come to your house? No, sir.
He was just knocking on my door. Knocking on your door?
– Yes. Fine. Thank you.
– It’s okay. Brother. Will you take all of us on the street? I always take you, don’t I? Come on. Why did you stop, dear? Why are you pulling my hand? Brother! Where are you?
– Who is it? Leave! Leave!
– Brother! Got good loot.
– Yes. Bro, he has come back. Return her bag. Don’t try to be a hero. Got that?
– Hold this. Here. Stab him quickly. What happened?
– What happened? Who hit him?
– Who hit him? You are doing this because you think.. ..there is nobody to stop you. Wretched woman! Hey! Don’t talk too much.
Who has the guts to stop me? Hey! What are you staring at? Come on. Leave. Why are you harassing him?
– Is that so? You feel pity for him.
What is his relation with you? He is nobody. Hey! You are showing
too much love for him. In front of me.
Now watch what I do to you. He is sitting here. Mahesh, what are you doing here? Come on. Come inside. Get up. What happened, Siddharth? Pardon me. I needed an opener. Opener?
– Please. I will bring it. When did you buy this house?
– Three years ago. Why? I hope nobody had committed
suicide in this house.. ..before you moved in. It’s a new flat. I am the first owner. If someone dies with his wish
unfulfilled, he turns into a ghost. Don’t talk crazily. Is this why I called you to sleep here? I am scared. Why are you scared? I am with you. You have seen horror movies,
haven’t you? What if such a ghost comes here? Stop your nonsense and sleep quietly. Sleep. Lord Hanuman, please save me.
Save only me. Why did you push me?
– I didn’t push. Hey! Don’t you understand this? Why are you pushing me? He has gone mad.
– I told you I didn’t push. I am scared. You didn’t push me, did you? No. I didn’t push you. Run! Run! Stop! I am also coming!
– Help! Help! Ghost! Help! Stop! What are you doing here? Sir is calling both of you. Come on. Now policemen also appear scary, buddy. Hello, sir. Who are you guys? What are you doing
here so late at night? Sir, we belong to decent families. Seems so from your underwear. Sir, there is a ghost in my house.
– Yes, sir. Huh? You mean what happens
in Ramsay Brothers’ movies? Do you think I am a fool? Sir, will you please give me your phone? Why?
– I want to call my friend.. ..and ask him to bring
clothes for me, sir. We beg of you, sir. Are my feet there? 303. Call up the mental hospital.. ..and inquire whether two
madmen have escaped from there. We are violinists, sir. We play violin in Shankar’s group, sir. Oh! Another new story! Sir, please give your phone once. Give me the number. 9845492628, sir. Drink tea and move on. Why have you buried
your nose in the newspaper? As if you are going to
win a lottery of 500 crore. Tea. I will solve this.
– How? But you will have to pay money. I will pay as much as you want. But help me get rid of this nuisance. What will you do? Ms. Mala. Bring 1 lakh. Keep 1 lakh on the table.
– What? 1 lakh?
– Go and bring it. Rupali. In your ancestral village,
there is a well.. ..in the south direction of your house. A woman fell into the well and died. Now that woman has become a ghost. The woman is staying
there since 27 years. She is burning with fury. She has come here looking
for you to seek vengeance. Some member of your family
had committed atrocity on her. That woman was 4 months
pregnant when she died. Mother and child are
clinging to each other. What if we remove her body and bury her? Don’t interfere. Buy a small gold swing weighing 100 gm. Bury it in a desolate forest. Return without looking behind. Your problem will be solved. When will we have
to bury the swing, sir? You can do it tomorrow. Rajesh.
– Yes, madam. Where is the money? I kept it in the bag.
– It’s not there. It’s not in the bag.
– Madam, I had kept it myself. Where did it go?
– I don’t know. I also saw him keep
it in the bag, madam. I kept it in the bag right here.
– Where did it go? Where did it go? I kept the money in the bag. Madam. What happened, madam? Madam. Madam. Madam. P.. Rajesh.
– Yes, madam. Hello. What! I told your father to buy me a car. Did he give it to me? He did give it.
– I see. He gave it. He gave me a toy car. Am I a kid? Talking nonsense. Did he give a car? Quiet! I will.. She stays in that flat. Flat number 4. Siddharth, where were you?
– I will leave, aunt. Mahesh. Let’s go, Mahesh. Come on. Say bye to aunt. Mahesh. Mahesh, bye. Say bye to aunt.
– Bye. Siddharth, your mother came a while ago. If you need any ration, take it from me. Okay? It’s good I had the key. Or else I would have
had to wait outside. Where were you? As such, the house is sparkling clean. Did you hire a new maid? Here. Mahesh’s mother brought tea.
– Mother. Why did you come here?
– Why did I come? Whenever I call you, you tell me
that you will call back in 10 minutes. But you never call me back. What’s wrong with you? Where is papa?
– He has gone out for his company work. What are you looking at? Mother.
– What happened? Leave this house. But why? There is a ghost in this house, mother.
– What did you say? I am speaking the truth, mother. There is a ghost in this house. Oh! In which world are you living? We are sending satellites to Mars. And you are talking about ghosts. As such, it’s not your fault. Had I got you married on time,
this wouldn’t have happened. Hey! Where are you going now? Mother, stay here. I will just come. Listen. I want a beer. Right now. What? You want a beer? Now? I know that you secretly
drink beer on the terrace. Talk softly. Why are you yelling? I want a beer now.
– How is it possible? Listen, sister.
– Wait. I will bring it. Where had you gone? Come, mother.
– Where? Where are you taking me? Have you brought a beer bottle? Where are you taking me? Siddhu. Where are you taking me? Have you started drinking? Sit here quietly.
– Since when have you been drinking? I don’t know. Do you know that your papa.. What are you doing, Siddhu? Siddhu, do you drink? Do you know what will
happen if your papa finds out? He has hung naked girls’
photos on the wall. Not a single photo of God. Mother, they are pop singers. Oh God! They are not pop singers.
They are sin singers. Your wall won’t break
if you hang God’s photo. Today’s boys. Oh God! Mother, you sleep on the bed.
I will sleep on the floor. No, son. I have backache problem.
I am fine on the floor. Oh God! What is this? Mother! What happened? Why did you scream? Come on. Drink milk. Here. You see, this is what happens.. ..when you don’t hang
God’s photo in the house. Mrs. Janki Jairam.
– Yes. Speaking. This is Dr. Girish from Sangam hospital. Hospital? Is there a problem?
– Yes, madam. There is a problem. Don’t worry. Yes. Tell me. Your husband Mr.
Jairam has met with a minor accident. Accident?
– Yes, madam. He has got slight fracture in his leg. Oh no!
– He has been admitted in our hospital. He is fine.
But he doesn’t want to go home. So that his family doesn’t find out. But he needs a caretaker.
– Yes. And we are short of staff. It will be better
if a family member comes. How did you get my number? Well, when your husband
lost consciousness.. ..we checked his pocket. We got your number from there. Sorry we had to do that. But..
– Doctor. Yes, ma’am.
– Kindly give the phone to my son.. ..who is standing next to you. Siddhu! Are you doing a drama
along with your friends? I lied that your papa has gone out. He is watching cricket match at home. He told me not to tell you.. ..because you will get angry with him. He took a holiday to watch cricket. Now you are making me tense. Why do you want to send me back? Initially you said there
is a ghost in the house. Then you said that your
papa has met with an accident. Tell me the truth.
Are you staying with a girl? Mother, it’s nothing like that.
– So what is it? Come home. I will see you. What is the need to get so angry, aunt? I will see you too.
You also come home. Listen, Siddhu.
I am going to the market. Shall I bring chicken or mutton? Bring poison. And make its curry for me. The problem is unsolved. This pathetic idea was yours. It failed. So you should have spoken to aunt. It was your idea to call her. Look, you are talking too much.
– Keep quiet! My plight is bad.
And both of you are quarreling. What if that girl harms my mother? My mother is alone. What if the ghost does something? A hungry tiger used to roam the forest. Every day it would eat an animal. One day it caught a cow.
– The pleasure you derive from.. ..fooling someone is out of this world..
– The cow told the tiger.. “Tiger, let me go.” Excuse me, madam. Aren’t you Siddharth’s mom?
– Yes. Why? You see, Siddharth had
borrowed Rs.500 from me. Is he at home?
– Hold this for a moment. I think she will be kind to me today. Thanks.
– Thank you, madam. Hasn’t tomato become too costly? You are right. But what can we do? What can we do? We have to eat food. Come, Mahesh. Where were we? The cow told the tiger
that my calf is at home. I will check on it and come. The tiger said,
“If I let you go, you won’t come back.” The cow said, “Please leave me.” You have cooked such pathetic food. What do I do? I cooked it the way you said. You are arguing with me. You always drink and beat me. Hey! Keep your mouth shut. You will never prosper!
You will be ruined! How dare you! Oh God! Why are you
beating her like that? Are you a human or a monster? You are beating her brutally. She is my wife.
She will endure all beatings. Who are you to stop me? A woman. If you hit a woman, I will speak up. Make her go away. Madam, you go. He is a monster. Hey! What did you say? I am a monster? I am a monster? What are you doing? Leave her. Leave her? Leave her? Hey! What is your relation with her? What will you do if I don’t leave her? I will call the police. Go ahead. Call the police. Listen, aunt. Please come up. Hey! Weren’t you going
to call the police? Come on. Call them.
– Do you think I am giving empty threats? I will call right now. You..
– Hey! Don’t do that. Leave me. Oh God! You will be destroyed. You are not a human. You are a monster. It all happened because of you. I won’t spare you.
Today, I will finish you off. Slowly. Carefully. Sit. You.. Stop! Who locked the door? Mahesh.
– Mahesh, open the door. Mahesh, open the door.
– Mahesh. Mahesh. Mahesh.
– Mahesh. Mahesh. Open the door, son. Mahesh.
– Mahesh. Mahesh, open the door. Mahesh.
– Mahesh. Mahesh.
– Open the door, son. Mahesh, open the door. Mahesh, open the door. Mahesh.
– Mahesh. Mahesh.
– Mahesh. Mahesh. Mahesh, open the door. Mahesh. Mahesh. I slipped.
– Where? In the bathroom. Did you feel like
someone has pushed you? What? Think carefully and tell me. Did it feel like someone has pushed you? Who else will be there in the bathroom? What? What happened? What is the matter? Siddhu. What is it? Think properly and tell me.
What happened here? Oh God! I picked up the soap
and it slipped from my hand. I bent to pick it up and I slipped. I hit my head here and I got hurt. That’s all. Swear on me. If you want to believe me, fine.
Or else leave it. Here. Drink tea. Siddhu. I am observing that you are worried. What is the matter? It’s nothing like that, mother. Are you involved with a girl?
– No, mother. So whose sandal is that? A girl I know. Can I meet her? She is dead. After her death..
– After her death? Nothing, mother. Leave it. Siddhu, are you bothered
because I am staying here? It’s nothing like that, mother. Fine. Book my ticket.
I will leave by the afternoon bus. Really? Book a front seat ticket. It’s a long journey.
I don’t want my back to ache. Yes, mother. Crazy guy. Foremost are stars.
Followed by milky way. And then galaxies. What’s further ahead? Perhaps God never thinks of relaxing. Don’t look at me like that. Think about how He must have done it. Sir, the lift has been repaired. Who is it? Aunt. Aunt. Aunt. Aunt. Aunt. What happened? What do I do? Aunt! Listen. Siddharth’s mother has fainted. She has hurt her head.
Do you have Siddharth’s number? Aunt. Aunt. Pick up the phone. Siddharth, come quickly.
– Mother! Mother!
– Your mother has fainted. Mother! Mother! What happened to my mother? I don’t know. Mother.
– Aunt. Let’s carry her. Carefully. Siddharth, where are you going? Hey ogress!
Where are you hiding? Come out. Come out. What do you want? Why are you killing me like this? How have I wronged you? I did so much for you.
And you are trying to kill me. Didn’t you see how
hard I tried to save you? I tried everything possible. Only I know how much I
am grieving after your death. You don’t know anything. And see this. I couldn’t save you. But I have kept your sandal safely. And you…you want to kill me. How had my mother harmed you? That you want to kill her. What do you want? Why are you after me? Why don’t you leave from here? Leave me. And go away. Go away. If anything happens to my mother.. ..I will slit my throat with this. I will die and come
to you to take revenge. We have found out the patient’s name. Here. It’s OP ward?
– Yes. Come with me.
– Yes. Madam, please give
me this patient’s details. I cannot give the patient’s details. Please, madam.
– No. I cannot reveal it. Please. Please. It’s against the rules. Hello. What is it? Tell me. Here. Thank you so much.
– Thanks. Good. At least we got the address. Yes!
– Yes! Got the address?
– Yes. Because of that passenger
I was in great trouble that day. Yes.
– Mister. Yes.
– We are looking for an auto driver. Who do you want? We are eight of us here. The accident that took place last week.
And the girl died. Auto number 6598. He is asking about Vasant.
– Keep quiet. We took the girl to
the hospital in that auto. Okay. I see.
– Yes. Exactly. Hey! Keep quiet! His name is Sunderlal Tiwari. He must be at the tea stall ahead. Go and check there.
– Thanks. Thank you.
– Come on. Okay. So I was..
– You guys always joke. Why are you guys following me? Did you recognize me, uncle? No. Do you remember that girl
had met with an accident.. ..and we took her to the hospital? Oh man! Now you guys
have come to irritate me. The police have already
irritated me with their questions. Which car was it? Do you know her address, uncle? I don’t know. Uncle. What is this? Keep this.
And please give us the address. Hey! What do you guys
think of an auto driver? You cannot bribe me. I don’t charge anyone a penny extra. My daily earning of
Rs.500 is enough for me. I earn it easily. Don’t waste my time. Go away. Listen. Listen. Please help us. For God’s sake. We will be grateful. What do you guys want? Someone gives me Rs.1000. The girl’s father gives me Rs.10000. What can I do if the girl died? Do you people think I am a beggar? But why did he give you money? He is obsessed. He wants to find
his daughter’s murderer. He comes to me every
morning at 6 o’clock. Which car was it? How was it? What was the color? What was the number? The police also constantly
come to investigate. They have made my life miserable! That old man hasn’t come since two days. He didn’t come. So you guys came. Uncle, please. Give us her address, uncle. Please. What? Money didn’t work.
So you fell at my feet. Uncle, please. Uncle, please. Please give us the address. Uncle, please.
– Uncle, please. Give us the address. Uncle, please.
– Uncle, please. There is an ice factory
behind Badlapur station. Over there. Thank you, uncle.
– Thank you. Now leave.
– Come on. Mister. Where can I find the
owner of the ice factory? Hey! Why did you come so far? To see the shrine and go back. He is..
– What else can we do? That man is dead drunk. Everybody is digging a grave for him. They have buried the girl.
– Yes. So? That’s why she is in your house. If they had cremated her,
you wouldn’t have faced this problem. What do we do now? Dig her out and cremate her. This will be wrong. Her father is also
doing the wrong thing. As per the custom he
should have burnt her pyre.. ..in a cremation ground. For us she is just a dead body. But she was his daughter. You saw her face, didn’t you? Did you see your mother’s
face in the hospital? Talking nonsense. Give her 100 ml.
– Okay, doctor. Doctor.
– Doctor. No need to worry. She will be fine in two days. When will she be discharged?
– She.. Who are you?
– I am Siddharth’s friend. I don’t want any crowd here. Tell them to go out. Please go out. Yes. All the arrangements have been made. Only three days are left. Today is the ghost’s last night. Siddharth. The priest has said to
leave the door open till morning. I will tell Mahesh’s father
to sleep on the corridor. Okay? Fine, sister. Stop. You guys check what’s in the galaxy. And also check what’s not in the galaxy. I will come in five minutes. Galaxy? What did he say? What happened, Pluto?
Did you guys have dinner? Yes. We had dinner.
– But I didn’t. I want Rs.500. Bro, look, don’t irritate us.
Leave from here. Okay. You have money to drink liquor. But you don’t have money to give me.
– Are you leaving.. ..or shall I hit you?
– Fine. I will sleep on an empty-stomach. Don’t hit me.
– Fool. What are you doing, sir? What are you going to do? I will commit theft.
– But it’s a sin to steal. It’s a sin only if you
commit theft in a locked house. He has adorned the sandal with lights. And he doesn’t respect me. What is this? Did you have food? I didn’t. But you will get food.
Whether you are male or female. Lucky. For male. And for female. May you live for 200 years! What is this? It’s empty. This statue is also like him. Ask for money and it says no. Camera. Damn! Oh! Wow! Damn! What is this? Damn! It’s so heavy. Apple. Come on. Come on. I am your love. Come on. Yes! Come on. What shall I take now? God, I am sorry. This is good. Watch. But it’s not working. Nothing here. This will do. How did it come here? I had kept it on the table. No! No! No! No! No! No! Don’t come near me.
Or else I will kill you. I will kill you. Don’t come near me. I will kill you. Oh no! Hey! Hey! Who are you people? Why are you destroying
my daughter’s grave? Why are you destroying it? Move. Don’t break it. Why didn’t you cremate her body? Why did you bury her here? Who are you to ask me? Move away. We live in the neighborhood. You will do as you please.
Will we keep quiet? Stop! Please stop! Move! Move. Why are you destroying
my daughter’s grave? Leave. Leave my daughter. Leave her. Sinners! Kill me. But don’t
break my daughter’s grave. Leave my daughter. Leave. Hey! What did you do! Siddharth!
– Hey! Your daughter is killing me.
She is killing me. Is she my relative? Didn’t she find any other place
that she is staying in my house? Why didn’t she go to the house.. ..of that car driver who killed her? What was my mother’s fault? Today she is in the hospital.
Only because of her. If anything happens to her,
just wait and see. If your daughter had been alive.. ..I would have strangulated her. Come with me.
Remove her body and cremate her. Cremate her today. Only then will she leave my house. My daughter is in your house? Come. I will show you. Your daughter is staying
in my house as an ogress. Come. Where are you going? I have to leave.
– Take your daughter with you. Hey! Move!
– Believe me! I want to go to my daughter. Move aside. Your daughter is here.
Take her with you. Hey! What force is this? You guys brought me
to your house at midnight. Don’t take undue
advantage of my decency. Hey! What will you do? Look. I am a decent man. When your daughter was dying,
I took her to the hospital. Now look. Hey! My daughter is dead. You took her to the hospital. Tell me. How much money do you want?
How much money do you want? Talking nonsense. You are saying my daughter
has become a ghost, an ogress. What will you gain by lying? What are you saying? What your daughter is doing is right. And what I am doing is wrong. Hello.
– Don’t talk nonsense about my daughter. Siddharth.
– Yes. It’s your mother’s call.
From the hospital. Mother. Come. Ask my mother what
your daughter did to her. Hello, mother.
Who pushed you in the bathroom? Who tried to kill you? I will put the speaker on. Talk loudly. Mother, speak loudly. Tell me what the ogress did to you. She is not an ogress.
– Mother. You said there is somebody in the house. I saw her myself. When I slipped in the bathroom,
she saved my life. What are you saying?
You fell down a day before that too. That day I didn’t fall
down in the bathroom. The man who stays on the
third floor was beating his wife. I tried to save her. He pushed me. I fell down and got hurt. I lied to you. But the next day I actually
fell down in the bathroom. There was nobody to help me. Some power came and she picked me up. That’s when I saw her. The ghost. She was not an ogress. She was a Goddess who came to save me. Madam, the doctor has forbidden you
from talking on the phone. Dear. Bhavani. Come, dear. Come out. Look at your papa, dear. Come, dear. Come to me. Come, dear. Come home, dear. The house is lonely. There is nobody at home, dear. Come. We have to go to the factory,
dear. Come on. Your papa’s back is hurting, dear. How will I run the
factory without you, dear? Come, dear. Come. What was the need to
come to this house, dear? We don’t have any relative here. He is a nice guy, dear. He took you to the hospital. When I wouldn’t talk,
you would tell me.. Speak, papa. Speak. Why are you not saying anything today? Come, dear. We will go together.
Come, dear. Come with me. We don’t want to be
a burden on anyone, dear. Come with me. Come, dear. Dear. Bhavani. Bhavani. Where are you going, dear? Where are you going, dear?
Where are you going? Don’t you love your papa? Come to me, dear. It’s hurting a lot. Now I cannot live alone. I don’t have anybody besides you, dear. Come, dear. Hold your papa’s
hand and let’s go home, dear. You can stay like a
goddess in your house, dear. I have been orphaned, dear. O Lord! I didn’t know I will
see my daughter’s hands like that. Now I don’t want to live any more. Sooner or later I have to die, dear. After I die I will come straight to you. But dear, before that I
have to do an important thing. I am alive only so
that with this knife.. ..I can stab the
man who did this to you. What happened, dear?
Where did you go, dear? Bhavani. Papa. Show me your hand.
– Why, dear? Do it. What is this, dear? Today is ‘Raksha Bandhan’
(Sibling festival). Why are you tying the
sacred thread on my hand? You are my mother,
father, brother, sister, everything. Who do I have besides you? Don’t do time pass. Drink tea and leave. Sir. Thanks, son. Thanks. What about you?
– I am not hungry, sir. What do you do, son? Sir, I am a violinist. You play music in an orchestra. Right? No, sir. I am in music
director Shankar Roy’s group. Oh! Sir, forgive me. I mistreated you. It’s okay, son. No. I misunderstood your daughter. I couldn’t understand her. I am ashamed of what I did, sir.
Please forgive me. Sir. My daughter Bhavani. Bhavani.
– Sir. If your daughter had been alive.. ..I would have sought her
hand in marriage from you, sir. Siddharth, I have understood
why my daughter stays in your house. I would always tell
my daughter to marry. She would tell me,
“I will marry once I find a nice guy.” But.. Siddharth,
my daughter will leave your house. Sir. Yes, son. This evening I will burn her pyre.
– Sir. Don’t do that. For so many days I ran away from her. But she didn’t go away. If you perform her last rites,
she will leave. But both of us know that
we will never be at peace. Give me three days’ time, sir.
I will find that man. Because of whom all
this is happening, sir. Sir, please listen to me. No.
– Both of us will punish him. No, son. No. Sir, we will perform
Bhavani’s last rites later. Give me the knife.
– Why, son? Heed me.
Give me the knife. Give me, sir. Hello, sir. What is it? Sir, take care of him. You should also be
imprisoned for what he did. Sit there. Because of you I have to face all this. Hello, sir.
– Hello, sir. Who is Chandu?
– It’s me, sir. Isn’t Shrinivas your uncle?
– Yes, sir. What is your connection with this case? The girl who died..
– Yes. ..was his relative, sir. Sir, Bhavani’s father..
– Yes. ..has stopped consuming
food and water, sir. Is he mad? That girl is dead. He harasses policemen
for no reason at all. He asks us everyday. When will you arrest the culprit? I am showing restrain
only because of his age. Tell me something.
How are you related to him? He is his uncle. Sir, if we find out
who the car driver was.. If you find out, what will you do? We will punish him, sir. Why are we there for? Sir, if we find out who killed her.. ..we will be at peace, sir. Everyday there are
at least ten accidents. It’s a usual thing. Will the police take
the onus for everybody? There is no way to find him. Must be someone. He must be running away
after stealing the car. And the girl came in the way.
The accident took place. He ran away after abandoning the car. Where did he abandon the car, sir?
– On MG Road. Sir, please tell us
who the owner of the car is. It was brought to the garage
behind Thane station for sale. It was parked outside the showroom. The thief must have
stolen it from there. We have found the car. Case closed. Will you dupe me? Where is the coil? Tell me. Tell me. Where is the coil? Sir, I didn’t steal it. Tell me. Where did you sell it? I swear. I didn’t do anything.
– Leave from here. Or else.. If you don’t bring the coil
back in an hour, you won’t survive. They request me to give them a job. If I hire such people,
one day I will have to look for a job. Sir. What is it? Sir, will you show us a second-hand car? We want to buy it. Nowadays everybody buys a new car. Who buys an old car? We don’t have that much budget, sir.
What to do? Fine. Which car do you want? If we could get Accord or Lancer.. I don’t have these two cars. I have Icon Ford.
Do you want to have a look? What is the rate?
– 4 lakhs. It’s quite costly for a second-hand car. Fine. Tell me your rate. 2 lakhs.
– That’s it? Only 2 lakhs? I have Maruti Omni too.
Want to have a look? What is the rate? This car? Hey! Cover it. This car is not for sale. Why did you touch it? How much is it for? Tell us. I told you. It’s not for sale. Why is it here then? It’s unwell.
That’s why it’s resting here. Come on. It doesn’t seem
like you will buy a car. Hello.
– Hey! Leave from here! Want to buy a car. Can a beggar ever buy a car? Don’t add too much. Give it. We want that green car. My boss won’t sell that car, sir.
– Why? It’s an unlucky car.
– Why? Did it kill someone? No. It’s because of some other reason. What? Tell me. Boss. He is inside. Listen, sir is calling you. Hey! Why did you kill that girl? Who are you, sir? Please move the knife. Tell me the truth. On 10th November
you ran over a girl with your car. Sir, I swear on my child.
I didn’t kill anyone. You stole the car from the garage,
didn’t you? Tell me the truth. Tell me. Sir, please don’t tell anyone. If my wife finds out,
she will kill herself. Wasn’t it a green color car?
– Yes, sir. Didn’t you speed it on Nagarwadi Circle?
– Yes, sir. And you ran over a girl. Believe me. I didn’t kill anyone. If you lie, I will slit your throat. You can do that, sir. You can do that. But first hear me out. What you saw just now is the truth, sir. Hey! What is the truth? Tell me. Sir, the woman sleeping
inside is my wife. But that child isn’t ours, sir.
– What? We were childless for 13 years. And when we did have a child,
it was a stillborn child. What could I do?
I couldn’t understand anything. The child was stillborn. What could I do? I couldn’t understand. I know, sir. It’s a sin to steal. I went to Victoria hospital. Someone had given
birth to twins in a ward. I stole a child, sir. Sir, I am speaking the truth. Please believe me. Sir, please don’t
snatch my child from me. Or else my wife will die, sir. I beg of you, sir. I didn’t kill anyone. Believe me, sir.
I am speaking the truth. Champa. What happened, brother? That day we brought
the child from the hospital. How will I know? Why are you asking me? He is my friend.
Sir, she is my cousin sister. I am leaving.
– Champa, listen to me. Wasn’t there an accident
on Nagarwadi Circle? Of a girl. Did you see it? The one who fell down from the scooter? Did you witness the accident? I did witness it. What did you see? What happened? Did you find any clue?
– Yes, I did. What do you want to do now? Where is the mobile?
– Inside the car. Give me the key.
– Yes. Here. Siddharth. – Siddharth.
Where are you going? Siddharth.
– Siddharth. Siddharth.
– Siddharth. Siddharth.
– Crazy! Damn! Uncle, which color is this? Uncle. Get up. Get up, uncle.
Come. Come. My auto! Uncle. Uncle, stop. Uncle.
– My auto! My auto! My auto! Uncle. Uncle, look here.
– Go away! My auto! Auto! My auto! Stop! Help! Uncle. Uncle, get up. Get up. What is going on? Tell me. Which color is this?
– It’s green color. What happened? Somebody tell me. What is happening? Uncle, tell me. Which color is this? I told you. It’s green color. Hey! Siddharth! Siddharth! Siddharth! Siddharth! Siddharth! I have found the killer
who killed your daughter. Who is he? Who is he? I am that sinner, sir.
I am the killer who you are looking for. Punish me.
– What are you saying? No, Siddharth! You are a godly man. You are a godly man, son.
You cannot kill her. You cannot kill her.
You cannot kill her, son. No, sir. That day in the morning.. ‘Hey!’ ‘How did it happen?’ ‘A man driving a green
color car hit her.’ ‘Hey! Shall I slap you?’ ‘Can’t you see the red signal?
Are you blind?’ ‘P..’ ‘I told you. It’s green color.’ It’s me, sir. I am the one
who killed your daughter, sir. Don’t show mercy. Kill me, sir. Punish me.
– How can I kill you, son? I cannot kill you. My daughter loves you immensely, son. I cannot kill you, son. O Lord!
Can’t you unite both of them? Why did you separate both of them? Tell me, Lord. Why did you do that? Even the smallest
mistake is not pardoned. But I don’t understand why
your daughter forgave me, sir. I don’t understand. Come with me.
– Where? Come with me.
– Where are you taking me, son? Sir, kill me and bury me next to her. Bury me next to this goddess. Here. Take your knife. Kill me. Kill me, sir. Bhavani, I should have
performed your last rites. My daughter is not here. My daughter is not
buried under the ground. I didn’t bury her here. I played this drama
just to fool my relatives. I didn’t perform her last rites.. ..thinking I will
first avenge her death. Sir.
– I didn’t perform her last rites. Come, son. Come. I will show you something. I will show you Bhavani. Come. Come, son. See Bhavani, son. What are you doing? Siddharth! Siddharth! Siddharth! What are you doing, son?
What are you doing? Siddharth! Hey! What are you doing? Siddharth! What are you doing? What madness is this, son? O Lord! Save this boy! No, son. No. No! No! Stop!


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