Rasp – Short Horror Film

Rasp – Short Horror Film

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*Knocking* *Knocking* *Knocking* Alright, alright, I’m coming. Who’s there? Hello? *Knocking* Jesus! Alright, who’s there? Let me in… Please. Look, if you need help… I can call someone. Alright, real funny, asshole. I’m a little busy here… Cleaning my gun! *Click-click!* Let me in! Let me in! Let me in! Let me in! Let me in! Let me in! Let me innnn! *Demonic shrieking* *Silence* Listen, I’m calling the cops! You better clear out! *Demonic shriek*


  1. Although i like the general concept. The character looked at the peephole way too many times. I feel like the demon or whatver could've had more dialogue than "just let me in". Maybe could've tried to offer the guy something or bribe or blackmail him to it and the color of the arm was weird. I had the impression that the monster was a pale blue or whitish color but the arm that came through the door was very clearly an off-site flesh color. In regards to the shadow I'm the background, I'm not sure how to feel about it. I was the monster already in the house? And if so why did the arm still come through the door?

    Clever use of the stapler for a gun sound and I applaud the guy for not opening the door like in most horror films. The monsters voice was really good and the plot was decent. My final complaint is that the lighting and camera angle of the guy in the house seemed a bit weird in my opinion. Maybe you could've had the guy start of watching tv with all lights off except maybe a kitchen light and then he turns on a lamp. I think the guy should've closed the eye flap and started walking away and it shows him walking towards the camera, the arm pops out and we see the fingers wrap around his head, snap his neck and pull him back.

    Overall though, very good film.

  2. Another Oh Sh!t ending by Danny Donahue. None of that weird electronic noise that passes for music in so many of these short horror films. This one didn't need music. Great acting. Oh God, that ending. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep.

  3. at 1:11 i hope you meant to have something move past the window, otherwise you might have something actually trying to get you 😂

  4. I take it that fuckin thing was just ripping the piss when asking "LET ME IN" then huh, if all the time it could just come through the fuckin peephole when it wanted to!! LoL

  5. Was that thing a demon, a monster or something
    I want to know is WTF IS THAT ABOMINATION

  6. I'm sure many of us didn't see that coming! Great Job Again! You do awesome short professional videos so far with great actors! Thanks for the Uploads!

  7. The knocking is so well used here, it is quite a scary thing, a knock on the door can be anything, and in that case it was 'The Thing That Should Not Be'

  8. Danny Donahue, I love all of your short films. Phenomenal talent. Love the actors as well. I want to see every film you create!! You are pure genius. Thank You!!

  9. Hi Danny,
    I began watching all your videos from old to new, this one so far is the worst. 3mins of tension building, bad acting, poor sound. No offence I'm falling in love with your work and creativity. But know that over time your work must get better.

    Some guy from the internet.

  10. The first let me in was good had a good creep factor. The reaction thoe isn't realistic but not all movies ones are but he should of at least tried to look out window or something

  11. OMG, I could not stop laughing when heard him say he was Cleaning his gun as he grabbed the stapler, that was damn funny, I was hoping the hand would come through the peephole ok now to watch the making of and I hope you show how you did that.

  12. oooo this was a good one. I kept thinking something was coming through the peep hole into his eye but never that a full arm would ha. love it

  13. Wow men i was alone from a month but after watching this i generaly sleep with around 20 hounarable alive peoples😭😭😭😭

  14. Awesome! really creepy! very well made!

    And if that was me, I'd be hiding upstairs as far as possible not stand near the door 😂

  15. Those are the same eyes from your Frostbite short! Is it the same creature making these two short a series or was the mask just reused? Really love the monster concept from your frostbite short and I’m kind of hoping that this kind of expands on it. If not that’s fine. This is still a great short regardless!

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