REAL Illustrated Haunted Pirate House Experience-Keeping Watch

REAL Illustrated Haunted Pirate House Experience-Keeping Watch

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life is full of such odd and
unexplainable phenomenon like ghosts cryptids shadow people
aliens Bigfoot and how keeping watch is almost at a hundred subscribers thanks
guys this means a lot and I hope we have many more peculiar tales in the future
on this week’s episode we have a collaboration with Atticus sugar an
animator and illustrator who helped out some of the assets for the animations
Thank You Atticus this was a lot of fun to work on now let’s begin the story
let’s begin keeping watch we’ve seen how some hotels can be kinda creepy and how
can they not with the number of souls that pass through but this next
experience happens to take place in a pirate restaurant slash hotel and it’s
connected to the pirate lore of Savannah Georgia let’s see that now let’s see
this experience by user not Carrie nation in the haunted pirate House of
Savannah between my experiences and a friend’s
experiences I have enough content from Savannah Georgia to write several novels
I guess I’ll just do this by location if people like these stories then I’ll do
more in 1723 James Oglethorpe and his ragtag gang of Deborah’s prison sail to
Savannah Georgia in search of a place to start over one of the first things they
did was start a garden of all kinds of different plants to see what would grow
here the home of the gardener who managed the trustees garden still stands
today in the 1750s a saloon hotel was built around 50 feet from his home in
Savannah there’s a massive tunnel system under
the city it was mostly used for transporting goods at the Saylor saloon
however Pirates had a habit of drugging sailors and then dragging them from a
tunnel opening just outside the saloon to their waiting ship where the men
would wake up to find themselves pirate slaves later these two buildings were
connected and it is now a restaurant called the pirate’s house the pirate’s
house is a natural draw to the paranormal not only is it in the oldest
part of Savannah but it features a saloon hotel with a violent history the
oldest home in Georgia which saw at least one horrible death and two tunnel
openings I worked at the Pirates house for a short while a few years ago but it
doesn’t take long to start feeling spooky there I’ll start with the
experience of one of the costumed pirates they give tours and other stuff
his name for this purpose is al I noticed that al would use a light saber
with tape at the end to clean trash out of the tunnel openings stupid people are
always throwing their trash down it because they were probably raised in a
barn this tunnel is a literal 6-foot hole in the ground which forms an L
shape where it leads to other places in Savannah I asked him why he did this it
would be easier to use a ladder to go into the tunnel and clean it that way he
said that several years ago he had arrived early
to work like all of Savannah is still asleep early to clean out the tunnels he
was the only one in the restaurant aside from the kitchen employees he went into
the dark and began cleaning he was staying mostly
in the opening since people couldn’t physically throw trash into the depths
of the tunnel from deeper inside the tunnel he heard his sister’s voice cry
out his childhood nickname which only his immediate family knew he said it
immediately got significantly cold and he felt sick to his stomach he could
feel this evil presence around him he quickly climbed out of the tunnel and
never went back even before he told me this I always got
a bad feeling around the tunnels I never liked to have my back to them and there
were many patrons that felt the same way l loved talking about ghosts were giving
tours once when he was taking some people through the gardener’s house
where I was cleaning and setting a table nobody was eating there it was just us
he was telling the story of a small boy who died of either tuberculosis or
yellow fever in the house who was often seen around the boy loft coins and would
tossed them around the house as he was telling his story I had just wiped down
the table and chairs and was setting it when one of the woman nearby was hit in
the leg by a penny that she said fell off the table this is impossible if a
penny had been on the table I would have seen it we all heard the penny hit the
floor right after it hit her and immediately everyone went silent
it was so chilling needless to say I set that table and got out of there ASAP I
always get creeped out in that little house anyways once I saw a child waving
to one of the homes empty windows someone asked what he was doing and he
said there was a little boy on the other side it’s just so creepy I used to see
shadows out of the corner of my eye and hear my name being called when I was in
the back ballrooms bussing slosh setting tables by myself once a manager was
locking up one of these back rooms for the night as he was pulling the door
cleansed it was yanked open so hard that it pulled him forward it was clear to
many people that there was something very strong and very evil there
I absolutely hated going back there myself and I always felt like I was
being watched I got this horrible feeling in my stomach that just knew
that the spirit was malicious there are two possessions that I know of
one was a guest she walked in acting normal
telling the hosts how she used to eat at the Pirates house as a kid down what she
missed it next to the host stand there is a glass case that holds a bunch of
merch from the gift shop there’s a couple of fake skulls and different
pirate stuff as soon as the woman crossed the threshold her entire
demeanor changed her posture her facial expression her voice everything she
started screaming and cussing out one of the skulls in the glass case the hosts
were really freaked out and this naturally drew attention from
everyone in the lobby area they started asking if she needed water and one of
the managers touched her shoulder as soon as he did that she went completely
back to normal she turned around with her big smile as though she had merely
glanced at the case she started gushing about how much she had enjoyed her meal
and couldn’t wait to come back and then walked out she never ate anything and
was inside the restaurant for less than 10 minutes the upstairs part of the
saloon or hotels where guests slept it’s now mostly used for storage but it still
has all the original walls floors fireplaces and even some furniture
guests and most employees weren’t allowed up there but those that were
would always try to avoid it because of how creepy had felt
apparently it was an entirely different atmosphere to the rest of the restaurant
the floor of stairs creak and it feels like someone or something is waiting
behind every door the only light is sunlight through the original glass so
it’s even worse at night you this is the end of the watch thank you
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  1. SpOoky! And i really enjoyed this colab! Two awesome people coming together to make really cool stuff. And a pretty good pasta as well! SicK narration as well!

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