Real life ghost stories from our most haunted houses – Treasurer’s House, York

Real life ghost stories from our most haunted houses – Treasurer’s House, York

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It is meant to be one of the most
haunted houses in England so we have quite a few ghost stories to
tell you. So a young apprentice plumber, Harry Martindale who is 17 years of age, is sent down here to work in the
cellars entirely on his own. Out from the walls steps a Roman soldier wearing a
helmet with plume feathers, wearing full uniform. More sounds are coming out. This time the
sound of a horse’s hooves. And what emerged next was an
absolutely massive horse on top of the horse of the Roman
soldier and what starts to emerge from the wall is an entire column of Roman soldiers marching in pairs, and Harry counted about 18 to 20. Harry makes a run for it, picks himself up, sprints across the
cellar floor, dashes up the first tunnel, rushes up the second one, shaking and trembling, absolutely
terrified. I had a spooky experience here in tapestry room. I heard what I thought
to be footsteps coming up the staircase, so I thought I possibly had some visitors coming, so I went see but there was nobody there. When I came back in I realised that the
door was closed through to Princess Victoria’s rooms, so I went to open it. And then I realised that the window that I had just been standing by, that was closed at the time was then
completely wide open. I couldn’t see, there was nobody else here
who could have opened it. And when these windows are closed, they’re closed pretty shut. In 1663 the house was bought by a
gentleman called George Aislabie. George was mortally wounded. He was
slashed down his left arm. He was brought back to Treasurer’s House
literally bleeding to death. Now if I can move you forward a minute to 1990, a housekeeper will come through to make sure everything’s clean and tidy, and then the house manager comes along
and opens the shutters, puts the lights on and so on. On this particular day he said ‘Anne, you
haven’t cleaned the staircase’ and she said ‘well I did’, and he said ‘well can you explain these thick, sticky red splodges going up the
staircase?’ She looked and, of course, she couldn’t. The next morning, there they were again. After two weeks, as
suddenly as they had appeared, they disappeared, and they weren’t seen
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