Real malayalam horror shortfilm 2018 | Horror short film | The Haunted | Real Story

Real malayalam horror shortfilm 2018 | Horror short film | The Haunted | Real Story

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come, come,come kids we were waiting for you all from yesterday. why are you all late. haiiii, my kids are here lets go somewhere i’ll search any good place on google if we had to go to public places then why did we come here we’ll go some where here itself. ok. which way should we go we’ll go that way i never seen you children here we are not from here we came for vacation. where are you all going now we came here to roam no one usually goes there. its usually said to be a haunted place we’ll go that way No, we’ll go this way itself. Brother iam going out. what are you doing here? it’s boring. where are these guys? Rawn wake up, wake up, what happen Rawn wake up, wake up. i saw something,i saw something, there’s nothing don’t worry. there, there’s nothing. hey, what happen, there’s something. yes you are right there’s something, we should go. I really got scared today . correct , i also got scared. where did you get this diary from. i’ll tell you that. this is like a normal diary itself. I thing this the last page they wrote. today was an unforgatable day in our life. today some people from the new MNC (Multinational Company) came to our house. yes correct i also saw some company board there. maybe it’s the same company they asked us to leave this house, we said we won’t. then we’ll see. what would be the meaning of “then we’ll see” Brother can you give me that phone? We can search something about this company. I think the company’s name is Stark Industry right i saw the same company’s board there. show me I think the owner of the company is some Mahindra Verma. Mahindra Verma? oophhh… any way we’ll go there again tomorrow. now lets sleep. ohh, it’s just the mask. I got that diary from here. here? where’s the MNC board you said.
It’s somewhere there . search on google who’s company is this they Sold that house on diary its written that they will not sell the house. then what about that diary. they would have forgotten that diary. where would have they gone? They died, children. who are you? you don’t have to know that. How did they die? MNC owner killed them. what happen to the place i said that day. sir that place with a house? yes. they’ll not leave that, house we tried a lot. if it’s so, then kill them off. you… where’s your husband. you have to leave this place ok. no we will not. you will not haa?……. Next day when MNC people came with the board. the died here.. where did he go? Lets go.. we’ll not go there anymore. i’ll not go there. what will we do with this diary now? from the time you took this diary we are with you. now you can’t escape from us. if you want then you have to help us. or else…………….. how did this close. now what will we do? we can only escape if we will help them. the ghosts are behind us because of this diary. then we’ll give it to MNC owner. or let us throw this diary. there, there, there….. we can’t destroy this diary.. we have to give this diary to MNC owner anyway.. but we don’t know it’s owner. let’s call the no. we saw on internet. i got the no. i’ll call him. Hello goodevening sir. yes we are from an exporting company, ok what’s the matter. can i have an appointment with you. ok we can meet tomorrow. ok..thank you sir. done yesterday you told me about some meeting? yes, we told you. yup, i came for that.where are they. they’ll come. what’s the meeting for. really there’s no meeting you have to give this diary to MNC owner
at this address ok then. if its so, then kill them. hey.. see….. Stark industry owner Mr. Mahindra Verma found dead.. yessss.


  1. ഇതിലും ഭേദം ഇച്ചിരി വിഷം തരുന്നതായിരുന്നു……

  2. this may be your 1st film right?,don't be disheartened by the commends ,…you can do better,.actually it was a nice story but actors were just mugging up the dialogues I think ,I meant to say acting part was the problematic one ,don't feel bad all the best for your next film

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