Real skinwalker hunted in Flagstaff – Skinwalkers caught on camera – True skinwalker stories

Real skinwalker hunted in Flagstaff – Skinwalkers caught on camera – True skinwalker stories

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The Skinwalker begins life as a medicine man,
who becomes attracted to the dark side. He can shapeshift into the skin of any animal
he has personally killed. He is invulnerable to attack because any injury
he may suffer will be passed on to other persons who are related to him by blood. In 2016 economic recovery had not yet reached
the rural areas of Arizona. Max Bradley would go hunting with his dad
Michael most every night. Their target was coyote, twenty bucks per
hide. With luck they might bag a deer to feed the
family. Even though July 4th was a holiday, they had
no luck that evening and Max regretted missing the fireworks in Flagstaff. They didn’t have a car, not even a four-wheeler. Walking home, they cut across a corner of
Indian territory… the Navajo Nation reservation. The beam of Mike’s flashlight illuminated
some rocks covered with blood. At first they thought coyotes were responsible. When a pack of coyotes attack, they pick off
one animal that is young or weak or old. However, they were looking at the bodies of
three deer. Something had stumbled on their den but it
was not a normal predator. The dead animals showed no signs of being
fed upon. And they certainly had not been slaughtered
for sport. Michael told his son he suspected a Skinwalker. Max objected. A Skinwalker was a shaman, wasn’t it? Mike said, “I saw this once before, when I
was your age. Skinwalkers may no longer be holy men, but
they are men, and they are just as susceptible to mental illness. Maybe once in a generation one of these shaman
will go mad. Now that we have crossed its path we have
only one chance to leave this reservation alive. Either he hunts us, or we hunt him.” Max carried a .22 carbine. His father had a shotgun. They followed a trail of blood, until they
came to an old mining camp. The shack located there was little more than
a foundation, surrounded by the few wooden planks that remained standing. The crimson trail was now accompanied by human
footprints and the footprints led up to the shack. First they heard a chilling shriek like the
howl of a tortured human soul. Then they saw a naked man covered only with
an animal hide. The Skinwalker showed his face and blinked
against the beam of the flashlight. His face was painted white and he wore a leather
necklace with a single bead of turquoise. His lips curled into a snarl. “Spread out,” Mike told his son. He began pumping his shotgun. Max fired all the shots in his ten round magazine,
then reloaded the .22 with a spare. The medicine man seemed to be waiting until
they ran out of ammunition. Apparently he had not been hit by a single
round, when he started walking towards the older Bradley. He leaned forward as if to spit on the old
man. Instead he released a cloud of powder out
of his puffed up cheeks, directly into Mike’s face. The dust had an immediate, narcotic effect. Michael collapsed and while his son watched
in horror, the Skinwalker made good his escape. That night Maxwell carried his father home
on his back. It was two days before the paralyzing effect
of the powder wore off. After that Mike would speak only of leaving
town, of moving out of state before the Skinwalker could track down his family. And finally he told Max about, the first time,
he had gone up against a mad shaman. He was with Max’s grandfather. Except grandpa did not survive the encounter. But that was not the worst part. The worst part was when Michael saw grandfather
again about ten years after he died… because the medicine man was wearing his skin.


  1. There about a year ago, I would wake up to find myself sprawled out in a cornfield, naked as a jay, once or twice a week. Never could figure out why. I don't even like corn.


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  4. I know a thing or two about SKINWALKERS!Not going to say because its FORBIDDEN.Let's just say its a SECRET that I know!

  5. I've seen them in los lunas nm twice…. looked like cat and cried, they have milky eyes and glassy… but they are disproportionately. . it had a short body no tail and long legs and galloped? it came after me and I ran and had to jump on top of a car to get away from it… other time a dog looking coyote ran by at night super fast with a long neck. .. another thing is they know when you think of them.. and they find you… I'm fucking serious! I think its aliens

  6. – I always thought skinwalkers, windigos, and other things were real. After I woke up in the woods on two different occasions with something 8 feet or taller standing 18 inches away from me, I knew a lot of strange things existed. I've seen too many things that "aren't" real and I've done too many things that "aren't" possible. Just because things are beyond people's realm of experience or understanding doesn't mean they aren't real. Double negatives in two sentences cancelling each other, oh well. If most people had these experiences they'd need a change of underwear, wimps. I've experienced many strange things that would at the very least leave skidmarks in most people's underwear, most would probably have a full-blown load in their drawers.
    I wish more people had experiences like mine and those described in this comment section. If my mind still worked like it used to, I'd make all the naysayers stop. They'd stop saying nay real fast. I've made them change their minds in the past, they could not deny the fact that we have "abilities" above and beyond the norm.

  7. You never cease to amaze me Bill! I love your stories and look forward to hearing them every night. Where have you been all my life? So glad I found your channel! Thanks once again!😘🏆

  8. Skin walkers are indeed very frightening, though if the Rake cryptid is real, THAT gives a whole new meaning to the word frightening.
    Love your voice Bill, it makes these videos that much more creepy.

  9. Skinwalkers Huh??? I'm Navajo, yes, they do have powers, most of them are "Demon Possessed!" They stink like sulfur, and we got all kind of stories of them, and my cousin's
    grandpa was a skinwalker and he got caught in the act as well…

  10. Demons in a human skin suit that you see as a man by day, but after dark their shape shifting abilities kick in and they choose an animal and walk as that creature! The scariest creature yet has to be the Dogman that more and more people see daily somewhere in every country on earth. I believe there are 4 possible entities we are now dealing with, either a demonic shape shifter, the spirit of a Skinwalker or a living, breathing Nephilim Hybrid that are the offspring of the Fallen Angels, and sometimes the product of Nephilim's DNA seed mixing. They are all evil, so don't go into the woods alone folks, don't go looking for them, especially if no one was notified as to where you were going. Much love friends.

  11. Great video! Love your channel! Very interesting topics, and they are done in way that is easily understandable! Keep up the awesome work! 👍

  12. Skinwalker. Yup. Dead rotting smell is a 100% sign that one is near or around. Or hearing a animals or human like cry

  13. Great story, there are many on the Navaho Nation, their reservation police aren’t many but cover many square miles of reservation, I think in 4 states and have a special team that go after skinwalkers, Sassquatch and UFO sighting, Great job and God Bless you

  14. I understand humor is a great way to get skeptics to understand/believe something.. But I’m not really sure about the style of making these videos with images totally unrelated to its subject.. it confuses and distracts the viewer from what may be a fascinating and true story..

  15. First of all it doesnt come from a medicine man the man that want to be a skinwalker deos ritual and second of all their real come to mariano lake housing in New Mexico

  16. Actually U can kill a skinwalker just like anything else that lives and dies and no the wounds it receives will not be passed on to relatives he/she takes the full load of damage:)

  17. I just found these videos tonight, the skinwalker is one of my favorites. I had a dream about one when I was in highschool

  18. I've driven through the desert talked about in this video not too long ago. Even in the afternoon daylight its really offputting.


  20. Also someone wanting to become a Skinwalker has to kill a person as part of the ritual. But on another note… where is this “caught on camera “ thing!? Allllllll these years and the thousands of “encounters “ on Reddit & YouTube and no one has at least any audio proof of these things!? All hear people who live in NM and Arizona, and other desert areas and reservations and none of them have at least any audio proof!? C’mon… don’t get me wrong I actually believe these things may exist but someone should have SOME kind of proof

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