Really You Part 1 – The Haunting Hour Full Episode 1 – The Haunting Hour

Really You Part 1 – The Haunting Hour Full Episode 1 – The Haunting Hour

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Look do you see this is wrong she’s not good Where are they take a chill pill? They’re only waiting honey, you can’t keep calling them Wait go to the website and click on eclipse with fluey. Please calm down They’re so lovely when you’re cold Just be careful. I use this for my work. You’re not gonna let her get more stuff Are you this is important to your sister? You know? She’s had trouble making friends. She got the news really He’s not order Order gee wonder. Why really we can’t afford anything else financing listen to her smart Why don’t you have her clean a room while she’s waiting Brandon butt out no But I mean don’t you think it would be a good idea teach her some personal responsibility know time management Impulse control enough and on top of that it would reassure me my family has not created a monster There are no monsters in this family You must be Lily I’m Alison temporary guardian, so are you ready to meet her she had sweet Okay, Lily. I’d like you to meet Lily see Like one wasn’t enough Happy honey you are the best daddy in the whole wide world It makes it all worth. It doesn’t it now most of our Lexy girls Take the limo rides to the salon at the really youth center. Where each get their hair and nails done we find It’s the perfect way for the girls to get acquainted. Can I please not? included its $229 and that does include the frame photo pack so you know more please daddy I’d be the happiest girl in the world Mom gets to come along Only a kid once Yes, we’re going to the floor right this way Luigi we are going to have the best time ever Lily did you notice Lily D has something for you? You’ll never find a friendship true as the girl. He’s really big By the way, we’ve been working with the telecommunications industry and next month Lily Do you can get her own matching cellphone with a real phone number? Oh, I don’t think so well I bet daddy would get it funny mm-hmm You’re pulling my hair Try holding still sweetie. Yes, please hold soon That freaks me out dude, I hate dolls I Don’t even like bobbleheads. I stabbed him up with that mateys, but only cuz I didn’t like him you need dynamite for that thing Get out dad what happened you you used to be cute dad. Okay? Thank you They bother you don’t be scared buddy, it’s just door Everything the lady gets I get one too. This is our work out of it Sometimes my dear lady, and I to karaoke together. I’m getting that club set for her There’s a real microphone and a spotlight It’s on back order. I might get a really you doll for my birthday, but I Don’t think I can get the furniture and stuff no That would be weird you know just having the doll gee. I don’t know I think Me and my grandparents will get that for me They probably would really. I don’t know it just doesn’t seem that they give you very much good stuff What are you doing? Tabitha says that Lilly D. Told her a secret what secret Tell me it’s a secret to tell me It is is my house okay, and there are no secrets Promise you won’t tell anyone Promise cross your heart. Yes, hope to die stick A needle in your eye, whatever just tell me well Tabatha says that Lily D. Says that Lily D. Doesn’t like you Don’t worry about it these things happen wait take this and get Rachel a new doll no no no please I can’t That rachel is a liar you didn’t say that that you don’t like me You love me how Lily do you I love you, too Lily why did you hurt Rachel’s doll she said Lily didn’t like me just because do you mind? Because because someone says something mean does not give you the right to destroy their things or hit them or anything like that here She’s lovely teeth hair Rachel’s mother doesn’t want Rachel coming over anymore. I don’t care I think you need a timeout from the lady No yes not, it’s final For how long That depends on you Yeah, so pretty so well-behaved Look at all the new items I Thought you took the doll away from her Lilly D. Is. Here is my guest not Lilly’s We need counseling like yesterday daddy, can I please have Lilly D back now? I Promise I’ll be good. No. Let’s say you’d be good for a week, then we’ll talk honey. Don’t you think no? final answer It’s Josh Oh Please What? She thinks look doll did it had puppies toast you gotta trust it if it was an accident. Just say so really He moved dude, she saw him she didn’t see it Let me tell you what I see I see two Lily’s one has done something very very bad and is telling lies about it No, I’m not the other is sitting peacefully like a well-mannered young lady Which Lily do you want to be? So go to your room right now Everyone needs to calm down Can I live with your family You wouldn’t like Hi Why did you wreck mom’s computer I was nuts I Swear Lily D. Does it sheep She doesn’t like me forget it. It’s not gonna work. I don’t care if you believe me or not k it’s true She told Rachel she didn’t like me and then she spilled the gravy She wants her She lied and now it’s too humiliating for her to admit it I’m sure it was an accident. Well. I’m glad you’re sure because I am NOT, but here’s something I am sure about if you hadn’t spoiled her all these years. We wouldn’t be having these problems It’s just hard for me to see her unhappy That things not sleeping in the bed is it Jim can I come in yeah What? Um I’m kind of worried about Lily. That’s a new one. She she really thinks that thing is like alive or something I Mean we should just get rid of it I Think not after all the money. We’ve spent on her. We’re not rich. Do you realize that Brandon? Go to bed don’t worry about Lily she’ll be fine. She’ll work through this. I love this color on you She’s doing I’m putting the doll back in Lily’s room. She doesn’t like the doll here She does oh, yeah, right the doll doesn’t like her leave it parenting to me if you don’t mind Okay, no problem keep up the good work I Think it’s past you does it joke I? Am making my famous French toast we’re gonna love it Good morning princess sleep okay My neck is kind of stiff look up at the ceiling Don’t it’s not meningitis. What’s – just slept bunny, so are you ready to apologize to your mom about the computer? Jeff hello Where’s my oh did I not give you one geez mom hey girl they were sorry You’re giving the doll breakfast well Lilly D is. No ordinary doll you’re totally obsessed with it her not it Mommy did you like me well she would if you’d stop blaming her for things. They do maybe she did by accident Meeting in Denver is on and fly out tonight Home home for Sunday dinner. I’ll miss you Well, I’ll miss you too, sweetheart, but if I can close this deal. We can all have life-size dolls. Oh great well You know what make mine look like Megan Fox? Hello Brandon Hey moms at someone appointment no I’m just talking to my that guy yeah come on Sorry, I’m just I’m just talking my sister EVER right now. Oh, and mom says you’re still grounded with the dog Okay, don’t talk to my sister. Oh I made you nachos in the kitchen They’re in the kitchen, but you couldn’t the zombies are in the kitchen? Sorry what are you? Littie I’m sorry. I said you don’t like me. How’d you do right? Are you in here in Lindy pretty Molly D. Where are you? Tamam teeth buried deep in here. How should I know? Well, she probably hit it you’re supposed to Play forward. I’m just talking my sister Hello Hi, what is that on your hands have you been painting? Did Brandon tell you not to touch Lilly D How could I you? hate her What are you talking about? She’s sitting in the chair at my dressing table? Why she’s not? She most certainly is she’s not a check you checked So you went into my room? Just a look You know what those mom is on the warpath we’re done with those. You should’ve stayed out of a room Sure you go again. You’re in very very serious trouble Okay, dude. Do you think the dolls alive no, and I’m gonna prove it You



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  5. Porque dicen que está en español si en verdad está en inglés 😭😤😡😠😠😠😠😠 de perdido pongan las letras en español abajo

  6. I wanna slap Lily cause she said "everyone is Jealous!" She thinks she so sassy and rich! girl you spending to much money!

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  8. I noticed that at 3:36 the dolls eyebrow was moving.. Is it just me or? Drop a like if you notice it aswell.

  9. منو الي يتابع وهو مو فاهم شيء بس دخل عشان الدمية المرعبة مثلي🌚😂😂😂💔🌚

  10. Wowwww Lily is mean like seriously ik it’s only acting but she is HOWEVER THE GIRL WHO PLAYS LILY IS A REALLY GOOD ACTOR X

  11. how old is she? I never have any dolls ever since im young, and none of my friends have dolls that big (not even the size of her friends' dolls)

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