Return to Horror Hotel 2019 || subtitle bahasa indonesia

Return to Horror Hotel 2019 || subtitle bahasa indonesia

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[Music] when you turn into the monster you [Music] [Music] like in the rear [Music] [Music] [Music] my kind of town [Music] engage me get you me assistant [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] in a way creepy sort of way really Paris I’ve got to find your sister right away check her room which one’s her room she shares a room with Carolyn nice quiet room two beds for $18 got anything cheaper I got singles for 12 there’s only got one bed that’ll do you are mostly piled up in one band kids like the bunk on the floor don’t you ma’am when’d you kids be more comfortable than their own bed these kids aren’t mine they’re my brothers we’re meeting him in Atlanta he’s been roughnecking out of an oil rig and the Gulf I can’t wait to get these kids off my hands roam three three three [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Wow [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] that box [Music] go inside I’m afraid I’m afraid Mario a bee just get your whiny butts inside Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s my heart medicine Buddha line a day keeps the doctor away [Music] it’s fortified 4 & 5 shut up Abbi you are so stupid I am sick and tired of riding around with you little kids tonight I am gonna ride around with a couple of grownups [Music] those boys and girls across the street look like they’ve got the right idea [Music] I might as well get a little buzz going on to save some cash at the bar I’ll be entertaining on that bed tonight once stay out of my way stinking kids give me a total migraine [Music] there’s no men in here this is a dry hole men in here eyes are killing me papers not your sister Mario put off that lot I’m really beat up Betty Lou [Applause] [Music] Remo gizmo yeah bird can we come in I don’t know what you want you know bugs I don’t know man I guess I got some well like can we try a little you’ve had your free sample you know what it does but Kaito has it he was a little something for nothing because he’s a noob this ain’t no charity your bugs you pay for bugs whoa that’s how it’s done how many three to gives when you pray on the front on both sides sorry for one I guess like how do we know it’s the real thing you’re smoking you get off it’s a real thing you put it in a real cigarette nobody said anything about cigarettes I don’t smoke well you don’t smoke you don’t get off no I guess I’ll take it just ground up bug powder it’s not illegal how’s it working when but it books secrete a venom so they can bite you while you’re asleep now that venom is narcotic keeps you from waking up when you smoke it no madam it’s you hey there’s no smoking in here this is a no smoking room no smoking in here outside Olli oh yeah idiots [Music] yeah there are bedbugs in my room ah not my problem it is your problem uh-huh carnivorous cooties are cutting me up while I sleep they’re making my sweat bloody my sweat is valuable people pay me for my sweat women use it as an aphrodisiac I could spot you some bandages I can’t go to competition with bandages all over me those little vampires are gobbling up all my growth hormones I’ve spent a fortune on my voids well sounds to me like chicken would have been cheaper oh these bugs are getting way bigger I noticed that too bugs must be on steroids Oh legs are numb the venom working on them bugs duh like I’m the only one around here doing anything just been so tired lately maybe we should skip to every other night no can do oh crap special supply blood during their gestation cycle too bad that chicken idea didn’t work who thought some little buzz could kill a full-grown chicken in one day drained it dry and that can’t pluck a chicken every day that one pick that Jeepers out of me well I guess we’ll have to sacrifice a little to get this business rolling I read where some people used a cat there’s been no cats around here since that Korean restaurant opened up holy we need a shaver cat gang pecked by a chicken is nothing you just try shaving some old stray cat [Music] there’s monsters here I know they’re in the walls I’m afraid I’ll build a fort they were brothers there then people you read about in that magazine how’d they shave their cat didn’t say just said that they shave the cat made a nice bed where I would sleep and feed bugs more even look like a cat well shave like that you need to go to the bathroom or check it out [Music] it’s okay no monsters Mario turn off that dab or light [Music] don’t worry architecture [Music] these bugs are way bigger than yesterday there are they are well better profit margin you sure they’re bedbugs they’re the real deal just means I’m doing it right sure big [Music] [Music] go stretch out on the bed [Music] me too sleeping on that couch as my wasted [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] Oh early [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m hungry [Music] it’s all gone I need to make a run for the door please don’t go I’m really fast just shining with this they’re scared of the light it Mimi a bee [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Applause] [Music] [Music] meaning some strange guy a fleabag Motel like this if this guy was any kind of a car dealer meet you guys dealership just drop it collides this guy’s got something I want this prey I’m Dorian Gray nice to meet you now shark I can see that okay well let’s see what you pretty ladies got here you this looks like the honeymoon suite for orangutangs that’s it that’s Marilyn Monroe’s charm yep that’s it it’s just a rotten little piece of wood trust me that’s really it what’s that supposed to be well it’s real name is Marie Antoinette’s guillotine marionette guillotine you said you had that charm thingy that Marilyn Monroe used to get into Playboy she did use it for that would somebody please tell me what’s going on your friend is trading a used car for something far more valuable something that can take her much further than that car ever could this unique relic is all that’s left of a guillotine that was used to execute a beautiful French Queen in the city of Paris a long time ago the dark stain on the wood is from where Marie Antoinette’s blood gushed when the blade came down since that time a number of exquisitely beautiful women have worn this charm to give themselves an edge over all other women this is what you’re trading your car for some will stick of wood that’s supposed to make you beautiful it really does work I know for a fact that Marilyn Monroe’s charm was used by three myth global winners Marie Antoinette’s guillotine is definitely what you need if you really do want to win a beauty pageant sure I really do want but how do we know it’s the real thing like where did you get it reliable acquaintance of mine mr. stumpy Nixon acquired it from the Hughes estate collection shortly for it was up for auction well we have to test it to make sure it’s the real thing sure let’s take you for a test drive none of me on her what put it on Colette putting it on me when it proved anything sure whatever you want right on the cut line that’s where it works looks to me like that is exactly what you want no doubt about it [Music] take it off it’s mine [Music] give it to me right now what’s the hurry take off the sentence I’ll get it I’ll get it here you’ve got it now this may seem like a deal as far as you’re concerned but I’m not so sure looks to me like I’m getting the short end of the stick what do you mean the short end of the stick you called me wanting to trade it for the car I won fair and square in the SEC pageant problem here is that you misrepresented that car you said it was in mint condition I beg your pardon mr. Charcot that car is in great condition and you know it yeah that cars in great condition well let’s just say you’re gonna need something more than that old car to trade for this valuable item how much more do you want that’s something a little special oh but definitely not why do men always have to act like men it just happened to be the first pageant girl I called there’s no doubt in my mind that there’s someone else out there that would want this whoa wait wait please let me try it on just let me test drive it right on the cut line [Music] so big guy you were one a little something extra little beaver treat yeah how did you make a nice no absolutely not what’s the big deal well if you’re going to do it you’ve got to kiss him from across the table like no hugging hmm I see what you mean how about it big guy you went a little kiss from across the table [Music] [Music] you okay now big guy here the case in the car see you later alligator alligator I think you could have told that guy to take the bus to organ and he would have done it I think you’re right but he could snap out of it around Birmingham and come back looking for us I’m going to report the car stolen anyway I can collect the insurance and buy me a brand new luxury car this old scrap of timber really doesn’t look like much I think it’s how you position it here let me try it on again and show you excuse me I traded my car for this miracle charm it stays with me well you’re gonna have to come up with a different gown it’s gonna look terribly out of place for that little shoulderless thing you picked out I wonder if you always have to wear it on the cut line for it to work yeah I wonder if everyone who’s ever used it I always wore this old thing around their neck maybe you can hold it in your hand I’m not going to be able to walk around with it in my hand through the whole competition you know it seems a shame to only use something that powerful just to win a pageant with your looks you could probably win the contest anyways I’m the one who could use a little help maybe when you’re not using it to win beauty pageants you could loan it to me once in a while I don’t think so it’s mine and it’s only meant for me and my needs well you’d still be the owner at all forget it you won’t be using it at all not ever [Music] you are such a self-centered prima donna you know that’s why everyone hates you I’m beautiful and everyone loves me you even love me you said so yourself let me tell you I’ve done nothing but work and sacrifice to help you how can you be so totally ungrateful you wouldn’t be anything without me I didn’t need your help then and I don’t need it now I can do quite well without your help you have always needed my help Doreen what have you ever done for me but I could have done on my own I wax all that monkey hair off your back and thighs every week if it weren’t for me you’d be nothing but a curly-haired chimpanzee and a swimsuit you cheap slut you swore you keep my little hair problem buried forever looks like you’re gonna need my help to keep this little secret Barry to miss monkey girl that little termite trap is stolen and I’m sure the real owners would love to get it back if you tell anyone you’ll be in just as much trouble as me I don’t think so I’m not going to be reporting my car stolen to collect the insurance money I haven’t done that yet I guess I can let you use the necklace every once in a while and I don’t need it for something would you like to try it on again like right now right now sure here let me hook it on [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music] you you I was not too far out of the way you know I live out past the big chicken this guy lives in a motor court off highway 41 why doesn’t this guy just come pick it up himself he’s a hermit he’s been shut up in his room for years no one’s ever seen him no one four or five years ago he called asking for the very same book I took it over there he paid cash good tip want me to leave it outside the door you book house delivery [Music] right my hunch broke yeah see the poor thing you’ve cut yourself oh yeah I guess I’m bleeding [Music] [Music] I’m sorry it’s okay it’s really just a little cut I’m Johnny Johnny ray um David Jonas [Music] but everybody just calls me Davey [Music] [Music] excuse me we’re gonna excuse me too [Music] so is is your foot okay it’s fine what’s wrong with this phone anyways nothing really why the crutches there was just an act to get you to open the door he will act and work out so well you could have hurt yourself pulling a stunt like that I really did hurt myself I hope it was worth it got me in to see you yeah now you got a nasty cut you might even get a black eye you did all this just to see me yeah I only get a tip that’s him the tip is that really all you care about well had to try something my boss said you don’t open the door for anyone that’s true I’ve stayed in here ever since I retired from the Navy [Music] [Applause] what you do in the Navy [Music] um submarine navigator I love submarines they’re so cool my boat sank [Music] your submarine sank and you survived I have the crew survived submarines have at least two complete crews while one crew is at sea on patrol second courage topside I was in this room when the boat sank the bass I must hate you pretty hard losing all your friends yeah after that I came here and retired didn’t want to be put with another crew when did this happen not really sure it seems like yesterday I guess I don’t keep up with the days I just stay on my regular shift your regular shift on on the boat we used an 18-hour day each shift is six hours six hours on six hours off six hours in the rack well what about the other six hours in the day the Navy discovered that we don’t need them some Rangers work better without all those extra hours sounds weird it’s actually not as weird as it sounds in fact it actually works pretty good between patrols I always come back to this room and continue on 18-hour days so does that naughty clock always run that fast you know I thought the thing was broken and stopped running well it’s really going now yeah it just seems so claustrophobic being cooped up here all the time well I like being content time stops before the fort hatch opens up it’s always the big chart what joke [Music] I hated getting back and finding out about all the things that happened in the world while we’re down married men getting off the boat expecting to see their wives discovering they’re now divorced did that ever happen to you my fiance died oh you’re on Patrol when we tied up she had been buried for 63 days Davi I’m so sorry [Music] it was so strange as far as I was concerned she just died everybody topside already got over it and moved on with their lives that’s when I that’s when I started staying in here it’s up well I’ll think about things on the surface you don’t get any news while you’re underwater nope only messages the boat receives or if we need to nuke somebody or sure the world the captain XO are the only ones who read the messages total isolation hmm I just read my book I don’t want to know what’s happening in the world as long as I’m in the submarine world doesn’t change I guess not nobody in it for you you’re a coward you know you’re really just afraid of falling in love and being I guess I was afraid of falling in love but now I think I wouldn’t mind no you don’t mr. Jonas we’re not falling in love I mean how can even expect me to be in love with a hermit who never leaves his little motel room I can change by simply walking out that door haven’t you noticed what’s happening to you what’s happening to this room do you see me of gonna grant you’ve stopped time somehow something doesn’t know time doesn’t move good it’s moving now I mean it might not be that easy to just walk out that door you can stay here with me this room is falling apart we can easily build you an extra bunk in name and you don’t look like you you don’t look it wouldn’t work I mean I can’t live like a hermit in the same book every single day and besides any more than you think eyes on it I can change I need to leave this room [Music] looks like the times already catching up to me we close the door before it’s too late [Music] you [Music] hold that [Music] what are you gonna get the trochlea fist on out come come I never get it first and it’s not our car it’s my car and I may just buy a whole new ride after this deal recycle the old lead sled back into the system from whence it came you know you could always just let me have it like to sweeten up my end of the deal a little bit got to learn to live within your means tea’ that old rust bucket still gets by under its own power which makes it worth at least a hundred bucks I’m just gonna give it away ah well remember you promised me 100 bucks to watch your back yeah I won’t forget I don’t miss any details yeah you’ll forget if it’s sushi I won’t forget your hundred dollars ride shotgun for you isn’t the safest activity I can think of look tea I’ve already done all the dirty work I located the goods and done the breaking and entering I acquired the merchandise and made the getaway all you got to do is be around during the transaction so the buyer doesn’t get any funny ideas oh so that’s the merchandise and Oh pops it’s not the box you’re welter brain it’s what’s in the box what’s in the box Houdini’s hand hey what who’d in his hand Oh his Houdini’s old mummified hand you mean like there’s a real dead guy’s hand in there like from that old dead magician yeah somebody cut it off his body after he died well so what I mean who do you want some old dead thing like that lots of people and what would they do it it’s got uses huh what kind of use like what uses is dead I tell you I stole it off a stumpy Nixon me the one on burglar down in Atlanta you stole that dead hand from stumpy Nissen yep sure did he left it in his flat when he went to go visit his girlfriend so when I go pay him a visit I realize he’s left his door unlocked so I just pop in and lift it even left the bag for me to carry it off with you stow that hand off of a one-armed burglar yeah I guess it listed a little short-handed what was stopping this using that day hand for well I heard he was using it to unlock doors and safes and stuff I’m telling you this thing is valuable to the right people how does he do it you know like how does stuffiness and using an old dead hand open doors and safes man I don’t know he just does he inherited it from some other old dude that was using it for the same thing somehow they use it have you seen what the hand yes the hand have you seen her Hey no I haven’t seen it it’s in a Chinese trickster box you got a slide a panel this way and that way it it’s like a puzzle no it’s an ancient combination lock I used try to figure these things out yeah I’m gonna call my fence out shark oh man this thing is worth 10 K easy shark goes bodyshop hey ow Rufus how’s it going you want Rufus I’m here with my mother tell your mama said I my mother despises vermin like you what do you want man your mama’s hard listen I got something you want I doubt it really I managed to get my hands on something quite valuable you’re gonna tell me what it is before I die of old age check this out I have in my possession Houdini’s hand are you talking about that thing that stumpy Nixon users to open safes yeah picked it up right out of us flat check this out stumpy Nixon left this door unlocked stop be Nixon always leaves his door unlocked it’d be a waste of time to lock the stores with that hand thing in there that’s what I’m trying to tell you how this thing opens stuff I’m thinking you might know someone who wants stompy Nixon might want it and you’ll be lucky if he takes it back without a lot of trouble Ben ain’t afraid of that one-armed safecracker nobody messes with stumpy Nixon even the cops leave that guy alone a couple years ago a detective got on his trail he woke up one morning with his nose lopped off only a complete imbecile like you would steal stumpy Nixon’s hand yo T how’d you open the box you know the bathroom doesn’t have any toilet paper left me stranded high and dry the Box G how’d you open it didn’t touch it I was in the bathroom while you’re talking out what’s that stuff in the bus doesn’t look like a hand to me looks like rock salt yeah that’s exactly what it is it’s rock so they put it in there to preserve the hand yep that’s Rock stop man get that trashcan so we put this in there no hands there isn’t anything in that bus Barrasso change your mind you’ve got my name well did l Charcot call you know anna charcoal didn’t go you were trying to sell it to Al weren’t you well you thought you could just steal my hand and sell it did you well to be perfectly honest with you stumping that’s mr. Nixon to you you’ve never been perfectly honest with anyone in your whole miserable life you got my hand and I want it back with interest okay mr. Nixon I have what you’re looking for what’s it worth to you what’s it worth to me to be perfectly honest with you I tell you what is worth to you the way I see it you took my hand I want my hand back and now I want one of yours what my hand you crazy you guys better seriously consider my offer and remember I want my hand back and I want one of yours and interest and listen Rufus I’m on my way over there together what was there was I stopping this my hand says he wants my hand in interest for taking his how does he expect you to do that stop your hand I guess so [Music] [Applause] [Music] you think the hand did that I don’t know you notice out that bus it’s in its room somewhere I don’t know T I don’t think it can do something like that it’s in here it’s just turned on that TV it’s in here you know come over here and help me move this out so we can look behind it no I’m good don’t be a wuss get over here come on ready on three one two three [Music] don’t pick up your end or anything nothing back there but Oh dust bunnies the size of cats Tyron Thaddeus so you watching Rufus is back for a measly hundred bucks yeah how’d you know that I know a lot Tyrone I know that after Rufus get through settling up with me he’s not gonna have your measly hundred bucks Rufus is the one who’s going to come up short hand hey Rufus their hands just like listen man get out the way move get out the way how do I know the windows are boarded up how are we gonna get out now we got a bag full of tools in case you forget remember we break into places for a living oh yeah we can get out of here yeah let’s go hey Rufus where’s the crowbar I lost it it fell off the roof to pick the weekly back in the green room and you’ve never got another never needed another one till now yeah till now hey hey I know you hear me when you say suppose stop messing around you need to get that hand ready for me because I’m on my way over there to get it okay hey Rufus what you’re gonna do with that saw hope you’re not thinking what I think you’re sick no I’m not thinking what you think I’m thinking and the one thing we need to figure out a way to get out this room before Dan he’s hanging around this table I know you hear me boy is that you boy yes this is i I’ve got some good news Tyrone and I got some bad news the good news is I don’t have my heart set on taking Rufus his hand that is some good news yep and the bad news is your hand will also be satisfactory oh well any hand will do as long as your coups come off with an hand you’re just fortunate I don’t want you all or you’ll a ha we’ve got to get out of here looks like they screw these boys oh they’re not prying off Oh [Music] [Applause] you nearly died you peed your pants and you nearly died it is if there’s a way back in his boss [Music] what stumpy gets here yeah [Music] I see you had a run-in with my hand huh tell me Tyrone what did you learn from all of this don’t mess around with stuffiness let me give you a little bit of advice Tyrone hanging out with big dummies like boobies right there you go end up just like rule hey hey mr. Neeson what you want me to do with this oh yes the interest on my property I don’t think I’ll be taking that today it’s not my color plus the smell bad [Laughter] stomping Nixon you better tell somebody [Music] Oh [Music] you [Music] [Music] you


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