(Review) Cowboy Vs Dinosaurs in 2 Minutes

(Review) Cowboy Vs Dinosaurs in 2 Minutes

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Cowboys vs Dinosaurs is a B movie created by Ari Novak for the «Sy-Fy» American channel and he never directed another movie again. Jurassic Hunter, by its international name was release in May 2015 and tried to capitalize on not only the title of a much more superior movie; Cowboys vs Aliens, but also the theatrical release of Jurassic World. The special effects aren’t terrible but I’m maybe biased because I’ve seen far worst movies than this one. … Like Neil Breen’s films… YES THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE SERIOUS.
I’M NOT JOKING, THIS IS A REAL THING. However the movie itself is one of the worst flicks I’ve ever seen – and the fault lies uniquely on the script. The actors are adequate and the filming is acceptable… albeit they are too dependent on the shaky cam effect. The film follows the story of a disgraced fair cowboy that finds himself to fight dinosaurs for survival, when a mining company is the culprit to bringing the dinosaurs, whose modified their own DNA with methane. Yes, really – and this decision is solely there to make the dinosaurs explode. The dinosaurs themselves are actually there only for a dozen minutes, the rest of the film is filled with canny intrigues that are reminiscent of horrible TV Novellas. And nothing happens and I do mean absolutely NOTHING happens. Except maybe that the movie itself has more young women in lingerie… … than the eponymous dinosaurs of the movie. Actually, no… The more I think about it; even the special effects have this big problem. Sometimes whenever the dinosaurs are present on screen, they go way too fast and it disconnects the credibility of the viewer. It never immerses you, as if you’d watch Jurassic Park. To make it simple; no. this movie is absolutely horrible and I actually recommend watching another B movie to get your shitty movie fix. like… Yor Hunter from the Future. Isn’t this the most bad-ass thing ever?

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  1. I would legitimately probably watch Yor, but this ass-garbage is insufferable. I tried to watch it for 30 minutes and I'd rather try to drink a hot IPA while snorting mayonnaise than ever have to watch it again.

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