Review of Amazing Spider-Man #16 | Hunted Prelude

Review of Amazing Spider-Man #16 | Hunted Prelude

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Hey, I’m Brian from BMA Comics Con and today
is day 10 of the 100 Day Comic Book Challenge and we are going to look at Amazing Spider-Man
#16. Previously in Amazing Spider-Man,
Taskmaster & Black Ant captured Rhino and took him away. Spider-Man was there but unable to stop them. Kraven has changed his mind on how to deal
with these people that come into his domain and hunt the creatures of the land. He still won’t tolerate the guides and poachers,
but he has come to understand those who wish to be hunters. So, he plans to make them real hunters. Kraven has been using Taskmaster and Black
Ant to capture animal themed super villains. His plans for these villains are that he,
his son, and Arcade can host an event to have the wealthiest people that wish to hunt to
hunt the villains. O and if you didn’t know Kraven had a son
that’s because before this issue he didn’t. He had a daughter, but he wants a proper heir,
a son. So, he cloned himself 87 times. And only one survived. The one that hunted the rest. Proved himself the best hunter out of the
group and became Kraven’s last and favorite son. Will this experience evolve the super villains? What happened to Kraven’s daughter? Is Kraven doing this to help the hunters or
the hunted? To find out these answers and more subscribe
and check out the next issue of Amazing Spider-Man. I guess their trying to do a Kraven story,
that could rival Kraven’s last hunt. I’m not sure if this is the way to go about
it. Kraven’s motivations seem off to me. He wants an heir to whom he can pass his kingdom,
that’s the reason for the 87 sons. Ok and one problem he has is that people are
coming into his kingdom for senseless violence. So, his goal is to get rid of the problem. But he doesn’t the fault people for wanting
to hunt. So, are you telling me his plan is to just
turn their focus on a more worthy and deserving target instead of the animals that naturally
live there? Is this supposed to evolve into them eventually
just hunting the criminals in New York instead of the animals of Africa? If so when did Kraven become such a humanitarian? Because he isn’t just convincing them to
hunt criminals, he is saying the criminals need to get in touch with their animal counterparts
and become a totem. Honestly, I don’t think that animal totems
are that simple. I thought there was more to becoming a totem
than just wearing a costume of an animal. But apparently Kraven is going to teach us
a thing or two about totems. Cuz some of the people he captured and are
calling them totems don’t even have powers of the animal. It’s just costume. Nick Spencer is a good writer and this issue
is written just fine but I’m not sure if this story is for me. It will depend what direction he takes it
in. This story is about hunting people. I would have preferred a more serious look
when it comes to Kraven and this story. I get this cartoony art style helps take away
from the harsh theme of this story. But I don’t see Kraven as a funny bad guy
so I would like to have seen a more realistic art style. I’m an adult and understand this issue is
serious about its stance on hunting so I would like to see the dark side of this story in
the art. This isn’t written for adults only. And I’m forgetting this a Spider-Man book,
so they aren’t going to do that. The cover shows the serious tone of this book
that the art doesn’t follow. I like the cover to this issue. But the B Cover on the other hand not my favorite. Captain Marvel comes out this week, but I
want to say this cover isn’t doing her any justice. To be honest I didn’t have a favorite part. No one part of this stood out to me. As I’ll explain at the end. I’m more excited to how this ends rather
the store itself. Looking at the Savage Six, I want to know
who are these people that are going to attempt to hunt these villains. Well I have to give it to them. For you can choose to hunt something that
knows they are being hunted and aren’t wounded beforehand, then at least that is an accomplishment. Not that I’m a hunter. I’ve never had too. My food can’t run away from me. I’m not a big fan of this issue and story. But it hasn’t even started. I can’t say this issue is doing a good at
introducing the story. Nick Spencer has been leading to this story. But not with big anticipation. I’m going to give this a 5 out of 10. This is a prelude and I don’t feel any more
excited for the story before reading this issue. But if you plan on reading Hunted. You’ll probably want to read this issue. Otherwise you could easily pass on it. I will get the next issue because I want to
see where Nick Spencer goes with this. I’m expecting a lot of dead rich people
who thought it was a good idea to hunt super criminals. And even better if we get the trial of the
Savage Six where they must prove innocence by means of self-defense. Build a case of PTSD for actions after. There you have it my review of Amazing Spider-Man
16, Road to Hunted. Please let me know your thoughts on this comic
and video in the comments below. If you like reviews of your favorite comic
books, make sure to hit the subscribe button. Thank for watching and til next time. Brian out!


  1. great review man and i am very intrigued on how kraven and his son are going to hunt down these villains

  2. I'm with you. Not digging the cartoonish style. Spider-man has had serious stories in the past, especially involving Kraven, so the point that it is a Spider-man story doesn't hold up. One of my pet peeves nowadays with comics is that sometimes the cover art is gorgeous and then you look inside and the interior art is garbage, lol. hate that! looking forward to your next review.

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