ROAD TO HELL Trailer #1 NEW (2018) Horror Movie HD

ROAD TO HELL Trailer #1 NEW (2018) Horror Movie HD

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Do you want really to know? How we got in here? So,
(R: You got him?)
(A: Yes, I got him) Brace yourselves, because what you’re about to see
(R: Hold his wrists… Are you keeping him?) Is fucking insane! You know what youʼve got to do. Hey, hey, hey, where the fuck are you going? Come here!
– And you, give us what we asked for, come on! And the first one that makes a wrong move
or just tries to say a word will get a big stamp on his forehead! Did you do it? Did you do it?
– Why don’t you start the fucking car? Who the fuck are you? FROM THE DIRECTOR OF THE WICKED GIFT I worked for them. They’re a secret society specialized in creating
chemical and biological weapons. Many disease have been created and spread by them. And tell me, madam, were these people with them?
– No. Are you done? We were at the second choice, whatʼs the last one? That we kill you all! And what the fuck are you waiting for to chase them? Ahh!! Fuck!! My son! I have to take my son!
– Iʼll take your son! Whoever did this will feel my wrath! No… Nicolas! ROAD TO HELL ON AUGUST IN ITALIAN THEATERS


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